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Six Until Me is almost six years old (and I plan on celebrating by having cake with Sprinkles and Cheesels), and over the last five years or so, I've taken to blogging almost every week day.  (That's a lot of crap about Siah Sausage, for sure.)  Sometimes it's easy to come up with stuff to say and ways to help raise awareness for diabetes, and other times I'm overwhelmed by what I want to say, how i want to say it, and finding alt text for a photo that makes me giggle.  

Which is why I wanted to let you guys know about a webinar that the amazing editorial powerhouse, Amanda Dolan, is putting together over at WEGO Health.  Amanda and I work together on some WEGO Health projects, and I'm really excited to see this webinar gaining momentum, because the whole point is to help health bloggers raise their voices more effectively. 

Holy shit, that's a lot of words in one small space!And damn if she doesn't also have a really awesome panel of ladies to offer insights.  (Including my favorite conference wife, Jenni Prokopy from Chronic Babe, and also Erin from Healthy, Unwealthy, and Wise, and Lisa Emrich from Brass & Ivory.) From the WEGO Health blog post"Whether you’re just setting sail on the vast ocean of patient activism through blogging or have created your own advocacy island – this webinar will be fun and educational for all."

If you're around April 21st at 8 pm EST and you'd like to hear from Jenni, Erin, and Lisa (and Amanda!), sign up for this webinar!

And now I'm off to finish baking these birthday cupcakes for a certain someone ...


done! It's going to be awesome.

I'm there!

Thanks for posting this, Kerri! I am signed up :).

Thank you for posting I am signed up too now!

Sounds like really cool program -- too bad they scheduled it on my birthday ;) I'm hoping I can get Allison to attend. Thx for the heads-up!

Your alt text had always been my favorite part of your blog until BSparl was born. :D

Happy birthday, little bird. You are adorable, just like your Mom!!

As soon as I saw who the participants were I signed up immediately.

I could sit and listen to those amazing people all day every day.

I signed up. This is such a fantastic idea. I'm new to blogging, but not new to the web... and it is definitely new territory. Looking forward to it!

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