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Scuffed Pump.

If there's one thing that takes a consistent beating as a result of diabetes (other than my internal organs, of course), it would be this little guy:

The wear and tear on this sucker is tremendous.

My insulin pump.  This is a part of my diabetes management plan 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Very rarely to I take "pump vacations," so for the most part, I'm connected at all times.  On an average day, the pump endures sleeping in the bed with me, the baby's wake-up routine (which includes her grabbing the pump site, regardless of where it is located), playing all day, working, cleaning the house and my body, conference calls and email blitzes, the gym, routine awkwardness, et cetera ad nauseum. 

Which means that this expensive, life-changing little gadget gets battered around on a regular basis.  Apparently, these things are built to be durable (to a certain extent), as I only cracked my Minimed pump once, and I haven't injured this one irreparably yet.  (Despite the months of clumsy, pre-eclampsia pregnancy hands during which I dropped everything I touched.  I was like Gravity Midas.) But recently, I scuffed into the door jamb, and was left with this new, giant white scuff on the screen. 

So today's project is replacing the lens film.  Because these war wounds aren't the prettiest.

What's the worst you've done to your diabetes device?  Have you ever almost dropped it in the toilet?  Sent it flying when you made the bed (or am I the only one who has done that)?  Launched it accidentally into a plate of food you were eating (not me, either :: whistles ::)?  I'm not the only one beating the crap out of this thing, am I??

[Animas disclosure]


I took my minimed waterskiing in 2006. Three weeks later working at CCF, it died. Best place for a pump to die is at diabetes camp

I dropped my two-week-old Dexcom receiver in the, um, facilities at work. Aaaargh! You can bet I never did that again!

(P.S. After some funny shutoffs for no reason it was fine after a day or two. So Dexcom, FYI, they are water resistant at least!)

Briley - LOL! Good point. :)

Kathy - I accidentally dumped a bottle of water on my Dex receiver and my cell phone. The Dex survived without issue, but the phone gave up within an hour. Diabetes devices are built tough!

I did the toilet drop ONCE. It wasn't pretty and before I knew it my reflexes were so fast that I snatched it without even having thought through what I was doing. Nope, I'm surprised I don't have a crack yet (knock on wood).

I got my pump caught on my seat belt and ended up breaking my clip.

Mine has definitely seen the inside of my toilet. Wow. That made me be ever more careful.

I run my pump into door frames all the time! Sometimes an alcohol swab will take off those white scuff marks. Give that a try before you change the lens film. :)


Months of Gravity Midas and Routine Awkwardness (.25$ to Kerri for each. Routine awkwardness which in addition to being an outstanding phrase is also a great name for a band) is way to long to fatally do in a pump.

Connor smashed the screen in less that 24 hours of starting with saline. It seems that a 5th grader's hip and their desks are about the same height. Day 1 and the Animas 1250 screen was toast. The next one didn't last any longer and died in a mishap with a bunk bed ladder on a sleep over on a weekend. Screen 2 DOA.

Pump start for real was 10:00am monday. Drove to Animas picked up pump 3 and went directly to pump start.

Step it up Kerri. "Durable" medical is an insurance classification and a challenge to prove wrong.

I fried my first pump doing an organic chemistry lab (note: it did not like the NMR lab!). I cracked my second pump by banging it against the concrete wall in my dorm room in my sleep. I have dumped my pump in the toilet (luckily, it was at home!). I have butterfingers, so I can't count the number of times that I have dropped my pump on the floor. My pump does know how to take a beating ;-)

I've broken multiple clips.

I also managed to crack my old Cozmo. I'm sure from one of the many trips to the floor it took.

So far my Paradigm has survived its fair share of drops.

I'm also notorious for walking into door jams w/ it.

When Phoenix first started pumping (age 2) he knocked it off his pants and it hit the floor, then he ran around the house while our Siamese chased his pump around like a ball of yarn...lol You would never know it happened. Animas has held up with my wild child..lol

Oh PLAAALEEEEEZE!!! Buddy's been fished out of the toilet, fell 3 feet out of a "thigh thing" onto the concrete sidewalk in Baltimore, dropped on hardwood, tile and carpeted floors, and regularly gets smashed into walls and doors (I need whiskers, I always misjudge the room I have). He faired much better than me when I fell down our basement steps and that little guy keeps on ticking! He's a thousand times more durable than my real pancreas and while his accessories aren't as reliable - I think he's got all my other electronics beat hands down!

(PS: did you try a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on the white scuff? Those things removed almost everything)

The ping has survived a lot but a glass of chocolate milk destroyed the meter/remote. Lifescan took pity on us thank goodness!

The worst is loose tubing and door knobs for me. ouch.

My dexcom receiver is MIA after walking to a restaurant on a snowy day...it worked its way out of my pocket. I think it was plowed into a pile of snow. =[

My daughter dropped her Cozmo in the toilet with the CozMonitor attached....as for me, well, I actually put my cell phone in the dishwasher and washed it.


That takes a lot of absentminded thought. Guess I was a little distracted?

I wear my pump on my hip in a cell phone case (much cheaper than the cases sold for pumps BTY). I can't tell you how many of these I have killed running through doors, getting in and out of the car, walking (???). I am just rough on them...luckily the pump is much sturdier than that.

As for my Dex I had it a whopping two days before I thought I broke it. I was building a haunted house at the time and in a darkened room hanging lights. I did not realize Dex had fallen off my belt as I was not used to having it there. I turn around and step on what I thought was one of the random tools I had thrown about (CRUNCH). A few minutes later I realized Dex was missing. I look about and see that I had stepped on it. YIKES! Luckily it survived...well I did have to make some adjustments to the charging port as the contacts were smooshed. But that operation went well and Dex survived its baptism by fire.

My daughter was once playing outside with hers just clipped to her jeans. She went down the slide of her playset and the pump scraped the side of the slide the whole way down. Big scratches all over the screen. Still usable just not pretty. That was a couple of years ago and she's since had it replaced for other issues. We now have the film thank goodness, it stays much prettier now.

I tripped over one of my kids while running in a concrete hallway (long story). Bumps, bruises, and a hairline crack in my pump, which I discovered by going swimming wiht it the next day :(

Thank god for warrantees!

Y'know, companies like Zagg make universal screen protectors that can be cut down to the size of your device. It's the same line of stuff as the screen protector you put on your cellphone. Could it be worth a try? (I'm beginning to think I need those things for my wristwatch, too!)

Wait - its not suppose to drag behind him in the ground while he walks??

We have a scuff on our screen too... its driving me crazy :/

Yes Lora it suppose to drag behind him in the ground while he walks.

That why they make 43" sets. That gives it enough slack to get up speed an crack the whip around corners.

I wish I had a pump to bash around! Worst I've done is drop my insulin pen and it didn't even break. I'm not much good at this bashing lark :-P Although I do get the urge to launch my pen across the room. Maybe I should give that a try?

In pump class, the nurse told us about a guy who was on a crowded metro train. He was pushed up against the doors... And well, his pump did the ride on the outside of the train, dangling by the tubing at freeway speeds.

I have had numerous cracks by the battery port.. ok so maybe 2. But still, more than I'd like. I have had scuffs galore over my pumps. It gets bashed into walls and doorways.

I agree with getting the hook with the tubing getting caught. That happens ALL of the time.

I had my Minimed Sensor and right away put it on the charger so I could hook it up ASAP (I was sooo excited!) as soon as it was done charging, I went to slide it out of the charger and the thing went flying across the table and landed into a glass of iced tea! (the ONLY other thing on the table!) I called MiniMed, did some tests on it, and it was a goner! They lady on the phone asked me how long I had the sensor...."umm...about an hour..." haha! Luckily the warranty was in effect and I gat a new one sent the next day :)
Also, twice now in the winter time I was wearing my fuzzy fleece pants with my pump in the pocket. Out of nowhere the pump freaks out and dies! MiniMed replaced them right away and said they had an electrical burn out...because of too much static? Crazy! I steer clear of fleece pants now! :)

@Robin - I've had the same battery port cracks. If you have an Animas, apparently getting the rubber yellow ring on the battery cap changed every six months can reduce the risk of that.

The pump can take a beating and other than the cracks mentioned above, I've never had a problem. However, my fair irish skin and the pump are another issue - bruises in the shape of pump clips and buttons are almost the norm when sleeping!

Well besides the fact I dropped it in the toilet. The worse part was that monthly friend was in there.

I once went for a training swim with my Cozmo still attached. I was about a quarter-mile out when I realized it. Thankfully it really is waterproof. I've also dropped it on my foot...I do NOT recommend this. I don't often snag the tubing, though I once did pull the set out moments after replacing it. :-(

Hey @Karen, you should have eaten a LOT of food and wandered about the area till you heard Dex beep, good excuse if nothing else!

I am the worst about lying on the bed with my pump next to me- and my minimed hits the floor as soon as I stand up. No toilets, but I've bonked my kids in the head quite a few times whenever they run in for a hug and my pump is hooked on my bra. That always makes me feel so bad- but it seems to be the most comfortable place for me to stick it. Off topic question: does anyone know if Animas still does pump trials? I keep seeing the One Touch Ping and I get pump envy :)

I think I have probably done all of the above, one time or another. But the most annoying thing about the look of my Ping is that I bought the pink one, and much of the pink has worn off. Definitely wouldn't go with that color again!

Just Monday my 5 year old son tackled an unsuspecting Grace and broke her pump clip right off. Thankfully no pump damage. Think there's any brothers of diabetics is the WWF?

My son has broken a pump every year. (Thank God for warranties!) Last time, the pump company rep asked, "How did it break?"

I said, "It's connected to a 9-year-old boy."

She said, "That'll do it." :-)

My pump (whose name is Fred) took a dive into the toilet. He had a nice spa day after that which included a antibacterial soap soak and a nice warm wrap in a lysol wipe.

I've busted a few Pings over the last several years, once while camping 300 miles from home. That was fun. Luckily I had some emergency syringes on me.

I break the belt clips constantly. In the 2 years I've had it, I've broken at least one clip a month, no joke.

Ahahaha! I have definitely ripped out my site making the bed before. I forgot I was holding it in my hand and WHIPPED the blanket up to say it across the bed and RIPPPPP! So annoying, but I couldn't help laughing!

I have dropped both Dexcom and pump into the toilet at least once. Dexcom receiver cost a nice $300 to replace (after insurance, I think!). I wonder if any of you have tried the device with rice in a bag trick? Verizon guy told me if your phone falls in water to take the battery out (not sure you can do that with D-devices), put it in a ziploc full of rice and let it sit for 24 hours. I didn't think there was any hope for my Dexcom and the pump was still in warranty, so I haven't tried that, either.

My Dexcom has fallen onto every kind of surface, but thankfully only in the toilet once. Occasionally I am forced to have both the pump and the Dexcom in my underwear (mostly sleeping at night) and that causes trouble when I get up. They need to make more pajamas with pockets, and stop all this "fake" pocket crap they are doing with women's pants now. I need more pockets, period :)

Overall, I would agree heartily that D-devices are soooo durable, and they need to stay that way!

I once had a "butter-fingers" moment with my Dexcom receiver in a rather dirty public restroom. It went flying across my lap barely missing the bowl when I dropped my pants. It then hit the stall wall and flew onto the floor and landed two stalls over... talk about ackward having to ask your neighbors to pass the device back!! (and thank god I had sanitizing wipes in my purse, I don't even want to know what was on it) P.S. This story shows the importance of keeping the thing IN its case!!!! (oops) Otherwise it is terribly slick, especially on tile.

I'm new to the whole Dexcom process and after removing a 10 day old sensor (that was itching and driving me crazy!) I was so relieved to have that thing out of my stomach, that I just threw the whole piece that had been attached to me (transmitter included) in the garbage, a la an old infusion site. And then promptly took out the trash.

I gave myself a 24 hour break from the Dexcom, then was ready to insert a new sensor and realized what I had done. I went dumpster diving, but the trash had already been collected. That's a $317 mistake I will NEVER make again!

Also, @Jenn- I haven't tried the rice, but I once had a cell phone that suffered extreme submersion during a tubing trip and I removed the battery immediately, then placed the cell phone and the battery on the dashboard of my car parked in the sun. I did this for 2 days, and it was back to normal!

One day my 3yo son, without warning, vomited all over me while we were sitting on our sofa. As soon as I got him cleaned up I took all of his clothes to the washing machine....decided to quickly toss mine in, too, before making a run for the shower. After I got out of shower I wondered where my egg (i.e., Dexcom) was when it hit me - it had been in my pants pocket!! I ran back to the laundry room and could here it clunking around in my front loader. Bummer. :(

Unfortunately, after the birth of my son I had some vision changes for which they ordered an MRI of my head. Being less than 48 hr post-partum I was not thinking quite clearly. My pump is so much a part of me that when they asked if I had any metal in/on my body I said no. About 10 minutes into the test my pump started alarming furiously. There was no saving it! The MRI fried my Paradigm :( Luckily, I had a backup and Minimed sent a new one quickly. Please learn from my mistake and keep all of your pumps away from MRI's.


I could have sworn I was looking at a photo of my pump in that banner picture!

The other day I came home and was alarmed to see that exact kind of white scuff mark, right across the bolus part of the screen. My last film covering was also turning a weird shade of sort of yellowy-red, so I called Animas and I just put on the new one last night.

I showed your picture to my fiance and he got so confused, he thought that was my pump up there! (i also have the animas ping)

I got my Ping a few years ago. The pink has stayed intact but the screen was so scratched I could barely see it and forget it in the sunlight. I was having other issues with it and they replaced. I asked if there was any way I could get another color (NOPE). The new Pings come with a screen film already attached. Yay!

Why do I get the feeling you *might* be thinking of me and my Dexcom in the basket of fries and ketchup at the Ninjabetic weekend?

Or do the whistles mean you've also tried to lather your pump in condiments?

One major downside of long tubing is that when the pump drops... it hits whatever you're standing on. Concrete, tile, wood, and if you're lucky, only carpet. Through so many years of pumping, I have to say on average I have to change a pump a couple times a year due to life's circumstances. There was also that whole confusion with waterproofness when the first 511 minimed came out that lead to several waterlogged pump burn outs within a few months. After that summer minimed then determined their pump was only "water resistant"
However, the first 4 years of pumping with my minimed 507, I never had to replace the beast. I bet the thing would still be going strong. They just don't make em like they used to!
I'm an Animas girl now, and loving the pump being waterproof, but nothing lives up to that 507 of my youth when it comes to durability!

My sons Animas Ping was looking "worn in" after day 2! We had it clipped to his pants and he was playing outside. I had gone in for a minute and when I was headed back out, I saw him walking towards me. He was going really slowly and walking kind of funny. I was trying to figure out what was going on and then saw that his pump was trailing behind him, scraping along the sidewalk! Doh! We got a pump pouch immediately after and took off the clip!

I've got some crazy white scuffs on my minimed that I noticed a couple of days ago... from running around on vacation, I think? I break the clips regularly, I think I've gone through like 5 or 6... And they're like $7 apiece. It's also got a couple of cracks near the battery cap... Glad the warranty's up in December so I can get a Ping.

Great post! In fact, this rings so true for me (and by the way yours looks positively sparkly compared to mine) that I had to post pics on my blog.


That is a nasty scratch, btw. I HATE how easily the screens do that!

I've thrown temper tantrums (because of high blood sugar) with my Dexcom receiver ending up across the room, bouncing off the wall, the floor, etc.. I do not recommend that, as it is what killed my second Dexcom receiver. I still have the poor broken thing as a reminder to leave the optional alarms turned off. I compromise by checking the screen a lot. I have cracked one of my Cozmo pumps (the 1700), worn it in the shower, and got water in it. Strangely, it took a week or so to completely die on me. The 1800 Cozmo pump I have had to replace several times because the part where the cap screws on over the cartridge keeps cracking. Oddly, I don't have a lot of problems with screen scratching. I am almost constantly dropping it or banging it into something (my shin, the wall, the tub, etc.). I can't wait to upgrade! So I get angry at my Dexcom for doing its job, and I unintentionally beat the crap out of my insulin pump. So far I haven't dumped either device in the toilet. *knock on wood*

I was so excited to go swimming once that I just jumped in, pump and all. Mini Med replaced it and I live in the Middle East where it takes a few days (and probably a lot of money) for them to get me a new pump. Yes, warranties are a good thing.

I once threw my meter at the wall because I had a very persistent low blood sugar (I get mean when I'm low). It didn't even get scratched! Some of the paint came off the wall, though...

Also, as far as durable goes, it's a little off-topic, but my phone is extremely durable. We're talking four and a half years of dropping it, putting it in puddles of water on my kitchen counter, and it getting banged around in my bag that fits everything. The only thing I've yet to do is drop it in the toilet and I really hope I don't do that. :-)

on day 2 of wearing my brand new animas ping pump I walked into the door jam and scuffed it. I was mad but nail polish remover took off the white paint.
Shortly after that I got a pump skin. it does make the pump slightly bulkier but it gives you that extra protection. now when i walk into door jams it hits the skin before it hits the screen.
I took the skin off one weekend to make the pump "smaller" and bam! walked into the doorjam and got white paint on the screen again in less than 12 hours. darnit. skin back on.
so glad i'm not the only one who door jams jump in front of. ;)

I run early in the morning, 4:40am, and it is dark! Last October I tripped on something and I went "Superman flying", so my running partner said. I fell hard on my arms and unfortunately, my Ping. It cracked and was unusable. Big bummer! I now run with it hooked on the back on my shorts. So far I have not fallen backwards!

I took a loaner Cozmo swimming whilst mine was being repaired and drowned it. Thankfully it started working again after drying out. My pump has been swimming, in the loo, whacked into walls and cupboards. Poor pumpie is covered in scratches.

Hey Kerri,

Long time reader, first time commenter! :P

I scuffed my pump about 3 times the first day I had it connected! Those scuffs come off really easily by just taking an alcohol swab to them:) Worked like a charm for me!


I am so thankful I am not the only one that has marks on the pump. I tend to forget it is there, other than when it is buzzing at me or I have to change it. Just last night I was lying down to rest and unhooked the belt clip part of the pump to get it out of my way. When I got up in a hurry, the way most of us do when we hear a strange noise, the pump went flying and smacked into the table and then swung back and hit the couch and then bounced back to smack me in the leg. Somehow it didn't break. We have a new scratch, but nothing more than cosmetic damage. I may need to put a film on it to see if we can prevent the scratches when I get the new one this Fall. Thanks for sharing all the truths about this adventure.

Thanks for a very interesting Blogg. You are very open regarding diabetes and I am thankful to read. I am living in Sweden an also having a pump. As you describe it is problem often to wear it and not drop it. Because of that I have developed a perfect underpants where I wear my pump. I have now started a webshop where you can by the first model. More models are coming soon and also a bikini. I love my panties with a box and now I can feel safe when I am going on toilet, sleeping... in my life. Today the webshop are in Swedish but I am going to translate into English. Please visit the homepage and write an e-mail to me if you are interested so can I translate for you. Thanks and have a good time on your fantastic trip on sailing boat, greetings from Sweden and AnnaPS

I've dropped my pump so many times I'm always amazed that it still worked. I did kill one pump when I tucked it into my bra so I could wear a dress to a ballroom dance party - all the cha cha and swing caused me to sweat so much that my (non-waterproof) pump died. Other than that, no permanent war scars except for some patches of blue paint when we painted our bathroom!!

Yes, it's fallen in the toilet Imore than once!) and been left in the hot Taiwanese sun for far too many hours, been yanked out vy countless doorknobs and lord knows what else....

My pump is two weeks old today. No incidents so far. Just bruises on my side from the clip. Pump 1 - Cori 0

I've read every comment. I don't think anyone would give me a pump if they ever saw my cell phone! (if that's any indication!) My phone slipped out of my pocket and into the Laz-E-Boy chair and now has a BIG dent on the front! (tough phone) and I've also flushed my keys (with the lock/unlock thingy attached). I still don't know if a pump is for me... I have the whole 'it's attached 24/7' attachment issues about a pump.

My experience only involved the tubing. At work I carry keys attached to a rewindable retracting key chain. After releasing my keys from what ever I was opening....The tubing and chain got all wind up in the retractable part of the key chain. I had to take the key chain all apart to remove the tubing that was all stuck inside of the key chain.

Tubing is TUFF STUFF! It was still in good shape..only tangled.

We currently await our last Deltec Cozmo pump replacement. Yesterday my daughter hoped into the car and her pumped slipped out as she slammed the door - clunk! The plastic collar at the top of the reservoir took the brunt of the collision. Fortunately, we do have her old one from years ago. It's amazing to me that it retains it's memory from 2009 with out a battery. I wish I could do that!

After taking off nail polish with acetone, I decided to take the cotton balls and put them on top of my Dexcom (to avoid ruining the coffee table). Well... it basically melted the screen. Oops. Still works, though!

My MM Paradigm has survived the last 3 1/2 years admirably... a few small scuffs on the screen and small cracks around the battery cap. I'm on the third clip though. It does have some nice teethmarks on one end from my holding it in my mouth while changing clothing, LOL.

I've been looking at toosweetboutique.net and thinking about one of the pajama pouches/belts... the ones on the site are for little girls, but since she says everything can be customized, I figured why not? Should be easier and more comfy than clipping to the top of my nightgown and then bonking myself or my son or the cat in the face. :P

My classic pump mishap is when the tubing gets caught on a door handle and the pump gets pulled out of my pocket, banging the door in the process. This ONLY happens when I'm trying to be quiet, because the ensuing noise is extremely loud.

I am coming up to 26 years pumping:
water: my very old Minimed pump in a waterproof case opened in the surf in NC.
Fire: well electricity-a Van de Graff generator at the science museum as I walked by.
smack: the pump screen hit the edge of the table in the restaurant, shattering. Can't program without a screen. Of course there are the usual (the fleece pants, now I don't wear polyester, esp. in winter!), the car door...etc etc.

There is a few classics of mine, the pump tubing caught in the Mercedes-Benz, the pump tubing yanked when it got caught in the Otari reel to reel recorder in high speed rewind. Yanked the pump out and spun the pump around at speed 3 revolutions before the automatic stop ground the machine to a halt on the air. Pumpy still fine.

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