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An Annoyingly Addictive Game.

I usually avoid video games because they suck me in and I get addicted.  (See also:  King's Quest games from back in the day.  But don't see also: Angry Birds because my mother is so actively addicted to that game that I want her to dress up as an Angry Bird for Halloween ... or maybe just for breakfast.)

Knowing my propensity for playing, I was reluctant to click on the link Abby posted on my Facebook wall with the root URL of "addicting games."  "I do not need this," I thought, and then proceeded to attempt to beat the first thirteen levels.  Because I am a mega nerd.

But it involves sugar!  Sugar, Sugar, to be exact.

I made it to level 13.  Color me a sugar-free toolshed!

Abby justified it for me:  "It's like the lines are insulin, and they guide [the sugar] into the cups, which are our cells." 

"This is for work," I mumbled to myself as I fiddled with the game.  "Work, I tell you!"

Don't blame me if you find yourself trying to beat at least a level or two.  And if you end up wasting more than an hour, blame Abby.  (And if you can beat level 14, let me know how you did it!  I mean, good for you!)


WAIT how did you get that far? I gave up with the upsidedown one. I'll have to try again :)

But is it Plants vs Zombies addictive?

I can't decide which is worse -- that one or Angry Birds. Or Angry Birds Rio. Or Angry Birds Holidays.

Looks like you're not alone in your mega-nerdiness.

made it to 7 then had to go back to work.

Nothing better to do all day than play this... LOL

Got up to level 19 before getting stuck. Plus I'm at work and should probably be doing that. :)

I have never felt the urge to pick up my computer screen and shake it to the left like this before! Addicted!

I SO should not click the link. But here I go anyway . . .

WHY did I push that button???

Thankfully I was unable to get to this link from work!

Got to level 15 and had to stop, wish i could save my level. My 10 year old (with type 1) loves it too.

I didn't play King's Quest, but I was addicted to Colonel's Bequest for a while. It's made by the same peeps. It's old school, but if I could find it for my PC now, I'd play again. :)

Got stumped at level 23.... So need to go finish writing my paper for class tomorrow!

I got through 18. Stuck on 19. For 14, do the top two first, right then left, then redirect the sugar down to the bottom, creating a V to capture the sugar, then turn it over and see if it fills the cups. If not, reverse again and repeat

You guys are NUTS!!!! :-)

I was seriously procrastinating yesterday and passed level 24 and quit at level 25. Addicting, indeed!

I appreciate any tips on 19 - that one has me stumped

I beat all the levels. Technically I cheated on levels 4 and 7 because I didn't understand the mechanics of the game and there really aren't any instructions. But once I learned the sugar can cycle through and that the button is to reverse the gravity, I did all the other levels on my own. If anyone needs help, let me know!

...like......um.....I was supposed to be washing windows this afternoon.....

I got to level 16 before I had to quit. I am going to try again though, it was easy once I looked at it the right way. I thought Zuma or Bejeweled Blitz or Bookworm were addicting.

Hey I just found out that when you go back into the game to play it again another time, the levels you already unlocked are still unlocked. You can start playing from the level you quit at!!

Ummmm I LOVE you for mentioning King's Quest! That was my RPG obsession of the '90s heheh. I haven't found anything like it in recent years!

I am stuck at level 7 how do you get it in the cup??

I got through level 10 and decided I needed to stop. :)

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