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I've been combing Etsy for bird-day party ideas, and during my online window shopping, I've stumbled across some pretty amazing things.  (One was this pancreas necklace that Abby found, which is unfortunately expensive but completely amazing.)  Some awesome bird images, some jewelry, and some unicorn puppets.

Yes, unicorn puppets.

The unicorn has been my favorite mascot of diabetes "rah rah" discussions.  Usually found coupled with "rainbows," unicorns manage to come up in conversation when the diabetes stuff gets a little emotionally heavy, and a moment of levity is needed.  (Check any Wednesday night #dsma chat for evidence!)  A unicorn is also exemplary of what diabetes ISN'T all the time, despite society's assumption that "You just take a pill and don't eat any sugar, right?" 


So when I saw this ridiculously purple-maned, flower-adorned, crocheted unicorn on Etsy, my frosted side wanted it immediately.  And the wheat side also saw the point, after deliberations.  Because if you can't smile through some of these tougher moments, they'll eat you up like you're a Mini-Wheat.

Meet Sprinkles the Unicorn.  ($0.25 to Bennet)

Be on the lookout for Sprinkles the Unicorn in our nation's capitol this weekend.  Should be interesting.  I hear he likes cupcakes ... and video cameos!


LOL Welcome Sprinkles!

I'd have a hard time wearing a pancreas necklace... maybe it's just my deranged mind but it closely resembles another anatomical "part" and I can only imagine the looks I would get thinking I was wearing a bachelorette party favor around my neck.

God bless Etsy.


The uterus charm made me laugh so hard my coworkers now think I'm crazy!

Wow.. .Sprinkles the Unicorn in DC. This just blows my mind.

If cupcakes are in the cards, there is no choice but Georgetown Cupcake: http://georgetowncupcake.com/menu.html. If you go saturday, get Key Lime or Salted Caramel; if you go on Sunday, get the Strawberry. Experience tells me they're about 30 carbs each. ;)

The uterus charm made me laugh so hard my coworkers now think I'm crazy!

Oh My Gosh! I really needed a good laugh this morning. I got a kick out of the pancreas necklace. =)

That etsy seller has pancreas cufflinks, too. Have a slacker inside, get a pair for your shirt! Soooo tempting.

I was already planning on bringing the Duck to our shenaniganry, but now that there's going to be a unicorn? I think we need to find some other mascots/puppets/items to complete this tag-team of awesome.

Love it!

You really did order the unicorn!!! I mean, I knew you'd love it, all purple and sparkly. But I didn't think you'd actually order it. Silly me. :)

Etsy is always a treasure trove of hand-made goodness.

We are thrilled that unicorns have brought you so much happiness! Unicorns strive not only to be awesome, but to bring smiles to all. Today, we thank you for bringing a smile to us instead!

Sparkle on,

Farmer McGlitter & all my unicorns

Oh Farmer McGlitter, that is the greatest blog comment I have received in a long, long time. THANK YOU for being such a wonderful ... wonderful farmer. Sir.


Farmer McGlitter and Sprinkles are so cool :)

I can't wait to see the cameo appearances!

Speaking of DC, I spent most of my life in the area. Met my husband at Murphy's Irish Pub on King Street in Old Town Alexandria. If you make it over there, raise a cider jack for me.

I wish so badly I was going this weekend...have to admit that part of the reason is because I'm still a little homesick!

I LOVE this! I contacted her to make a set for when I teach A Midsummer NIght's Dream. How great would it be for them to act out Shakespeare with funky hand puppets! Thanks for sharing!

As I was going through your tweets today, I'm thinking the unicorn's full name should be something like "Sprinkles Sparkling" (and yes, I've deliberately added the "k" in there). I currently have two GFUs (names currently confused -- I'm not sure if the white one or the purple one is "Type 1"; the other is "Type 2") that can serve DOC mascot duty as well.

I don't want Donovan (the liberbearian teddy bear of many historical costumes) to get too swelled a head. Baxter Bear pretty much sticks to ham radio events. "Professional mascot" Tech "Parry" Riposte (a Paddington-styled bear) has been largely sticking to STAR TREK events, and Soybean the beanie-baby pig refuses to go anywhere that someone might even mention pigs as a source of sustenance...

Kerri--you might enjoy this website. You've probably already seen it, but it's everything pancreas you've ever wanted. Enjoy!


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