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There is no way you are eleven months old.  How is this even possible?  Wasn't I just all puffed up with pre-eclampsia like two weeks ago?  No?  You're really thisclose to celebrating your year birthday? 

Seriously, holy crap, kid.

This last month has been a constant challenge to keep up with you, both in chasing you around the room as you crawl at the speed of light and keeping up with your constant developmental changes.  Every few days, some new glimpse into your personality comes up.  Like the other day when you were in your highchair, and your dad tipped his head to the side and said "Awwww, so cute!"  And you responded in kind:


(Thing is, if you give us the "awwww" look and we don't notice right away, you go in for a second tilt, only even deeper, basically leaving you with your nose on your toes.  So cute, but looks a little uncomfy.)

Crawling, hanging onto the side of the couch and taking confident steps while you hang on tight, and then even those moments when you venture and try to walk on your own ... we're close to full mobility here, and it's making your chubby legs a little less chubby.  (Which has inspired me to start crawling, too.  Does that slim-down program work for adults?) And you sprouted your first fang a few weeks ago, and now it's both broken through completely and soon to be followed by several other fangs that are brewing.  Your tooth gives you a wise look, like you know things about history and how to make doughnuts.

Other thing is that we're working towards is gearing up for your first round of antibody testing for markers of type 1 diabetes.  I know this is a loaded issue for lots of parents who have diabetes and parents who care for a child with diabetes.  But in our case, little bird, we're going to deal with this on the peripheral.  Your childhood will not be marked by me chasing you around with a meter waiting for the genetic shoe to drop.  Since you're already having routine blood work done at your 12 month visit, this is a good, less-intrusive time for that test.  We'll keep an eye on things, my friend, but I'm not going to let The Thought dominate my mind. 

Mama and her baby bird

Next month, you'll mark your first birthday. And seeing how quickly time goes by and how fast you are growing up, I'm reminded by many to appreciate your little baby self, snuggle you while you still want to be snuggled, and tell you I love you every single day.  Because I do.  So much.

(Also, nice polka dots, kiddo.  You rock 'em.)



The "I've got you wrapped around my finger" smirk just kills me!!

She's adorable.

(why are there never pictures of her throwing a fit or crying or being fussy? does it never happen? Is she perma-happy? If so, please tell us how you do it!!)

I love when the little ones imitate us. :)

(April birthdays are awesome. Glad to share something with your little one - ha!)

This whole post (especially the pics) made me smile so wide! She's got to be the cutest baby in the world. Other than, you know, mine. ;)

Speaking of...Anna's birthday is in less than a week, and I'm freaking out. Remember when we were on the phone stressing together the month before they were born? That's exactly how I feel now at the thought of my baby becoming a little girl. It's both amazing and impossible to believe. But it all gets easier from here on out! Unless it gets harder, which is also a distinct possibility.

OMIGOD...I just want to SQUEEZE her...she gets my annoying little clock ticking again. Ugh!

The "awwww" picture gets me right in the gut.

She is SO delicious!

I'm proud of of you and Chris for going for the antibody tests - Knowledge is power!

So Cute and she does rock the polka dots.

she DOES rock the polka dots

I think yours is a reasonable approach. If you are drawing blood anyway that is when to test. I am particularly a fan of not looking for shoes to drop. All too often it amounts to looking for a BadShoe and nobody wants one of them around.


ADORABLE!!! 'Nuff Said!

Hey, just started reading your blog, awesome, I have been a type 1 since age 6 in 1981...I have 2 baby girls and my oldest (turning 5 in May) was diagnosed Type 1 in December. Hard pill to swallow, but ya know, somehow it brings us even closer together. And I have more reason to champion JDRF and fight for a cure ! Best of luck ! And your not alone in your worry !

What a darling little girl and a lovely mom! Thanks for your wonderful blog. I've been a Type 1 diabetic since 1964 when I was 21, and am still learning from you. Thx.

Gorgeous photo of you both.

She's so darned cute

Don't worry mom, even when she's a teen, there will be times she wants to snuggle - My 14 YO wanted a big snuggle last night (Happy Dad Mode here)

Your baby is 11 months and mine will turn 11 years this year!! Time flies!! Snuggle her all you can.

Luv the pics.

I've had five babies, inc. one around your daughter's age, and I still can't help but find your little one to be absolutely stunning! I even pulled my oldest daughter over to catch a glimpse of your little bird. Beautiful bird sighting!

Very cute photo...and great idea on the lab draw. Funny as time has moved on...I worry about it less and less for Joe's sister, Bridget. I used to focus on it ALL.THE.TIME...for about a year after Joe's diagnosis. Now I know that no matter, we will do fine. We can do it if it was meant to be.

.....just how many hairbows does that kid have?

Adorable! And I'd love to know more about the testing for markers of type 1. Will the doctors office order, draw and send the blood for you? Or do you have to send it and order it privately? How do you go about it? Does is have to be drawn at 12 months? I'm not sure what I'll want to do for Kate but I'd like to know more so we have the option. Thanks!

Is it possible? Does she just keep getting cuter?

She is positively adorable! As a T1 Mom I think about whether we should be testing our non D kids. I'm still on the fence, partly because they are old enough to want to know the results, and I don't want to stress them out if they are positive. Part of me thinks they don't have all the genes/risks identified yet and the test isn't really perfected enough. I don't know...good topic for debate.

Just started reading your blog and LOVE it! You are darling and so it your ADORABLE baby! Thanks for sharing, it's wonderful to have someone know what I go through to stay alive (36 years as type 1 and counting!) I was told I shouldn't plan to have children when I was dianosed at 14, but had two beautiful daughters, who have now given me three amazing grandchildren.
Life is good, despite the challenges we face. Thanks for your time and efforts, they are appreciated!

She is beautiful!!

She is crazy cute!!! Good luck at her appt next month.

I am the Grandma of Emma."The"Emma of Too Sweet Boutique and the Mother of Amy. And I just wanted to say...I hardly ever see a baby that is as cute as Emma.But your little one is completely precious!

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