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Won't You Be My Valentine?

Oh rotting, feeble pancreas of mine,I'd send my pancreas roses if it would get off its ass.
Won't you be my Valentine?
Won't you wake from your long sleep
And make some insulin, you creep?

What makes you sit, all shaped like a wiener,
Lazy and dull, with a pompous demeanor?
What makes it okay, that for your enjoyment
You've spent twenty plus years filing unemployment?

We need to start over; we need to be friends.
We need this whole type 1 diabetes to end.
I'm tired of shots and I'm sick of the lows,
So I think we should talk about ending this row.
I could use a break, my corn-cob-shaped friend.
I'd love to have 'old age' listed as my end.
I think that your time off has drawn to a close.
I'd like working islets, and plenty of those.

How 'bout it, old pal?  Care to start working?
Care to start minding duties you've been shirking?
I promise to be an attentive best friend,
I'll thank you each morning and as the day ends.
I won't take for granted the hormone you make
And I'll forgive you for the last 24 years' mistake.

I've brought you some flowers and a Border's gift card,
In hopes that when I bring milkshakes to the yard
You'll be so inclined to jump start all those islets
Who've been holding their breath for so long that they're violet.

So what do you say, oh pancreas of mine?
Won't you be my Valentine?


I love it Kerri!! Thanks =)

calling your pancreas a wiener will endear you to 10 year old boys everywhere. Prepare for the "wiener panc fan club"...

LOVE this!

this is great ! I'm going to pass it on to my son.

I giggled at the wiener line. Whenever I've made an artistic rendition, I think any sensible person would agree it looks like a penis. Where I go from that is far too inappropriate to post here, so I'll just wish you and your, ahem, organ, a blissful Valentine's Day.

Thanks - needed a laugh today

This is exactly how I feel today after jumping from 72 to 340 mg/dl on such a "lovely day". Thanks! : )

Standing ovation! :D

LOVE this!!!

Keri, this is a great poem. Hope you and your family have a great Valentine's day.

Hahahahaha! This was a good giggle....thanks! And happy Valentine's Day!


Oh, wow, this is by FAR my favorite Valentine's plea ever... I hope all of us get that instead of chocolate this year! Here's to hoping & wishing...

I find this funny and sad at the same time. Hopefully they'll find a cure for this nasty disease soon.

Thanks Kerri! I needed a laugh today and you brought joy to my face =)Silly lazy pancreas!

when I bring milkshakes to the yard ... LOL!

Creativity like that is priceless. Good work on your composition!

Happy Valentines Day :)

Love it! Thanks for the laugh!

Where, when and how do you come up with this stuff?!?!! Love it!!!

You rock. Happy

That's GREAT!

Love this, love you, love your pancreas - and mine 2!!

Great poem...Blake is still laughing at the 'wiener' part.

ROFL! You said "Wiener."


I actually laughed out loud at the line and my whole office asked what was so funny.

I just said, "weiner."

Weiner? Really, Kerri? Weiner?

"This has been Really?! with Sara and Bes" (get it, like SNL?)

Love this post and the blog in general.

I lOVE your mad poetic skills! And I totally cracked up at the wiener line! Thanks for the chuckle! And I'm so hoping that your pancreas agrees to come off unemployment and get back to work!!!

Thanks for making me smile today!!!

You are the best poet ever!!! I'm totally sharing this. :)

And if your pancreas takes the hint, can you have it talk to mine?

"I'd love to have 'old age' listed as my end." Amen to that:)

This is the best diabetic valentine's day post ever!!! Thanks.

How do I hate thee, Pancreas?
Let me count the ways . . . .

Love this! you are so talented

Fantastic poem! Thanks for making light of an all-too serious affliction.
Next year you can write an ode to your (dead) beta cells, since in fact the rest of our pancreases supposedly works just as it should!

You are a gifted writer!

I liked corn cob shaped friend better than wiener, but the whole thing was hilarious. Made my day!

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