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What Dexcom Shows Me.

I'm very rarely caught without my Dexcom, and I've been wearing a sensor for the better part of the last three years.  But wearing a sensor doesn't mean that every low is caught and every high is avoided.  What it does mean is that I see every high and low in a big picture format, leaving me sometimes with more information than I know how to process.  So when I finally (FINALLY) have a no-hitter, I want to share it.  Because damn it, I was proud to have 'colored within the lines' for a full 24 hours … it's been a long time since I've been able to say that.  And it's also been a long time since I've cared to try.

The Dexcom graphs don't always look like this, though.  I have more days than I'd like to admit where the graph looks like a giant letter M.  Or a W.  Or an M and a W with an ampersand or some other mess in between.  I don't have a lot of pictures of the crap graphs because they don't inspire my inner photographer.  ;) Instead, they inspire me to hide the receiver in the bottom of my purse and not look at it for a few hours.  But I like the no-hitters.  I want to dress them in sassy hats and do Glamour Shots with them.  And I want to post them because I feel like there are a lot of "OMG I can't do this" posts on here, and it feels good to say that I had a good day, you know?

Last night on the weekly #dsma (Diabetes Social Media Advocacy) chats on Twitter, the question asked was "Do you believe the A1C results you see posted online?"  Last night, I said that I am not sure, but after thinking about it for a bit, I do believe the results posted online.  Almost exclusively.  That's part of what makes this community so notable and so impactive.  This diabetes online community isn't known for its jabbing remarks and cruel behavior.  We treat one another as extended family, and respect for those who are struggling is just as high for those who are succeeding.

And I love that.  I love that I've found support and camaraderie in both my well-managed numbers throughout pregnancy and in my recent crummy A1C/burnout cycle.  I need that, as a person with diabetes, because it's the emotional support that helps lift me out of a funk, and also helps me maintain a strong streak.

So yeah.  A no-hitter.  And the power and honesty of the diabetes online community.  I'm celebrating both. 


Woo hoo, congrats on the no-hitter! (So, can I get "no-hitter" entered into the "Diabetes Terms of Endearment" dictionary?) =)

That's awesome, Kerri! Thanks for sharing and congratulations! :) My son will be wearing a Dexi in a few months and your blogs give me an idea of what it will be like for him. Your readers always appreciate your candor. I know I need to hear some things straight.

congrats on coloring in the lines!! This is a great post that sums up how I was feeling in the chat last night. Its so amazing to know that there is a whole family of us out there and that when we feel so alone, we really aren't.

Awesome graph Kerri! Thanks for the post. Not sure I've ever colored between the lines for a full 24 hours. BOOYAH!!

Lovely graph! I love those days and wish they stuck around more often.

If you Glamour Shots your Dexcom, I will laugh until I feel like I can't breathe. Honest to goodness.

Congrats on the No-Hitter! (And I'm with Holly - can we make that an "official" term?) :)

Sometimes I move my high and low threshholds up and down until my 24 hours were all in range. Can't do that if I went under 60 or over 380, but still. I haven't had a single day yet since starting the Dexcom that I was 100% within my actual target range, except for one day on which I only got a few readings (sensor died in the AM and I didn't put in a new one 'til late evening).
Another thing- how do you get such clear pictures? When I try taking pictures of, say, my sensors, the details always come out looking woeful.

That's AWESOME!!! Reading this post, I busted out laughing because last week I had a 24 hour graph ALL UNDER 175!!!! And of course I took a picture! How can you not!?!?

It's fun to celebrate the small victories as they entices us to work harder to keep having them! (and they help us not get so frustrated on M & W days...)

Kudos to you and thanks for sharing!

Awesome! And what's really impressive about that graph is that all of your falls stop at about the same level, as if you've just gently put the brakes on. Every time my blood sugar goes down lately I seem to overshoot and end up way below the line!

Just curious.. what did you have you alert levels set at during your pregnancy?

I LOVE reading about the victories! Revel in the moment!

That's awesome! That kind of day is worth celebrating! I'm trying, most unsuccessfully, to convince my very independent and hard-headed daughter (11 year old Lauren) that we should add a cgm to the arsenal in the diabetes battle! I think it would be enlightening about all that time in between checks and an extra security blanket. Mostly for at night when I worry that a pump site will yank out and we wake up to crazy numbers and ketones. Any thoughts from you cgm-ers out there?

Yay for no hitters! And yay for the DOC, who celebrates our successes and picks us up when we fall.

Love the pic. I am soooo tired of looking at a trend graph that looks like it has been bouncing on a damn pogo stick while riding a roller coaster during a typhoon. UGH.

That is gorgeous!! You go girl!

And I agree our community is one of honesty, compassion and support. I always believe the A1Cs as well. Its the real docs I have issues believing ;)

Nice to hear (well, see) a no-hitter kind of day for you.

I couldn't have dug myself out of my own funk without you - despite your own struggles at the same time. (Or maybe that was an advantage, I don't know.)

Thank you for ALL you do.

That's one heckuva beautiful graph :)

Yesterday Scott posted a crazy pic on FB of his day on the glucocoaster...and hearing that you have days like that too is, somehow, strangely reassuring to me.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm really doing all I can...or if I'm missing a big part to the puzzle because I'm working from the outside and can't actually FEEL what she's feeling. All I know is that I'm doing the best I can...but then, when I see those crazy days of ups and downs, I can't help but to second guess myself.

Knowing that it's not me -- that it's just the blatant reality of what T1D is. It's ups. It's downs. It's lots of ups and downs...and, sometimes, it's stuck up...sometimes it's stuck down...it's just what happens when a pancreas doesn't produce insulin. Period.

It's not that I'm a bad mom. Or she's a bad kid. Or that I feed her a load of crap. Or that we don't get enough exercise. Or that I don't know how to operate her pump.

It's just the way it is.

Blame Diabetes.

And find JOY in little things...like a full 24 hours between the lines.

Woooohooo to that pic Kerri! And bravo, always, for your honesty and telling it like it is. Thank you.

Diabetes Awesomeness! My daughter came home from school one day, and her numbers on her Omnipod PDM were 100% in range. I took a picture, too. That was a few months ago, and we haven't had diabetes awesomeness since, but I will know when it happens again, I will again take photographic proof. Dexcom caused such terrible adhesive issues we have had to take a break, but love "Dexter" when we can actually use it.

Good for you Kerri!! I love my Dex even more after having lost the transmitter, I have been without for a few weeks when I gave up and ordered a replacement. (thank God for insurance)It arrived today and boy am I happy!

"Colored within the lines." LOL! We don't have a CGM, and part of me doesn't really want to know all that happens in between checks. :)

That's awesome! I had a 12hr no-hitter the other day that I thought was pretty sweet, but so far, I've yet to score a 24 hr. (and I've been trying ever since I first saw you post something on your blog about a "no hitter"- that's such a great term!)

I have the most beautiful "W" on my 12hr right now. It's almost font-worthy.

Congrats on your "no hitter"!

I came home from dinner tonight and saw this post after showing off to my 3 dinner companions that I too had one. For the first time since I started wearing my Dex, I managed to color between the lines today!

Your comments about the diabetes community are also true. I'm having issues with "clicks" at work (that I don't participate in nor want to be apart of!). I have never had that feeling with anyone I've ever talked to in this community. It is an awesome place where we celebrate each others successes and help each other up after each misstep. Thanks for your inspiration (and those of the other readers!).

You are truly awesome, Kerri. What an inspiration you are to so many people, including me.

Congrats on your awesome no-hitter!!

I'm am eagerly anticipating the Animas-Dexcom merger of sorts, where the Decom CGMS will work on my Ping pump. For now, I continue to test about 10 times a day, and can see a graph of my results.via my One-Touch ping meter.

I have had diabetes for over 23 years, and am blessed to have no complications. I give credit and thanks to a most merciful and graceful God.

Keep up the amazing work, and keep being you truly awesome self.


It's funny that you write this... because lately, if I have a good day of sugars, I write "TEXTBOOK" in the comments section. All CAPS, baby!! :)
Once a doctor told me that he liked my beat-up log book with curled pages, and blood spots on the paper... because he knows I'm using it... and telling the truth. Back in the day, I have been guilty of starting a new book, using differnet colored ink pens and making up a couple of weeks worth of numbers, just to keep the doc happy. Not anymore... if i have a high number, it's in the logbook! Lows are circled in red ink, and I even put the average at the bottom of each page. (Because that's what my doctor does, I'm just saving him the math!)
But oh yeah... on a good day - TEXTBOOK - because darnit.. I'm proud of that day!!! :)

woot, woot!

No hitters are worth taking a picture of, for sure! Here's to many more in 2011.

Awesome! Happy to read about your no hitter.

I just got the dexcom 7 and i love it. Though it is tempting at first to check it every two seconds, once you get over that initial stage, it is extremely helpful...

Congratulations on your "no-hitter". I notice your lines are just about where mine are (70 and 180), and I think that's pretty reasonable. 180 is the ADA goal for peaks, but the AACE goal is 140, and I just don't think I can do that. Success needs to be a reasonable goal!

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