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Weight a Minute ...

"Larry Bird, I'm hot on your heels ..."

I actually said this.  Under my breath, of course, and no one could hear me, but I still said it out loud.  And I meant it. Last night was my first night back at the gym - for real - since BSparl was born.  I've been exercising since her birth, but avoiding any weight training or true exertion for several reasons:

  • The c-section made me feel ... tender.  That scar, so low on my abdomen, felt strange and a little uncomfortable at times, and I feel like it took a long time to heal.  I favored it because I was afraid to put too much strain on it.  (In my mind, I had this awful image of the wound giving way and my belly contents spilling out.  Only I never pictured MY belly contents.  Instead, I always pictured the stomach of a great white shark, so like a bucket, a tire, and a license plate would spill out.)  That, and trying to do any kind of abdominal exercise those first few weeks post-surgery were comical attempts.  I would lie on the ground, try to sit up, and nothing would happen.  Tumbleweeds would roll by.  Good times.

  • Wrist issues also impeded my workouts.  Before I was pregnant, I had tendinitis that kept me from doing a proper weight workout, but after the pregnancy, that mommy-induced De Quervain's tenosynovitis hit hard and had me in physical therapy for weeks.  And that pain is still in play.  So lifting anything has been a struggle, and doing free weight workouts hurts my hands.  (Wah wah, I know.  But this issue isn't going away, and I'm pissed!)

  • Lastly, scheduling made things tough as well.  With our work schedules and deadlines and baby needs and moving into our new place and construction and holidays ... and on and on, it's been hard for me to work in a workout.  I know "you have to make time," but for everyone who tells me that, I want to punch them (politely) in the face.  Finding the time, and then finding the energy, has been a struggle.

Excuses, excuses, right?  But this week, my friends and I booked a trip to a warm and tropical location for a vacation at the end of March, and I'd very much like to enjoy how I fIn my shark belly, there are also palm trees.  And tin cans.eel and look by the time that trip rolls around. So last night, I was back at the gym and finally returned to the weight room.  Even if I can't handle free weights at this time (thank you, evil wrists), I can do leg exercises.  And I can tone up by using my own body weight as resistance.  Even with the excuse-laden hurdles I want to blame my laziness on, there are things I can do to get back into better shape.  I just have to do them

Now I have a goal, and it's not so ambitious that I will burn out in a week.  My goal isn't to weigh a certain amount or hit the gym X number of times.  It's totally emotional.  I just want to put on a bathing suit, and to feel decent in it.  I want to feel a bit healthier, a lot stronger, and a little less flumpy. 

And with the promise of palm trees and white sand on the horizon, I've found some incentive.  :)


Woo! PWD Who Are Starting To Work Out Again For Realz, unite!

After I had Zoe the weight would NOT come off... finally when she was about a year old I was so miserable, and just up and decided to do the P90x Tony Horton 3 month long work out. It was insane and a huge commitment, but it worked! I lost close to 30 lbs and it's all stayed off with minimal maintenance even 2 years later now. I blogged a lot about it back in Fallish of 2008.

Fun vacations and feeling good in a bathing suit are terrific motivators! And you know you have a team of DOC cheerleaders and fellow exercisers when the energy (and inspiration) runs low. Good luck!

Kerri - Check out P90x or Insanity. With the little ones I can totally relate to not having time. These programs are legit and let you do the workout at home whenever you want with little to no equipment. Good luck!

Go you! I know what you mean when you talk about your wrist pain...mine has gotten worse since my babies got so much heavier. It does make so many activities really difficult. I wish I could tell you the pain disappears once kids start walking. Well...it gets better once they do but...we're still changing them and picking them up a lot until their two so I guess our wrists just don't get the needed break! Anyway, I've had my feet not letting me exercise regularly for the past 6 months and so I've been looking for a workout I can do because like you said...there is something we can do and we just have to do it. I'm amazed you're hitting the gym this early (took me a year after the c-section!)

Oh and I am so with you on bathing suit season. OMG...I shudder to think about how it's coming soon!

Well, along with the others I'm rooting you on! Hope you can get back into a routine with going to the gym and I hope the the things that make it hard start getting out of your way :) and mine lol

If you decide on P90X, watch out. My wrists hurt for awhile when I started because of the push ups, etc.

As one Mom to another, I wish you the best of luck on loosing that baby weight. I've got a few pain in the ass (literally) pounds that don't seem to want to go away. Go Kerri!

Good for you, Kerri! Nick and I have been looking at gyms to join because we both need to be in better shape. My five pounds that I gained over the holidays have been very stubborn, and I've got a vacation to Cabo planned for June! Gotta love those incentives :)

If you ever need/want a gym buddy when I'm visiting my parents, just let me know. You know how to find me :)

I can totally relate to this! Well, except for the making a goal part. :-) I'm still working on it so maybe you will be inspiration for me! After my c-section, I had weird feelings about my lower abdomen too. I was convinced nothing had ended up back in the right spot! I hated doing any ab exercises because I just felt weird. Pregnancy is such a crazy thing!

Good for you for getting back to it! Now if only I could find the motivation...

Good for you Kerri! Just watch out for those Trenta coffees...

Cheers to being less flumpy... I'd love to have that same goal!!

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