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Diabetes Goal Bingo!

Recently, I reconnected with a long-lost local PWD named Ryan.  Last time Ryan and I saw one another, we were talking about diabetes goal-setting and dealing with wicked bouts of burnout.  And this week I received an email from him with a freaking brilliant idea about how to stay motivated towards setting - and reaching -  diabetes-related goals.

"I've had this 'pyramid' for about three months now.  Just something that I keep near my desk to keep me focused on my diabetes.  After completion of the pyramid I have no clue what I will do but some kind of celebration will be in order," he wrote, and attached a slide to his image.  And when I opened it, I was like "whoa."

He had created a pyramid of his diabetes goals.  Tangible goals - real life goals - that are both achievable and ambitious, all at once.  I thought this was so clever because it is a constant but non-threatening reminder of what diabetes goals are most top-of-mind for him.  (Also, having a celebration at the end of that pyramid completion sounds like a quality idea.  Perhaps a Fudgy the Whale?)

I've been working towards gaining better control of my diabetes (and overall health) lately, and I love the idea of something I can print out, stick to my fridge, and remain inspired by.  I liked the idea of a pyramid, but I kept picturing a huge Bingo hall in my mind, with a whole bunch of PWDs sitting at the tables with glucose tabs and bingo markers at the ready.  But the trick wasn't getting four in a row - it was filing the whole card.

I thought about my own, personal goals and created this:

Diabetes bingo.  Have at it, Google.
There are a few not-necessarily-diabetes-related goals on there (like "lose 6 pounds," which is because I'm still trying to de-flump), but there are a lot of diabetes goals that aren't unique to my particular circumstances.  Since I'm trying to emerge from some diabetes burnout, my goals aren't as tight as they were a few months ago (see also:  the slow progression from an A1C over 8 to one under 7.5).  But these are real, and I'm hoping to fill the card within six months.  :)  Thanks for the fun idea, Ryan!

What would be on your bingo card


*In no particular order*
- exercise 3 days/week
- meet member(s) of the DOC
- A1C under 8
- A1C under 7.5
- basal testing once/month
- spend less on tabs & juice (aka need them less)
- notice patterns
- don't take a "just survive" attitude

Looks like I've got some work to do

One of mine would be to learn to love my diabetes (ok, maybe not love, but tolerate!).

Wow, this is a great idea. I hope you don't mind if I yank this idea from you and Ryan and tweek it to my own goals. I love graphs, especially colorful graphs... with lots of sparkles.

What if we had the whole DOC do this and make it a little more competitive?

Best and great health to you and your fam,

Shouldn't the glucose tabs be the bingo markers? I always have so many to spare!

Here are mine:
-Figure out my dinner issues (aka the perpetual rise)
-Determine my new overnight basal
-Exercise 3x a week
-Bolus earlier for breakfast
-Lose these random 5 pounds I've gained
-Document my meals
-And pay more attention to patterns
-Return my A1C to pre-holiday levels

I LOVE this idea! It's great for me and for the hubby to see, in practical terms, the accomplishments... And perhaps, it would encourage him to buy me something... :-)

- Exercise 4X/wk per month
- A1C under 6.5
- A1C under 6
- Lose 5 lbs (that one will have to be reoccurring - but small increments should be celebrated...)
- Track food intake 7 days a week (weekends never seem to make it in...)
- 1 day with no lows
- 2 consecutive days with no lows
- 24hr "flatliner" day (CGM - no spikes)

This is amazing. I'm stealing this for CBC unless you tell me no :)

Abby, I never tell you no. :)

These are both awesome ideas! I am even thinking that my 7 year old T1 would benefit from a chart like these. We are working hard at having her take on some of her D management, one baby step at a time. But it would be fun for her to even make up her own goals here. Love it!

What is the "No-Hitter"?

Oooh, I love this idea. I need to start thinking about my bingo card - but it would include "eat less than 25g of carbs at dinner 4X per week", "exercise 3x per week", "get through two days in a row without needing to treat a low".

Kerri, can you make this so we can edit in our own goals? I love this idea and by using a copy that you have made would keep me double inspired!!

I love that your goals are real and achievable. It makes it a lot easier to stay on track when you can envision actually filling in every one of your bingo squares. I wonder what kind of grand prize there will be at the end?

I LOVE this! Thanks, Kerri!
My 6 month goals-
-A1C under 8.0
-A1C under 7.5
-Pass the CPA Exam
-Workout 4x per week for a week
-Workout 4x per week for a month (4 consecutive weeks)
-1 day with no lows
-1 workout day with no lows
-2 consecutive days with no lows

You seem to have a great love of games. Last post was scrabble pieces.

Okay, my list:
-No bent canulas ever.
-A1C under 7
-A1C under 6.5
-prepare 1 new healthy dish/week
-Time out each day for me
-hug my husband everyday
-No Hitter (yeh)
-Enjoy life

Thanks for the post. Great idea - Bingo.

A1c under 6 (I'm a low glycator -- a 6 for me is like a 7 or 7.5 for someone else)
Find some exercise that will motivate me (hard to be specific about this one)
Eat more vegetables
Sleep hygiene
Lose 10 lb.
Bolus earlier

What an awesome idea. So very timely!

*A1C under 7%
*Lose 30 lbs.
*Walk to and from work 3x week
*Eat more veggies
*30 day meter average 150 (good one Kerri!)

Thank you for having this blog and writing about your diabetes. Your burnout? I'm having that RIGHT NOW. I had a baby 8 weeks ago, and diabetes is SO NOT on my priority list right now. It was sooooo much work in those previous 8 months, that it kills me inside to realize I have to do this for the REST OF MY LIFE. BAH. Help.

I love this idea of a game. I think some of my goals would include getting my A1c down to 6.5, test 3x day, being more consistent with the timing of my daily Victoza injection and keeping my carb intake to 45g per meal.

By the way, what is a "No Hitter"?

I facilitate a weekly group of women. All have life Altering Medical Conditions (fibro, cancer, Cystic Fibrosis, MS, Migraine)

I'm going to share this with them and have everyone create their own card just like you did

I am so glad you posted this -- it's great!

I love this post. What a great way to turn a frown upside down, take the and lemons make lemonade, put the fun in dysfunction... You know what I mean :)

I may have to steal the idea and create a psoriasis goal bingo. Exercise, nutrition and treatment practices would make the top of my list.

Thanks for the great post!

I LIKE the Bingo card! I don't have diabetes but I do have health and fitness challenges and goals... so I'm gonna make me my own Bingo Card... any three in a row and I get a reward -- hee hee, GREAT idea!

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