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What NOT to Say to the Parent of a Kid with Diabetes.

I didn't make this video, but the fact that it quotes questions I've heard people ask the parents of children with diabetes time and time again makes me smirk.  This video is anonymous - I don't have a clue as to who crafted it up.  It's a little bit sassy.  And my goodness did I laugh when I first watched it.  The second time I watched it, I paused it to write down my favorite line.

"There are only two things my daughter cannot eat:  poison, and cookies ... made with poison."

(Note:  If someone can hook me up with this moss that supposedly cures all things that ail ya, let me know.  I'd love some in time for the holidays.)

Found out where this video was born - on Joanne's Death of a Pancreas site. Thanks for the laughs, Joanne!


it is right on and clever. at the last bday party, a mom was telling me all about her brother who has diabetes "really bad" he is on insulin and may have to have his legs amputated - my t1 6 year old daughter looked up at me and asked me what 'amuputated' means. so i especially like the ending, "if i hear anything about a cure for the stupids i will let youknow."

Hey Kerri! Joanne from Death of a Pancreas made this video!

These videos are so great. There's one about graduate school in the humanities that makes me laugh my socks off.

I think I've heard almost every single one of these things. I'm going to have to start making retorts about the stupids.

Hey - it's Joanne from 'Death of A Pancreas' blog who created this! Isn't it marvelous?! You can see her blog at: www.deathofapancreas.com

This cracked me up! Too bad some of it is actually true (and I'm not talking about the moss, but the stupidity)...

No idea who did this video however there are several of them and they are ALL hilarious. Their are a couple I have seen about infertility and another one about multiple births.

ahaha...I wish it wasn't that computer voice but I love it!!!!

A cure for the stupids...love it love it love it.

"Halle Berry was Cat Woman. My daughter is not cat woman." Snort. I LOVE IT.

Joanne at Death of a Pancreas created the video -
She's a wonderful D-Mom who keeps us in stitches!


Honestly, my belief is that diabetes is such a personal disease. Even after 25 years I have yet to have any friends that really get it with or without T1 with or without t1 kids

Great one! Saw a similiar one about journalism careers recently, too... Love these. Particularly the Halle Berry line and "I used to pour sugar down her throat, just for fun..." :)


ahaha! Loved it! Thanks for sharing. I posted this to my fb wall ;)


i want to share this on my facebook page. you should make a link for that!

Actually, some of those stupid comments are foisted on ALL diabetics, Type 1 or not, children or not. We need more of this type of education for the general community (and the media)!

Hi Kerri! I was still laughing at the "poison and cookies...made with poison" line hours later to myself (like a crazy person) I even showed Blake that part and he is just waiting to use it on the next unlucky person that happens to be patroling his eating.

That was funny. I'm still laughing! :-)

Thanks for the link, Kerri! Glad you liked the video. My daughter (who is T1) sat with me as I made it, and when the woman says, "my daughter has type 1 diabetes, she was dx when she was 12 months old", she turned to me and said, "Like me!"

I thought that was pretty cute.

Thanks again!

Soooo funny! And so dang true.

True story: I finally found out why my boyfriend never voted, turned out he had been in PRISON and had couldn't vote. I was pissed he didn't tell me and he says, "well its not like you don't have flaws...you have diabetes!"

Um excuse me?! Did you just compare my type 1 diabetes to a felony?!

Needless to say, I'm single in time for the holidays!

This was hilarious. I'm totally posting this to my FB page. Thanks for sharing!

That was PRICELESS!!

Priceless...sometimes I wish I was a bit quicker with responses to some of the dumb things people say...I hate to say it but quite a few of them are from FAMILY members!!!! LOL
Keep at it Kerri! We appreciate everything you're doing (daughter diagnosed at age 2, now 11)
Animas for life!!!

Crying again, this time while laughing. Thanks!

Oh my gosh!!! I am laughing so hard right now! Thank you so much Kerri!!!

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