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I love my insulin pump (well, as much as you can enjoy anything that's used to manage a chronic disease), and it's a constant part of my daily routine.  It goes with me EVERYWHERE, from the car to the supermarket to the bathroom and to bed at night.  This pump is never more than a few feet away from me, and I keep close tabs on it.

And sometimes it keeps wicked close tabs on me.  See also:  tangled.

Have you ever found yourself wrapped up in a pump tubing hug?


Lauren swears by her tubing for all the same reasons you do -- she'd never go "tubeless.") (Ps Love the click it to the seatbelt thingie!) In any case, she's been stuck in some funny places too. The best ever -- I think -- was when she was horseback riding as a little kid and she got thrown. Only her tubing was stuck around the thing that sticks up at the top of the saddle (can you tell she rides I I don't). So she's dangling there from the horse via her tubing and yelling "OMG! The site didn't even pull out!" ha ha ha. She also used to get REALLY annoyed at this other girl in her high school she didn't really know who has diabetes too. "Mom, she walks down the hall with her tubing just -- FLYING EVERYWHERE! I wanna just shake her and say 'tuck it in, for goodness sake!" tee hee

My bathroom cabinet doors gets me all the time too! I was wondering if the baby would play with the tubing once he or she gets here. I guess I'll add that to the "deal with it as it comes" list! :)

Those dang door handles!!! Drive me crazy! :) I taught my kids three things from very early on. 1.) Don't pull my earrings out. 2.) Don't pull my hair out. 3.) Don't yank on my insulin pump tubing! :) haha!

I have been on the pump for three years as of last Sunday. I started with 23" tubing and immediately changed to the 43" tubing. I will not go back to the short tubing, even with the problems of the tubing getting caught on everything, even the private parts.

"Yoinks!" is so the new "Zoinks!" I love it :)

Seriously funny vlog entry. I will save this to show my 8yo CWD after school. We are just started to talk about an insulin pump (still 6-9 months away) but this will be a funny way for her to see a bit about 'a day in the life of . . . '.

Short tubing - ugh. I am totally walking around with big loops catching on everything, just because it's preferable to pulling out your site every time you use the bathroom.

My toddler nephew has successfully snatched my dexcom off my waistband and run off to try and play with it -- good thing the pump was on the other side.

The other day my 16-year-old caught his ipod wires on the kitchen cabinets and couldn't understand why I laughed so hard I practically sprayed juice out my nose! Just so nice to see "it" happen to someone else for a change ... well, sort of happen :)

Yeap, the door knob is the real catcher for me too. I can't tell you how many times I have come tearing through a doorway only to snag the tubing on the handle and get yanked back. It is like some slapstick routine.

I have yet to yank out my infusion set doing this. I did manage to rip a perfectly good (two days in) sensor off my arm last week thoug while pulling off my shirt in a hurry getting ready for bed. Ouch!!! I did not put a new senor in until the next morning. The thought of waking up at 12 am to do the calibration was too much.

Dex and me do not always get along when I am tired I found out.

Great post, love the mustache

Yoinks! 1... 2... Yanni!

You're right about the weird feeling. It's like it doesn't hurt but our body expects that it will so it does.

The worst tubing pull I've had is when I was up on the counter helping my mom get something from a high shelf. I hopped down (imagine the force) and my tubing got caught on the dishwasher knob. Yoinks for sure!!

This is why I will never have a cooking show on the Food Network. I'd be bopping around the kitchen, cutting up onions and getting stuff out of the fridge, and then I'd yell the F word and we'd have to start all over again.

I can't cook a meal without getting snagged on a drawer pull.

Mine always gets caught on the baby gate at the top of the stairs and often between my 2 year old's toes! Then, I try to put him down on the floor and feel that uncomfortable pull.

I pretty much keep my (43") tubing "tucked" and I haven't had too many problems. But what I want to know is how the tubing manages to tie itself in knots when I'm not looking!

LOL! I get it caught around everything - my headset wiring at work tends to be the biggest culprit, they get tangled together!! I also tend to catch it on the kitchen handles, my knees, and like you the christmas tree!

Happy Christmas Kerri :D

Well, I've never had a tubing mustache and I usually can avoid doorknobs. But I am forever getting tangled up in my purse handles. And in K.C. too, who seems to think pump tubing exists only for her entertainment!!

When I need insulin in the car and somehow always get tangled in the seat-belt.

You crack me up Kerri. And these points exactly are why my gal has a OmniPod. I know her and she would get caught EVERYWHERE!

I must tuck my tubing in really, really good b/c I've never got it tangled or stuck on anything. Ever!

Sweetpea (she's 4) LOVED the video ( me too)! "Is that someone talking about a pump?" she asked. She loved that it was like hers. I found her tubing in a knot the other day. Not tight- thank goodness! I have no idea how that happened! Oh.... And now she wants to make a tubing mustache!

The most fun is getting stuck on other peoples' pumps at camp. My tubing, their clip, it's always a good time.

Sugar has been pumping for about 4 years, but she hasn't gotten stuck to much...oh, but she's growing...and those doorknobs are staring at her waistline just waiting...

Great post :) We love our Ping, tubing and all!

Haha - just this morning my dog got caught up in my tubing - that was a new one. Sort of freaked him out and I had to grab him and untangle us before he yanked my site out. Good times.

Kitchen cabinets knobs love tubing!!!! So do bathroom doors! Why is that?? I teach 6th grade and my tubing always behaves when I am at school. I come home and every cabinet attacks the tubing!! What a mystery!!

Just a few tangles.

1. at work I have a special hand held computer that has a stylis pen to operate the touch screen on the computer. I place the hand held computer in the same pocket as my pump sometimes...Tangle!

2. I have keys for work and they are attached to a pull out chain. Chain and Tubing sometimes does not get along well. .....Tangle!

3. Door knobs, cabinet door knobs....Tangle!

4. The bottom of the hand rail on my stairs catches the tubing.....Tangle!

5. I saved the best for last...When I sleep, I just let my pump lay beside me in the bed. I do not clip it to my pj's. When I wake up in the morning it is never where I left it. I usually find it all wrapped around my boobs....Tangle!

Kerri, you are a nut!! Tubing mustache indeed, LOL!
I keep my tubing tucked in all the time except when I am in bed, where it free-floats. Enter cat, with sharp teeth, darkness-adjusted eyes, who KNOWS how to get under the blankets, and the result is severed pump tubing! Not just once, but several times. No more free-floating pump -- it's solidly tucked into the waistband of my PJ's!

first things first, is it wrong to say that I love your knobs, handles and seats? LOL

anyway, Ian's a pump tubing hanger-outer. Maybe he's just still too short to get tangled much but he rarely gets caught. He does constantly get tangled in the car though - he'll pull out the pump to check his cgm and then tuck it back and pull it out again and tuck it back and before we arrive he's wrapped 3 ways around teh seat belt.

Speaking of stuck, the other morning he woke up with the pump stuck to his belly - seems the sticky adhesive from his site was pretty sticky still and the pump was firmly plastered to him. He thought it was rather funny.

And lastly, that wasn't a pump mustache..it was a pump fu-manchu. LOL

LOL! Tubing mustache? Cracked me up!

In my house we use the term "hooker" to refer to the tubing catch.

In the middle of the night when my pump tubing catches on the door handle-

Me:"Yeeooowwww, son of a...."

Next morning-
Wife: "you must have had rough hooker last night."

Loved your vlog! My tubing troubles are usually associated with hurrying to the toilet and getting stuck on my belt or buttons etc. Also walking out of the bathroom, forgetting the pump is just balanced on the vanity, not clipped to anything and then swinging like a pendulum from my belly... lol! That tape really sticks thank god!

I loved this blog- who has a tube-y pump and hasn't been there?

But most importantly- youtube thought that your video and this video were related (it suggested I watch this after watching your vlog):
"Beautiful hose pots hide your tangled garden hose"

Maybe we all just need some beautiful hose pots for our tangled pump tubing.

I have always had the short tubing and I find it so much better then the long. My cats used to try to bite through the tubing, they still do. But I enjoy having it closer just incase. It hurts a bit more when I get caught on stuff but I still not as bad, just a bit more cautious. :) Oh Diabetes....

I have been waiting to hear about your daughter becoming fascinated with tubing. Mine loves the tubing, the pump itself and the plastic lump of the infusion set... She points to it now and says mommy... just what I always dreamed of!

No pump, I'm prediabetic, but our friend had similar experiences. She sure was glad to get away from the needles. - Ken (aka Diabeticcookbooks)

Haha, a tubing moustache is the funniest thing I've heard all day.

Hi Kerry,

Tonight's tangle of pump tubing was my best quickly yanked site ever, I was bending down to stop and rewind a 10.5" reel of tape on a tape recorder. Hit rewind and feel a sudden sting and see blood on my shirt. The pump tubing got caught in the reel of tape and got yanked when the reel was rewinding in high speed. Otari and Animas do not mix. Also, gotten pump tubing tangled in broadcast consoles, once in the turntable, and other radio station gear. Good thing I keep spare Contact Detach sets, Novolog, and other D tools around. Ultimate is the pump alarming when the mike is live, got calls from my trainer and fellow insulin pumpers.

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