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Real People Sick.

Since the beginning of November, I've been dealing with a random few weeks of feeling "real people sick."  Like I wrote about last week, diabetes is something I'm used to and can deal with pretty well, but the common cold knocks me right on my end.   I deal with colds like a guy.  I hate being RPS.

Real People Sick:  The differentiation between blood sugar issues and the common cold. Phrase slips out most often when the diabetic admits to not feeling well and must specify that it is not blood sugar related.

This month's Animas "Life, Uninterrupted" vlog is about being "sick" on top of having diabetes, and about how cracked out squirrels and I sometimes share the same vocal patterns.  Unfortunately, there's another cameo by Abby (the Cat) because she's usually lounging, all lazy, while I record these things.  (That cat needs to get on the ellipmachine or something - chubby little chomper.)

Enjoy, and thanks for not judging me for the squeaky voice and the whining!  :)


So cute, and accurate. Cute picture of the peanut! I love the way you describe things...so easy to visualize what you are describing. You are a great storyteller, and blogger!

oh gosh Kerri, that cracked me up! Sorry! But hey, there is a plague going around and it's taking everyone 3 weeks or more to get rid of..so I don't think you're abnormal in that regard. :)

ps, love your pillows.

This is another one of those "welcome to parenthood" things... as the munchkin gets bigger and active in play groups and school and whatever else, she'll bring home "stuff" to share. I always had a hearty immune system too - even my chicken pox was mild! - (in fact, according to one theory out there, that's potential a factor in causing diabetes - a over-achieving immune system - I'm sure you know that) but since my kiddo's been spending time around other kiddos more, I'm sick more. It's fun. (ha)

Poor Kerri - I hope you start feeling better real soon! I'm the same way - my "compromised" immune system rarely gives in to anything else, so when I get RPS - it really really pisses me off! I mean, don't we have ENOUGH to deal with?? Curl up with Abby (the cat) if you can and spend a day "supervising" ;-)

Such a cute kitty!! Hope you are feeling well. I would also like to mention that diabetic cold medicine tastes even grosser than non-diabetic cold medicine. Feel better!

Hate being sick. Took my family a long time to understand it takes me a little longer to recover from whatever they are trying to share. They hate the do not enter rule of my house when they are sick.
Peanut and Abby are adorable. Hope you feel better soon.


Moving on . . . I usually have the same kind of experience: everyone is sick but me. Last year I got my ass kicked by something. Feel better soon!

Hmm. Dealing with sinus issues since around age 11, I'm more used to walking around with a sheaf of tissues (and discarding used ones whenever I can find an appropriate receptable) than I am walking around with a meter (and trying to find public safe-sharps-disposal receptacles for the used lancets).

Haven't watched yet because I am at work but I have two thoughts in the meantime. 1. Nice screen capture on the video and 2. Love that you have to add (the cat) after Abby. Used to it in my family with a childhood pet and now a niece sharing the same name - I mean the SAME name - Abby!

Comments from Nancy are quite true. I was rarely sick until kiddos started playgroups, mom's day out and Kindergarten. But you will get stronger - :) I do agree that it is very frustrating, and seems to take forever to get better. Hope you get back to full-speed soon. Love Abby, my couch holds a curled up "weiner dog" that is attracted to laps!

A few things. I love that you refer to yourself as a cracked out squirrel, it just cracks me up. (No pun intended, however, when I reviewed my sentence, I laughed a little bit more.)

I also have a seriously awesome immune system, but when I do get "a cold" it's way worse than a real-person cold. I get knocked on my butt and it's no fun, and usually takes a good 2-3 weeks to recover as well.

And last, I have learned that apparently you have very popular pillows!

Oh you poor dear!!! (Ack, I sound like my grandmother.) I want to come over and cook you chicken soup - with lots of garlic. And some baby spinach wilted into it. And a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese on top to make it extra yummy. (Way to sound even more like a grandmother, huh?)

Although I have to admit, I did enjoy watching Abby the Cat during the vlog. :)

Abby, as ever, appears unimpressed. Hmpf ;)

Precious Abby kitty.

What, you said stuff? really? I was just watching Abby.

Random: Did you get your couch pillows at Target? I have ones like that at my house too!

Was wondering if your BGs have been extra high during this? When I get sick (rarely also) they are higher, but I always expect them to get higher than they actually do.

what is it with the pillow thing! Abby looks sooooo into sleep, get well soon and remember to drink plenty of fluids. (water is good, coffee is not)

I hope you feel better Kerri! You are too cute!

Have you tried massive doses of vitamin D3? I get sick every fall/winter but last year I didn't! Not once! The difference was Vitamin D3! I take 4,000IU every day and if I feel a cold coming on I take another 1,000IU on top of that. It's really safe and worth a try!!!

How on earth did you get your cat to lie there so quietly? My Lily would be busy scratching the furniture to ribbons if I were preoccupied by talking into my laptop...

As a heart attack survivor, I have noticed exactly the same thing about being "Real People Sick". In fact last time I had the plague (I mean, a COLD), I smugly noticed that my cold medicine in the bathroom cabinet had actually expired two years earlier. I can somehow manage to function daily with ongoing chest pain, fistfulls of cardiac meds every morning, visits to the cardiologist and the pain clinic, and yet more hospital procedures - but a sore throat?!?! OH HELP - somebody call 911 for me...

You are SO RIGHT - disgusting wet wads of balled up Kleenex lying around the house. Is there anything worse?! Yuck! Luckily, it appears that I just don't have time to get sick because I'm so busy being sick with The Big Stuff.

Love your site!


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