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Vampires are like in now, right?  Books, movies, TV shows, endless streams of merchandising ... vampires are cool.  (Unless they're staring into your bedroom window from your backyard, in which case, that's creepy and maybe it's best to leave vampires to fictional tales.) 

But what about vampire cannulas?  Like the kind that work just fine for the first 36 hours of an infusion set but then go to complete crap and end up sore and stinging and you pull it out to see the cannula crammed with blood?

Team Edward or Team Jacob?  I don't care so long as the insulin gets in their correctly.  Nerd.

Oh Edward.  Oh Jacob.  What's the deal, kittens?  Why are your vampire people messing with my insulin pump?  Unless I get the glittery skin and the whole "live forever" thing, I'm not excited about these blood-filled cannulas.  They screw with my boluses, they muck up my basals, and they make for very messy post-prandial blood sugars. 


Oh we just had one of these yesterday! they are not P's Friend!!

It's bad enough when they hurt like heck going in but when they hurt coming out; that's the worst! Pain for relief = :(

Forget bloody canulas! How about when you pull a perfectly good site to have it start gushing blood everywhere!

Nothing like having your husband walk in on you in the bathroom and you're using a blood-soaked hand towel to wipe your stomach.

"Hey, babe, you OK?"

"Yep, just a gusher."

Just another day in the life of diabetic. =D

Yeah I'll never understand how an infusion set can go in just fine then all of a sudden go to hell! I hope your bg has returned to normal. Or however close to normal they can be :)

Must be in the air... I woke up to find my CGM covered in blood and a 4 inch bruise around it... Never had that happen before and especially 4 days after its insertion...

You know your diabetic when - while watching Twilight you think 'Thank God I don't live in Forks. 8-12 finger sticks a day... one of those vampires would probably smell my blood... what an interesting twist it would be if Bella had T1...' [insert husband's eye roll}

I still wanna know what we smell like to those vampires... can they smell the insulin?? Or can the detect high and low blood sugars by smell like those crazy cool blood sugar smelling dogs and cats??
Yes, I'm a nerd. That is all.

I remember those. Yanking a bleeder is a given reason for a high. Weirdly, I yanked a pod last night as it expired and the site bled for a long time. Never had that happen before and the site gave me the most pristine sugars ever lol

Damn vampires

I had this happen with a Dexcom sensor the other day. Lots of blood and a lovely bruise to go along with it.... and a good time was had by all...?

and this JUST happened to me too... a real gusher. i finally had to lay down to make it stop. maybe there's something in the air... vampers are SO hot right now.

I haven't had a vampy canula in a while, but certainly understand your frustration.

@holly, I've had the exact same conversation with my husband. You gotta love the gushers.

Wow, this just happened to me too...I'm on my fourth site in 5 days, and the last one I pulled out seemed fine for a couple seconds and then the blood just started pouring out of it! Somehow it makes me feel better to know I'm not the only one though...

I haven't had a gusher in a while, but I pulled one out a few days ago and the cannula was bent at a right angle...and I had only been in the low 200s that day. Totally weird.

Great... I have had this issue often. So much, the doctor took me off of aspirin therapy. Frustrating little blood draws. Maybe if we could Tattoo a map of our veins...hmmm ;)
@Julie H..I get the same eye roll too from my husband.

I also love it when after a finger prick I give a little squeeze and blood sprays out like a fountain all over my nice clean shirt (it always seems to be a nice clean shirt).

I've got you beat there Kerri! Last week I ended up in the UrgentCare clinic because a nasty BACTERIA had decided to call my infusion site "home". I had been wearing my infusion set for only 24 hours when it started to sting. The doctor said "Well as you may already be aware, being diabetic makes you more susceptible to infection, but wearing a pump makes your likelihood of infection much worse." All I wanted to say was "Actually I had NO IDEA!" It is by far the most unpleasant experience I've had in my almost 6 years (As of Decmeber 1st!) being a PWD.

I hope your case of "vampiric canulitis" goes away very soon!

haha I'm glad that I am NOT the only one this happens to---it happens a lot actually, and it's really really annoying. Bloody sites + high bloodsugars= a super unhappy julie

My husband says he better be careful of me. I've left enough DNA squirting around the bathroom that he could be arrested on the spot if I disappear!

Now I'm going to think of vampires when I do all my bloody, diabetes tasks. Haha.

My fiance Chris pulled out one of my cannulas because it just didn't 'feel right' and ended up with a rather large blood waterfall also making a large stain on my jeans..ee

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