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Marcel the Diabetic Shell.

Clara Barton Camp is awesome - this is an indisputable fact.  I talk about CBC all the time when I'm at conferences, because there is something so unique and incredibly supportive about knowing that your fellow campers are also insulin-dependent and aren't afraid to show it.

Part of what makes CBC so cool is that it makes you feel like having diabetes is ... sort of cool.  Almost everyone at camp has it, so if your pancreas happens to work, it makes you the odd one out instead of part of the WYOI (wear your own insulin) crowd.  What's more empowering than taking an isolating chronic illness and making it the common - and intrinsically cool - thread? 

Which is why this video - a diabetes take on the Marcel the Shell with Shoes On - is so brilliant.  It takes the Marcel the Shell concept and turns it on its diabetes head.  And if you're "in the know" with diabetes, it will make you laugh.  If you listen closely, you'll hear some of my favorite diabetes lines of all time.  (Including, but not limited to:  "One time I licked a glucose tab and went into DKA.")

It takes some serious (cotton?) balls to make this video.  I love it.  This video was created, voiced, and edited by the talented CBC team of Abby Bayer (who guest posted here), Savannah Johnson (her post is here), Allie D, and Alissa Carberry (I think it's time for Alissa and Allie to post, since I have nothing to link to for them).  

What else can I say, other than this video had me in tears from laughing last night.  Clara would be proud!  


Love it! So great!...the giggles are contagious...Thanks for sharing =)

Thank you for sharing this so I can start my day with a laugh!

"If my pump is set to vibrate I fall off the bed." ROFL! That is too funny. =D

Awesome. I'm going to start working on the next script:

"I don't have a body, so I have to wear my CGM on my forehead."

ahhhh kerri i love you for posting this! it makes my pancreas jump with joy as if it were about to start producing insulin again that the diabetic marcel got his debut on SUM, how siting! (oh hey diapun). CBC forever :) you rock!

My dogs are staring at me like I'm a crazy person as I hysterically laugh alone.

thank you so much for this, Kerri! this made me nearly pee my pants... and i really needed a laugh today. reposting to my FB!

I'm crying I'm laughing so hard!

(I've got to quit reading blogs at my desk.)

I'm laughing just as hard re-watching this, as I was when we brainstormed ideas and "filmed". You could blame it on my current low blood sugar, but I like to attribute it to other peoples' laughter in this video :)

that was awesome-love it!

The giggling makes it even better. Loved "I can't use a disposable lancet, it's bigger than me." Ok -I loved all of it!
Good stuff.

hey, november wacky 2010..Ian was there last weekend at CBC!

So wonderful that this was posted. Fact: CBC is absolutely spectacular.

I Love this I can't wait to be back at Barton !!

I was laughing so hard I was crying and my officemates were just looking at me like I was insane!


Watched this with the whole fam and we were giggling like fools! Brilliant!! Thanks so much for posting!!

My favorite part of this video is how they (AND I) were laughing at things that were actually probably only funny to a diabetic (DKA, glucose powder, etc)!

I was searching for "diabetes blogs" yesterday and stumbled across yours.
I LOVE reading everything you write. As a 23 year old that has been diabetic for 20 years, I have just been dealing with it and keeping my feelings to myself Making it look easy to everyone so they don't have to worry about me. I felt so much support just reading that others feel the same way I do some days.
Marcel is amazing and hilarious. I shared this video with my Mom and Grandma, we all cried and laughed.
Just wanted to say "thank you for posting everything you do". I will now be a faithful reader.

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