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Remote Access.

An ode to the remote for my insulin pump.  Sung in the tune of D.  

Remote, O remote, how I'm glad that you're mine.
You make bolusing easy, you beep so devine.
With you at my side, I no longer must fuss
About pushing the buttons to take a bolus.

Because now - O now! - I worry much less. 
I can bolus without fumbling 'round in my chest.
I don't look like I'm sassing, and I must confess:
I don't reach with my hands down the front of my dress
To gain access to buttons on the front of that thing.
Now?  If I bolus? I thump on my Ping.

As much as I don't want to wear a device,I love that the Ping meter acts as a remote for the insuiln pump.  Badass.
(I'd rather my pancreas up and play nice)
I'm thankful that I can remote from my meter.
Makes living with diabetes just a bit sweeter.


[Animas disclosure]


Way too funny! I never thought to try and find a rhyme with "bolus." Having the Ping is a huge convenience. Pair that with Dexcom and I've got a winning combination for quick corrections or a bolus to cover that apple on the commute home.

Hey Kerri! I did not know this existed! I have a minimed paradigm and Dexcom combo right now. How does this compare? It looks to me like it morphs your meter and dexcom receiver into one (and is also a remote)?

Beautiful, DAHLING!!! BEAUTIFUL :)

We LOVE our remote too...I seriously did not realize how much it would enhance our journey!

As I was saying in a comment I left yesterday for Jen over at "I Am Your Pancreas", I am the President of the Ping Remote Dependence Association.

Welcome :)

I have become so lazy and relying on the meter to bolus that I get annoyed when I have to pull out the pump to set a temp basal :P I recently got a skin for the meter so keep it out of its case and I must admit that makes it even easier. I love easy!

love my remote, too! except that it's been telling me 'low battery' for a few days now and i've been too lazy to find the triple a's...so i can't use it til i change the batteries but it does make life so much more convenient!

I LOVE my Ping (and my Dexcom)... especially when wearing a dress! Your song cracked me up totally made my morning!

ha ha, I'll hear you singing this the next time I'm reaching into my Frye boots for the touch bolus on my Cozmo, or standing storklike at a party reaching through my sock to bolus without breaking eye contact. Lucky you...

The Ping isnt available here in the UK, but I use an Accutrend Combo, which has the same remote/bg meter - not having to fish out my pump to bolus/change basal/etc is just brilliant, I agree!

I sang it in Bb and it was fine. Just an FYI. ;)

Very cool

Love this! Our 3 year old son has the Ping and the remote is a LIFESAVER with a toddler. I can't imagine trying to keep him still long enough to wrestle out the pump to bolus. It's an accomplishment for a 3 year old to stop to check his BG or eat. With the remote he can quickly get back to the business of playing. Awesome!

My husband started on the Animas Ping on 9/22/10. After working out some kinks with transitioning from pens to the pump, he is now loving it. Its odd for him to wake up with sugars in the range, not to mention fine tuning his basal and bolus rates.

Kerri, I have been reading your blog for a long time. As a wife of a Type 1 Diabetic, I share your stories with my DH. We truly feel as if we know you personally.

Love my meter remote too! Am waiting for the day when they make an all in one - the "artificial pancreas". Love the ode!

We love our Ping here too! We have it a little over a year now and would be lost without it.

I love the jingle!

That was cute :)Bet the dress digging got you a whole lot of attention ;)

This is the first and only pump my 7yo son has used and it is THE BEST thing ever invented. For an active young boy it is so great that he can test and go right back to playing while I bolus him.

I do SO love our Ping remote! It crapped out on the weekend and we have been without it for 2 days and I have to say..I have missed it terribly! My almost 4 year old HATES having his pump messed with and wrangling him for boluses the past couple of days has not been easy. I kissed the new one that arrived on our doorstep just a few minutes ago!!

Love it and so curious about you minimed vs animas pro/con list.... perhaps there's a post I missed summarizing your thoughts??

Hi :) Loved your song :D

have been a type 1 for a year and I love your blog :) btw I've a pump too :)

But what exactly is a dexcom? is it like a thing you wear, like a pump, but a dexcom gives you your blood sugar levels ? if I have a dexcaom, do i still need too stick my finger ? hope u can give me an answer :)

thank u ! :)

Love the Ode!!! And I agree...my daughter upgraded to the Ping nearly a year ago and we LOVE it!!! It truly is the little things (like not having to dig down your dress or reaching up our daughters skirt to bolus) that truly make ALL the difference!!!!

Awesome ode!!! I had to read it to my hubby and #2 (the two that were in the room at the time). They thought it was cute, too!

Yes, the remote is great, and when you have little ones in tow with D, the godsend of the century. My youngest son Bjorn has had a Ping since he was 9 months old. One week after DX, my wife upgraded soon after as did older D son Erik. I was the last 2020 pumper in the family, who now Pings too. Still have my 2020 for backup, saved the day this week when the Green Ping took a Dump.

Love the remote, but especially for my 4 year old special needs D youngster, Bjorn. He was the first of us 4 D folks to Ping. I was the last Ping Pumper of the 4. Love my Ping and the remote. Love the ode to the Ping. Ping da bolus.

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