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I Couldn't Wait.

I found out I was pregnant and I couldn't wait to know
If 'it's a boy' or 'it's a girl' I would spend nine months to grow.
I couldn't wait for her to show us that she was our little she.
I couldn't wait to see her dancing on the ultrasound TV.

I couldn't wait to touch her tiny hands or kiss her little nose.
I couldn't wait to count her fingers and to tickle little toes.
I couldn't wait for weeks to pass and my body to look round.
I couldn't wait to hear her heartbeat.  (I still love to hear that sound.)

I couldn't wait for docs to tell me it was time to meet our girl.
I couldn't wait for her to cry and let us know she's in the world.
I couldn't wait to dress her up in little socks and little dresses.
I couldn't wait to sing her songs and make her laugh and stroke her tresses.

I found out I was pregnant and I couldn't wait to meet
The little girl I worked so hard to build, from ears to arms to feet.
I couldn't wait to see her smile, to hear "Mama," to watch her crawl,
To go on trips, to see the world, to watch her grow, to Do It All.

But then this morning, as I fed her, I noticed that her little legs
Were stretching out in small pajamas that no longer were "too big."
And I noticed she was eating more than she had done before,
And that clothes all marked "newborn" were packed in boxes on the floor.

I found out I was pregnant and I couldn't wait to see
The daughter I was meant to have and hold her close to me.

And weeks, they pass in minutes, and she grows so very fast
That I can't wait to hold her close and hold these moments while they last.


What a beautiful poem. I just put my only baby on the school bus this morning for the very FIRST time...she is now a kindergartener. Time has flown by so fast. Cherish every little moment. They are so precious.

This is SO sweet, Kerri!

So beautiful and sweet.

LOVE this Kerri! And right now I'm in that very same rushed, can't-wait mode that you were. I know I should slow down but it's just too exciting! In fact, our appointment to find out the gender is in about 3 weeks and I'm calling today to see if I can move it up. . . because I NEED to know NOW.

I was talking to my grandmother the other day and I was telling her that this feels like the longest 9 months of my life and I'm only 4 1/2 months in. Most people I tell that to say that I'm crazy and that it's the quickest 9 months of your life. I disagree. I'm feeling very distinctly the constant worry and wonder and impatience. I just want my baby safe and HERE with me.

Anyway, my grandmother was the first person to agree. Yep, she said, it feels like a VERY long 9 months. But, she said, the following year will be the shortest of your life so, don't rush and be sure to enjoy. Smart lady. ;-)


The days are long, but the years are short. DS starts 1st grade and DD starts preschool next week.


Well said!

AW! You made me cry again!! You can't do this to a pregnant woman! :) Beautiful!

This is so sweet. I love it.

Beautiful, just beautiful, Kerri.

This is the prologue to your first book!

My "baby" is now 20 and begins her nursing school classes in two weeks.

I can't believe how fast the time went...

Just know that for every thing that BSparl grows out of, a new, wonderful phase begins. It's not a loss, it's a chance to layer on even more memories.

You think she is beautiful now...the best is yet to come. : )

Yes they do fly by! My oldest starts high school next week and my baby starts middle school as well. Every stage is so fun and such a blessing. My favorite quote: " In raising my children I have lost my mind, but found my soul. Lisa Sheperd" True so very true!!

Oh my goodness this post is so well timed. I just found out today that I am pregnant...had to take 5 tests to prove it to myself.
We started trying two short months ago, but started preparing diabetes wise since January. We can't believe it but are so thrilled.
I too am in the mode of I can't wait. I can't wait to tell the world, to start showing and to start planning all the baby stuff.
This is a great remember though to take it day by day and really enjoy.


Awww....beautiful post...it seems like yesterday my heart was swelling with the emotion of seeing my first daughter outgrow her newborn clothes.

Each phase is amazing...but it's still hard to let go of those little baby hats.

From one mom to another (((hugs))) to you.

Love the poem! Take lots of pictures and video. They grow up hella fast. It seems like yesterday my son was waddling around pulling every book off our shelves and tossing them on the floor for fun. Now he's a "deep end" swimmer and reading chapter books on his DS.

a BEAUTIFUL poem, Kerri... and so true! (The first year flies by!)

This is a wonderful poem! I am glad I came across it!

Thats a really nice poem - emotional without being mushy. It expresses what most mothers feel inside, well done.

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