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BSparl and Her Mommy in Diabetes Forecast.

We both love purple.   Can you tell?Babies, babies, everywhere!  In particular, there are babies in this month's issue of Diabetes Forecast, with a focus on pre-existing diabetes and pregnancy.  I'm very proud that BSparl and I had the opportunity to share our story with the Forecast readers, and that the photographer who visited our home wasn't too bothered by the cat hair.

(One quick note after reading through the "Guide to Pregnancy" article in the magazine:  Diabetes is tough. We know that.  Diabetes and pregnancy is tough, amplified.  But don't let the long article about "what could happen" sway you if you are planning to pursue a pregnancy and you have diabetes.  The information in that article is important, accurate, but can admittedly be overwhelming.  Not all diabetic pregnancies encounter the same kinds of complications that mine did - everyone's experiences vary.  Just know that information overload comes with any pregnancy, and diabetic ones are no exception.  We may get some added bonus worries, but the end result of our pregnancies can be just the same as the pregnancies of non-diabetic women:  a healthy baby.  Take all of the information you read online in stride, including the stuff I've posted here.  It's a lot of hard work, but like they say, it's so, so worth it.)

And with that, I'm off to give the BSparl a snuggle.


I love this picture! And I think this is a great perspective.

Pregnancy in general -- for everyone -- seems to be a lot more complicated now. Almost makes me long for the days when our great-great-grandmothers bit on a stick and had their babies in the fields.


That's a great picture! Love it! Thanks, I am in need of some encouragement this morning. As of today, I am 9 weeks pregnant and last night (and this morning) were rough. I had a high that took forever to get down and after a couple of hours of patience, I raged bolused and was down to a horrible feeling 56 at 7am (which is a lovely time to feel so terrible because I already had some morning nausea on top of that.). I know it will all be worth it. It's just so frustrating! Thanks Kerri!

Wonderful photo. Although I'm convinced BSparl is eyeballing a cat trying to get in the shot...?!


I feel like I'm always saying this to you, but thank you. Thank you for being such a down-to-earth inspiration.


What a beautiful picture. Now I wish I still had a subscription to DF. Shame on me.

Beautiful picture!

What a lovely Mother/Daughter picture!

Wonderful article, beautiful baby... you should be so proud! I have been type 1 for 12.5 years. I discovered your blog a few days ago and have found it to be VERY motivational and informational- thank you so much! I didn't know blogs like this existed but now can't stop myself from reading every old posting!

Congrats again on such a beautiful, healthy baby girl!

I don't have to tell you that you've already helped me a ton in this area. Just thanks, so much, for your words and sharing your journey with us.

Such a great pic of you and BSparl!

Yes, diabetes and pregnancy brings double worry. But I am proof that a diabetic pregnancy can go along pretty smoothly. Only big thing I dealt with was some bad swelling, but luckily didn't have preeclampsia. I did have to have a c-section because my son was very large. But large babies run in my family, so I'm not sure how much the diabetes contribued to the size. I also worked right up until a few days before having him. A co-worker of mine (non-diabetic) ended up on bedrest for low fluid a month before her due date, so even regular pregnancies can have complications. Diabetics just need to be aware and closely monitor to keep their bloodsugars under the best control...but, believe me, your baby is more than enough motivation to do that. And, as you said, it is all worth it!

I agree with Christi! My pregnancies have been fine, just swelling at the end and large babies. I know people who have had unhealthy kids though. You just have to take diabetes by the horns and hang on. Check, check and recheck your blood sugar levels like 10 times a day at least! Good luck to all the other ladies out there.

I bet I know a picture that will be in BSparls baby book. A good picture tells a story, this one says it all.

I heard a lot of "coulda, shoulda, woulda's" while I was pregnant. It wasn't until a doctor who worked in the NICU came up to prepare me for the 'what if' in there. I lost it! After that the nurse asked me why he made me cry, because I didn't know what a NICU would be like.. I thought the worst. She arranged a tour of the NICU before I delivered. That made me feel SO much better! My doctor also wasn't afraid to get tough on my diabetes. He wasn't afraid to keep me on Furosemide (Lasix - water pills) throughout my pregnancy. He wouldn't diagonose me with pre-eclampsia because I already had those issues going on. My son was small because of my underlying kidney issues (5 lbs, 5 ozs)... but not tiny! (He was one of the bigger babies in the NICU) and now he's a BUSY, HEALTHY bruiser at 16 months and 30 pounds! He caught up FAST! :) Oh... and I was 38 when I had him, and I just had my 30th D-Anniversary on July 1/10

Also... that's a beautiful pix of you & your daughter! :) Great job, Kerri!!

This came in the mail at my house the day the blog came out! Weird. This was my biggest worry when Lily was dx'd. Kept thinking of Steel Magnolias. Thanks for clearing up what the truths are/aren't.

Absolutely beautiful picture. Your daughter is gorgeous! My pregnancy was not complicated by DM-1 at all....my son is now almost 3 and perfectly healthly. Like you, I am unsure if I want to roll those dice again....thanks for being such a positive in the big D world!

Hi Kerri,

I saw you in Diabetes Forecast. Actually, I read the article this weekend, and I said to myself: "Hey, I know who Kerri is!"

As a female T1 diabetic, who has often thought about pregnancy, it's so comforting to have you here blogging away about your experiences and sharing your joys and challenges in having BSparl.

Thank you!

And P.S. The photo really is phenomenal.

Ooohhh, what a lovely photo!

What a lovely photo of a loving mother and her child.

I am sure there are so many diabetic women around who are not sure of they would want to go ahead with having a baby because they are not sure what to expect.
This write-up, I am sure, will help many make up their mind by reassuring them that they can have a normal (or, near normal) pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby inspite of being diabetics.

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