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Their Words.

Some of the most inspiring moments from the Friends for Life conference were found in the expo hall, where kids were creating their own diabeticons.  These are two that I absolutely loved:

"Let the sun rise on a cure - let the sun set on diabetes."

"Love your life with or without diabetes."

Now I need to figure out how to use that Bamboo so I can doctor up my own diabeticons at home.  (Siah has asked for one that says "I love pump tubing!"  Because oh does she.  She loves that chewy, bandaid taste.)

[Animas disclosure]


Casey has found the love for tubing too. He almost yanked my site out the other night.

Those "diabeticons" are fantastic. I love the idea of the sun rising on a cure. Awesome.

Beautiful. yep, kids tend to say everything best! I recently purchased a bamboo. so far, love it, but haven't had the time to play with it that I'd like. maybe once josh is back in school, but they are a great price, especially considering the software that comes with it. blessings,

Kids never cease to amaze me... so very profound

That first one made me cry. I hope that kid, and all of the other kids with diabetes, see that sunrise.

That first one made me cry. sigh.

Oh these are just beautiful. I am wondering what my daughter would write. The sunrise one made me teary.

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