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Search Term Soup.

Google sends some weird searches my way.I do so love the SEO terms that bring people clicking through my way.  Here are a few of the latest strange search terms sending people to SUM:

pic of face smushed against window - That just sounds plain scary.  Like these "real" versions of cartoon characters.  (I'll never be able to look at a Peanuts cartoon again.  Ever.  Charlie Brown looks like a murderer.)

wedding held at "clara barton camp" - Awwww, what a great idea!!  Whoever is searching for this, you rule.

cute cat that no one likes - Of course, this led straight to this post about Siah Sausage Face.

do you have a shorter life if you have type 1 diabetes - I hope not.  I really, really hope not.

I have diabetes.  How can I feel better about my life? - To whoever Googled this:  I know this search query led you to me.  I hope it led you to a bunch of other diabetes bloggers, too.  I hope you saw examples of a bunch of people who are living with diabetes and who are happy. 
six in me - I have heard rumors that this is some kind of very off-color, inappropriate film.  Of a genre I don't feel comfortable discussing here.  But needless to say, I get a lot of searches for this.  I wonder how surprised they are when they find a girl with diabetes instead of ... whatever the alternative would be.  ;)

anybody with diabetes get screwed by oxford health - HA!  Oxford is currently my insurer, and despite the fact that BSparl is over three months old, they still haven't fully acknowledged my high-risk pregnancy.  (They haven't covered all of my ultrasounds, as though I was just having them for fun.)  All insurers are in "just say no" mode, and they decline everything before covering it.  So yes, I'm sure there are plenty of PWDs who get screwed by their health insurers.  Good times.

insulin pump in my wedding dress HELP!!! - Gotcha, lady!  I hid my insulin pump in a pocket that was specially built into my wedding dress.  And I know other girls who have done the same thing.  I hope this HELPED!!!

larry bird living with diabetes - Larry Bird doesn't have diabetes (that I know of).  But he has been known to fictionally train some of us.  Because he rules. 

Seriously, poke through your search terms and see what kinds of wild, long tail searches are sending people to your blog!  It's always good for a laugh or two.  (And also insightful to see what people are really looking for.)


Yay for insulin pumps in wedding dresses! That picture brings back some big-time memories for me...how great to see it again! :)

Too funny Kerri! And excuse me if I sound like a total don't-know-it-all, but how do I 'poke through search terms that lead people to my blog'? I'm probably the only person on the planet who doesn't know how. Now it's revealed for all :0)

Interesting post Kerri- it's fun to think about!

Kerri, I found your blog yesterday while looking for compression socks for traveling when being pregnant :-)

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