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D-Feast Friday: Low Carb, Gluten Free, and Perfect for Summer!

D-Feast Friday!!I am not a chef.  I've never cooked up a meal, a feast, or even a storm.  Nada.  But since today is D-Feast Friday, I wanted to do my part and post the one thing I can make well.

No, it's not the delicious popovers from Jordan Pond.  Not the bizarre Green Drink, either.  And it's not the pumpkin roll or the chili.  This recipe only features one ingredient and requires only one pan, but it takes about three hours to make.  It's the first recipe I've ever completed without screwing it up, and I do it right every time.  

Maybe I am a chef after all?

BEHOLD!  The low-carb, gluten-free treat that's perfect for battling back against the summer heat.  

So cold!  So refreshing!  And so challenging to make! 

The mighty ice cube.

(Thank goodness for D-Feast Friday participants who can actually cook.  I'm looking forward to trying out so many of the recipes that are going up across the diabetes blogosphere today!)



And one menu item we regularly run out of.

That's hilarious! You really should check out my site. They are so easy to cook! You have a free membership! Email me if you lost your login and password!

What about the bread-n-milk soup?? ;)

I cracked up on the bus reading this.

Oh Kerri! You are such a hathat for this one! :P

Oh my gosh, so funny. I had no idea where you were going with this until I got to the picture.

But you know, you can zip up your recipe by substituting coffee or tea or juice or something. ;) In fact, substitute coffee for the water and use it in iced coffee drinks!! (I know, how dare I fiddle with your perfect recipe. Sorry!)

Yum! I think this is what I'll make for dinner tonight -- it'll leave plenty of room for wine.

You're my kinda cook!! I have a great recipe for toast, if you're ever interested ;) haha. Too funny!

But wait...! You forgot the recipe!! They look so delicious, so refreshing, and I'm bummed that you didn't show us how to make them at home...


LOL, I love it! I'm not a cook either and yup, that's one thing I always make right!

May I suggest Exotic Ice Cubes? All you do is follow the directions to make a pitcher of your favorite sugar-free powdered drink, then pour THAT in an ice cube tray. Stick in some toothpicks and feed 'em to the kiddies!

Or do it with tuna water and feed it to the kitties.

Oh too funny! Thank goodness I'm not the only one who hasn't a clue about cooking. I throw stuff together and frankly, hate the kitchen. Which really sucks, cause I end up spending my days in here with 3 kiddos. Thanks for the recipe Kerri - I will have to try it out :0)


Dude.... bah ha ha ha :) that is awesome :)

Well ... addsome water to the ice in a glass,or your coffe and you have somthing cool and wonderfull to add to any meal!!

Hi Kerri...this is really random, but often when I read your blog, the 1st thing I do is check the captions on the pictures. They make me smile/laugh frequently.

LMAO!!! Nice!

Have you noticed that your "recipe" comes standard on most refrigerators today? ;-)



And here I was thinking you'd give a froast recipe!

My friend called me from Wyoming with the same recipe, only he puts the cubes in a baggie and sets them in his lap! Weirdo.
I like your style!

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