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Unicorns for Breakfast.

The other day, Chris and I were discussing the origins of the word "lunch."  (This spawned from a conversation about the literal nature of the word "breakfast" - breaking the fast.  We are word nerds.  And very boring to go for long car rides with.)  Our guesses were denied and confirmed by a quick Google search from my KerriBerry.

But a Yahoo! answers thing came up as part of the Google search, so I clicked through out of pure curiosity.  Because when the question is "Can I have a unicorn for breakfast?", one must find out the answer.  And when I saw it, I couldn't stop laughing.  Seriously.  I couldn't even read it out loud to Chris without cracking up at the last part and causing him to lean over as he was driving and say, "What?  What's that last part?"

Unicorn tree - just reading that makes me laugh.

Call me immature (I double-dog-dare you) or call me goofy, but the mental image of a unicorn tree made my day.  The sun rises and this young Yahoo! answerer stumbles out into their front yard and plucks a bright, glittery unicorn from the tree for their healthy breakfast before the Sweet Pickles bus comes to take them to school.

Unicorns for breakfast.  

This is what happens when sleep is replaced by coffee.


I tried cultivating my unicorn tree, but they don't do well in the NY climate. I had to settle for Hello Kitty bushes instead. Much fewer berries than you'd expect, though. :)

And the best part, unicorns have zero carbs!

Love the picture this paints in my head!!!

Sweet Pickles! Ha!

Pardon me while I go google Sweet Pickles for fond memories.

Awww... Sweet Pickles! I had to Google it too. :)

if you get a unicorn tree you can make this:

Good info. I'm still not sure how babby is formed though.

All I seem to grow are Barney Shrubs.... you'd think they'd be sweet and all, being so purple. But dang if they don't numb your brain and leave a bad taste in your mouth! Stupid purple dinosaurs!


oh how I missed you and the humor... and now I miss you again... :)

Sweet Pickles! I still have those books from when I was a kid :D

You're going to give yourself nightmares about that Sweet Pickles bus!

How many carbs in a unicorn ?

Kerri - I thought you might laugh a little at this. Ok probably a lot.

New to this blog, but this conjures up great imagery. Unicorn tree? Great. How about a sphinx shrub?

i have my unicorn with a side of leprechaune juice

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