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Is the Low THAT Bad?

You know why this chicken looks so disturbed?

This chicken is clucked up, yo.

Because he knows that there isn't EVER a low blood sugar that warrants eating candy from his butt.

No WAY would I treat a low with these butt candies!  (Go ahead, Google.  Do your worst.) 

Oh chicken with the awkwardly placed treats, I love that you exist.

(No, I haven't slept in days.  What makes you ask that?)


That chicken looks ashamed to have those "awkwardly placed treats" where they are....the poor guy.

Love that you own something as bad ass as this.

I once saw a Hallmark card that read:
The worst place to hide an Easter Egg is back inside the chicken.

Thanks for a good laugh this morning!

Would it hold skittles? Lows are awful and I bet that would make my little girl smile.

Andrea - It would totally hold Skittles. My uncle nabbed it from Oriental Trading (website: http://www.orientaltrading.com/) and there are LOTS of weirdo candy options on there. Maybe one or two would make your daughter grin? :)

haha-very tasty looking bird poop!

My sister once found (at a Hallmark store, I believe) penguins that "pooped" jellybeans when you pressed down on the head. They are now a tradition in our family at Christmas time, filled with the brown cappuccino-flavored Jelly Bellies, of course ;)

What came first, the chicken or the candy? One of those mysteries. I guess we'll never know for sure...

That chickens face, is PRICELESS!

um. yum?

I've been giggling over this all morning :)

My husband's gma used to have a chicken that you would wind up, and it would walk a few steps pop a candy out its butt, walk a few steps and repeat.

I love the expression on that chicken's face, like "Oh no, its about to happen...they're going to find out where the candy is!!" hahahaha

that is PRICELESS! LOL!!

Get some sleep. You're weirding me out.
Hope you're all doing well, btw.

we have a sheep that does the same thing with brown jelly beans :)

Those eyes, that face - that's what a really low blood sugar looks like!

Im new to your blog & just love it! Can't wait to get laughs & learn from you! I've been a T1 for almost 8 years!

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