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Domino, Yo.

It's Domino, yo."Do you guys have Splenda or Equal or anything?"

The waitress leaned in to hear Chris asking over the din of the restaurant.  "What?"

We were at a hibachi restaurant with NBF and her husband (the birthday boy last week - Happy belated birthday, Hubby O' NBF!), celebrating.  The place was dark, the music was pulsing, and the waitress was from another planet, I think.

"Splenda?  Or Equal?  Or something?  Do you guys have any of that?"  He gestured towards his tea.

The waitress nodded her head.  "Yeah, we have Sweet n' Low and Domino."

All four of us stopped and turned slowly towards her (Like in that StrongBad email when he's at the movies and slowly turns towards the popcorn-eating Cheat.  Click the link - it will make more sense.  And it's SFW.)  Chris shook his head.  

"Domino?  What is that?  Is that like a generic Splenda or something?"

"Domino?  It's sugar.  White sugar?"  The waitress twirled her pen between her fingers as she waited for Chris to decide.

"Oh.  Okay, I'll have two Sweet n' Low, please."  

She walked away, and the four of us held a quick conference.

"Did she seriously just call sugar 'Domino?' What is Domino?"  I asked, confused.

"I think it's that brand of sugar.  Domino?"  NBF said, furrowing her brow.

A smile tugged at the corner of Chris's mouth.  "I would have known what she meant if she had just said 'sugar.'  Either way, I'm safe.  I asked for Sweet n' Low."

I couldn't stop giggling.  Domino?  I have never, ever heard someone call it that before.  Who calls table sugar by its brand name?  ("Oh this?  This here is Stop & Shop brand table sugar.  Want some?")  And it wasn't so much that she called it by its brand name, but more that she said it all tough, like Domino was the street name for some sinister version of sugar.

By the time the waitress came back, we were are laughing too hard to order.  So she just plunked down the two packets Chris had asked for on the table.  

Of course, she didn't bring the pink packets.  

She brought the Domino, yo.


This is hilarious. I'm totally going to start calling completely random things by their irrelevant brand names -- starting with the Pilot (pen) on my desk.

It is funny, and it would have made me laugh, too. However, Sweet 'n Lo and Splenda are brand names, too.....maybe Chris should have requested "artificial sweetener." I'm just sayin'........

It sounds like she's a drug pusher..."Here. Have some of this Domino. It'll get you high real quick." :P

I just picked up my copies off the Canon. And am sipping my Allegro coffee, which is crap. With Sweet n Low.

Hahahah, Filipinos do this ALL THE TIME. Your permanent marker is called a "Pentel Pen," even if it's a Sharpie (or a Crayola Magic Marker). Toothpaste is "Colgate," regardless of brand. The only one that doesn't make sense to me is calling any pen a "ball pen."

Btw, I love Strong Bad! My favorite ones are the guitar one and the Japanese anime one :)

Yuck, I hate Sweet n Low! I rather have nothing than have that stuff. I hate it when they don't have equal or Splenda at a restaurant! :)

Wow, I am so in the dark. I had never seen/heard of strongbad before...that was hilarious!
Thanks for the Monday morning laugh.

Its sweet n low too yo, LMAO

OK, I feel really really bad now, cause that's what my whole family calls it - 'Domino' - seriously. We all know what we are talking about. It's like 'Band-Aid' or 'Kleenex' to us. Ok, now I realize I am but one of a few people on the planet who do this. Awkward.

Penny - Do NOT feel bad! I thought it was completely hysterical because I have never heard someone do that before, but it was cute. Please keep calling it Domino - we call it that now, too! (In honor of our waitress - the waitress who, mind you, never came back to the table to take our order because 'she forgot.' Yet we were her only table, she admitted. Space. Cadet. ;) )

Wow, what did you tip her? ;)

LOL - I think if all of us PWD's had been at a table with you - we would have been kicked out on our ##### with all the noise we made of laughing!

I have to admit - Equal is a brand I know of - which I don't use. I use raw sugar, hate white sugar except for baking. I don't know the names of those products, I just know to look at the label - and test out my English reading skills. No name brand at all.

LOL - I think of the game Dominos with the name of that sugar! Now next time I'm in the United States - I'll have to ask for the D!

OMG! Did you tip her a Lincoln? Or a Washington? Did they have Morton's Iodized on the table for your use? ;)

OMG that's pretty funny! I had never heard it before either (even though I only buy domino becuase it doesn't clump) though, I guess it's no different than calling all tissues "kleenex".

Bahahahaha so funny! She had no idea how silly she sounds right now :P I was more worried about the fact she offered sugar when she was clearly asked for sweetener... I mean, come on! :S

That is hilarious!

I actually laughed out loud at the end of this post. But to be fair, like others said, Splenda and Equal are brand names as well.

Sugar is still sugar to me, although I do call artificial sweetener Splenda(no matter what brand it is)

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