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Diving into the Diaper Fish.

Chris and I have a selection of diaper bags to choose from when it comes to toting around BSparl's stuff, but regardless of the bag we choose, that thing is heavy. Heavy because it's filled to the gills (Gills? Great, now picturing a diaper fish.) with not only baby-related goodies, but a pile of diabetes stuff as well.

Le video to follow:

And now le weekend to follow le video. (Once I find a cartoon representation of a diaper fish, that is.)


Nice post, Kerri! I don't have a diaper bag but I always keep the following in my purse:
1) roll of glucose tabs and/or granola bar
2) meter
3) glucagon kit

I luckily have only ripped out my infusion set once... I don't keep extra sets with me all the time but I do have some back-up supplies at school/work and of course a giant stash at home.

Thanks for sharing your experiences. :)

I know how you feel!! My daycare diaper bag for on the go trips to the park include the following...

bug spray
first aid kit
sippie cups

For Me
Sugar tabs
juice boxes

Mind you, that is just for an hour trip to the park that is 2 blocks away!! It takes me 20 minutes to pack all of us just to go to the park! I couldn't imagine having to pack for any length of time!! Ah the burdens of being a parent/provider with diabetes. Seeing thier perfect faces does make it all worth it!!

Liked the post, verr funny and true though as man clearly not needing a diaper (nappy in UK speak) bag. Still not found the right man bag either so bulging pockets with ahem - diabetic stuff thank you - full of glucose tabs, insulin pen (not made the transition to pumping yet) and meter plus spare meter in car with spare needles, non melting glucose hits etc ....

I don't have a diaper bag, but I do have the cutest little bag that I tote my supplies in...I'm never without the necessities!!!
You can check out a pic and my list if you wanna at

While I'm not a dedicated blogger, I do it when I do it!

We have the same diaper bag (with a broken zipper because of all the stuff toted in it), the same meter and the same glucose tabs! I love that I can relate to you. :)

I wish I had the cute shoe/socks but the boy would look a little silly in them.

We finally retired our diaper bag after #3 was potty trained last year.

I wish I still had it!

My purse just doesn't fit everything...and we still need to carry a big thing of wipes, because kids get messy all the time!!!

In addition to the normal stuff (wallet, keys, lip gloss, etc...), you can also find....

Ping Remote
Glucose Tabs
Cake Mate
Juice Box

(Addy has a history of horrible lows...gotta be ready for anything!!!)

Extra site
Extra tubing
2 Syringes
GF Granola Bar (never know when/if she'll need a snack after a low)

Hand sanitizer

Awesome video :)

I just to share a video I made about my daughter Presley who also has diabetes. She was diagnosed at 19 months old and this is just a little glimps into her life.... I hope you watch.


I cracked up at the redneck impression (re. vitamins)! Awesome!

And I hate to be a stickler, but popeye's biceps looked pretty skinny compared to his forearms. Maybe a better choice would have been biceps like MR. SPARLING! That dude has some serious guns. :-)

Hey Kerri, love the video! :) I have a question for you? What were your earliest signs of pregnancy? My blood sugar the past two days has been really low, like I can eat a chocolate bar, not bolus for it and I peak at 90 then it starts to drop again. Never experienced that, maybe I am cured, ha! Just curious as to what you may have experienced. :)

Man bag- that would be a satchel!! :).

Ran across your blog from another D blog. And loved this video. You should see our bags for all the things this family needs to get moving. For us I've found it helpful to keep a lot of the "extras" in a bag in the car all the time. When the boys were younger I'd have a bag with an outfit for each, extra diapers and wipes and extra burp cloths in the car. Then in our to go bag I'd only put one of each of those (depending upon how long we'd be out) and of course now we have all the d supplies too, which I keep in another bag that gets thrown in the big bag.
as for your other post about forgetting everything, I believe the theory is that it takes about 18 months to get mentally back to where you were pre-baby. There's even a great book about "mommy brain" you should check into it, that is once you're a little more rested :)
Enjoy that little new babe of yours, it goes fast and they change sooo quickly!

Love that you used "wicked" three times in that vlog!

I'd tell you what was in my bag but (a) you'd call me a boyscout b/c it appears as though I have an obsessive need to "always be prepared and (b) wonder why I don't have more back problems because my purse weighs (no lie) 4 lbs.

Things that I lol'd at: the pause shot before you play the video where your nursing boobs look ginormous, as well as your use of the word "wicked" which cracks me up because my freshman year of college I dated a guy from the cape who was going to college in the midwest and we all made fun of him for his overuse of "wicked."

So I don't have a diaper bag, but in my purse I have.....
-glucose tablets
-bottle of juice (unfortunately with gastroparesis, glucose tabs don't always work quickly enough)
-extra infusion sets
-extra cartridges
-extra test strips
-extra batteries for meter and pump
-extra insulin
.....and now I know why my purse weighs a ton! I am paranoid that one day I will be somewhere and need something and I won't have it, so I am pretty much fully armed whenever I leave my house. :)

Burpees...they're burpees. (if you're looking for the ee word) We had burpees, suckees, shoo-seeys. And now we have pokeees, pumpees. Some things never change.

(oh and has anyone told you that cloth diapers make fabulous burpees? They small enough that they don't take up much room but big enough to hold a big burp - and they're easy to launder with bleach blech...

Ok, so I keep a ready stocked "d-bag' for Ian, just like I always kept a diaper bag. So in that I have a spare meter, strips, tabs, glucagon, infusion set, batteries, etc This way on the way out the door I just grab the bag and never have to think about it. If we use tabs while we're out then we replace as soon as we get home. It just makes life easier. In my purse I always keep tabs..just in case.

Wow, and I always thought that I carry a bunch of stuff in my purse that normal people don't. Now I realize that I'm actually on the light side for diabetics...yeah?
My purse (which I only got because I became diabetic and couldn't carry everything in my pockets...still don't know how guys do it) always has...
test strips
life savers
fruit snacks
I kind of feel like I need to add some extra supplies, but I keep some at work or I just go home. For trips, I have a list I have to check off.
Love your posts!

Though I'm not the diabetic, it's my boyfriend, my purse always has things like:

-Glucose meter
-Extra insulin
-Test strips (used and unused)
-Finger nail Clippers
-Juice or carb-loaded snacks

It always feels like a lot, but I usually feel like there's something we're forgetting.

The weight of a bag on one shoulder is why I wear a daypack (over BOTH shoulders), or why I lose things out the overstuffed pockets of my cycling jerseys.

For cooler weather, I'd suggest you and Chris invest in a pair of Scott eVests (http://www.scottevest.com) -- they have pockets (including a couple of ginormous "magazine pockets" to stash all sorts of stuff in, and little holes intended for earbuds, but through which you could thread your infusion sets.

No longer toting the diaper bag. Just wait till baby number two, You'll have grown so relaxed its surprising to even have a spare diaper let alone a bag. For me, its my running bag. And all the wires. Heart rate monitor and watch, regular watch, meter and strips, 2-5 gels, ipod and headphone wires, water bladder filled with gatorade and its drinking tube, iD and cash/credit card in case i go through all my gels and gatorade,pump and tubing and DexCom, all on my belt bag that is busting at the seams.

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