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You Know You're a Diabetic Mommy When ...

You know you're a cat-shaped rattle when ...You know you're a diabetic mommy when ...

  • The bottle of glucose tabs is just as important as the bottle of breast milk in the diaper bag.
  • You have already started wondering how you're going to explain "juice" as "medicine" to the kiddo.
  • When you wake up for 3 am feedings, they double as a 3 am blood sugar check.
  • You start cooing sweetly at your meter when it gives you a result of 100 mg/dl.  ("Oooh, what a good meter you are!  Yes you are!")
  • Your baby ends up with a dot of blood on the back of her pajamas from your middle-of-the-night blood sugar check that didn't stop bleeding right away.
  • When you talk about "the pump," you need to clarify "the insulin one, not the boob one."
  • Sometimes you have to draw numbers to see who gets to feed the baby.  And by "draw," we mean blood samples.
  • Nothing makes you happier than a full baby with a clean diaper and a full pump with a full battery.
  • You need a diaper bag just for diabetes supplies.
  • Your bedside table has just as many burp clothes as used test strips gathered at its base.
And when the Dexcom starts to BEEEEEEEP!, you wonder if it needs a diaper change.


Only a happy mommy as you can write these lines so placable. Love it!

Just wait until her favourite toy becomes an empty bottle of test strips! :)

Lol! So true!

Mine prefers the full bottle of test strips- because it makes noises when he shakes it :)

LMAO!!! What a great post!! I know it's been tough at times. But seeing your awesome sense of humor shining though is such a great thing. Go you, diabetic mommy!

Best list ever! On the bright side, isn't it nice to have a great big diaper bag to carry around your Diabetic supplies? Trust me, when you don't need it anymore...you are going to have to go out and buy an obsenley ginormous purse to hold all your stuff...and you'll wonder how you got by with such a small purse before. :)

When my dx was diagnosed at age 8, my youngest son was 5 and in kindergarten and I had just begun to ramp down the bag from diapersize to regular only to ramp it back up for d-supplies! this post made me smile!

Kerri...i do believe you could have a new career as a stand-up comic (momic) or possibly a sit-down comic...or...be a writer for one...please... :)

LOL! Kerri, I love your sense of humor. Though I'm many years away from being a mother, I love reading your posts, your positive attitude and humor are inspiring!

Hey, K! I dropped my tubing inserter a few days ago, and my 18 month old grabbed it and held it to her stomach. Sigh! Life as a diabetic mommy! :)

So true!

We label our juice boxes "Mom" and "kids".

What wit that comes from a sleep-deprived, diabetic mom! I think you've got your game back!

LOL those are great and sooo true!

my daughter loves to press all the buttons on my pump

Kerri, you are absolutely awesome!
Following your Mommy journey has been amazing. Big Cheers to all you d MOMS!! Keeping track of it all with humor and wit...YOU are truly heroes.

Kerri-love it! so so funny!

Loved your post. I was so into reading this. You have a wonderful sense of humor. Keep these coming. I love them.

haha! Awesome! :D Hope all is going smoothly, best wishes!

Oh, I so relate Kerri! Especially to the one about the multiple pumps... it felt like I was always talking about one pump or the other for awhile.

Motherhood is the best! :)

Love this post!


My 2 year old son grabbed my bag with all my testing supplies the other day and said, "I wanna check my blood sugar." Only select 2 year olds know what a blood sugar is!

Okay - I think you have the makings of a stand up comedian. Have you ever thought of coming to Montreal and going on stage for The Just For Laughs festival ( http://montreal.hahaha.com/en )!!

Hmmm, maybe I should become your media pimp or whatever that person is called :)

Great post!

LOVE it.

Noah's favorite toy in the diaper bag was my bottle of glucose tabs - it makes a great rattle... and more than once I've freaked out upon finding a little blood on their PJs only to remember that I tested before I got them up!

Motherhood suits you well!!

haha!! LOVE it... and check that list for me, too!! :)

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