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Working on my Fitness.

'Round and 'round I go.  (Because secretly, I am a Fergie fan.  Even if she pees her pants onstage.)

Before BSparl, I went to the gym every day.  But wait - I have a good excuse! My then-boyfriend/now-husband already had working out as part of his daily routine.  So, in folding our schedules together, I somehow ended up at the gym with him.  I can't complain, though.  It helps to have a very motivated partner to help keep me motivated.

But I do not really enjoy working out.  I'm not one of those endorphin junkies.  Of course, it feels good to push  my body and to have that limber, stretched feeling, and I really like sports bras and yoga pants (comfy!), but I don't really like to sweat. 

Don't get me wrong - I see the benefits of exercise, and not solely from a diabetes perspective.  A good workout helps me lower my blood sugars (most of the time, unless it's one of those freak times where exercise makes me higher), increases my muscle mass (which helps me better use insulin), and also helps me maintain my weight (helps ward off insulin resistance).  But diabetes stuff aside, I also like the way that exercise keeps me toned up.  Before BSparl, I wasn't the slimmest or most fit creature on the planet, but I didn't feel ashamed of how I looked.  I felt pretty strong.  And my body had a more athletic tone to it, which was nice.  And while I'm not a huge fan of the gym, I really like going hiking and riding my bike and doing activities that keep me moving and out of the confines of four walls.

However, now I'm in the After BSparl realm.  It's decidedly ... squishier.  My body feels and looks completely different to me now.  After nine months of a constantly growing belly and hormone levels pinging all over creation, my body is a bit worse for the wear.  During the course of my pregnancy, I tried to keep exercising, but by the end of the second trimester, I was starting to puff up.  And by the end of the third trimester, I was hospitalized.  Not to mention the whole c-section thing, which was my first surgical experience and left me unable to get out of bed comfortably, nevermind start climbing mountains. Today, even four weeks out from BSparl's birthday, my uterus is still in the process of shrinking back to its normal size, leaving my belly flompy and with a nice scar along the southernmost part. 

It's hard to look in the mirror these days, especially after working so hard for years to maintain a good weight and decent muscle tone.  It's strange to not be able to do sit-ups because (even though I know this is a ridiculous thought) I keep picturing my incision giving way and flapping open.  And it's frustrating to wait through the six week healing process until I can start working out again.  But I'm trying.  And I'll continue to try.  Right now, my workouts are limited to long, easy walks on the treadmill.  I'm looking forward to lifting even little weights again.  (For now, I'm using BSparl as part of my makeshift my resistance training.  She's 8 lbs of wiggly weight!)

Every day brings me closer to "healed," and spending all this recovery time snuggling with my daughter isn't a exactly a bad thing.  Besides, chasing after her once she's able to crawl will definitely burn some calories!  I should rest while I can.  :)  



With your determination and discipline there is NO DOUBT in my mind that you'll get your pre baby body back. After two c sections and lots of puffy pre eclampsianess (I just made that word up!!!) I took a few months to get hardcore training in (I did that P90x program with Justin) and I feel like I'm in BETTER shape now than I was BEFORE kids. It can be done!

For now, just enjoy that snuggly 8 lb goodness while you can and don't even worry about weight! Eat healthy, move around when you can, but focus on that baby. She'll grow too quick! :)

I know its way easier said than done, but we have to appreciate what our bodies have done for us! After all, you "worse for the wear" body just gave birth to nothing short of a miracle - another human being that you carried and delivered to the world. Us folks with diabetes often tend to look at our bodies as broken, just because of that busted pancreas (lame!) But our bodies are STILL incredible works of art that can do the most amazing things! With or without a few extra pounds :)

Don't be so hard on yourself. Much like you did pre BSparl, I workout with my boyfriend because he's motivated and it keeps me motivated. The gym is like a drug. To me, it's a chore but i go because I know it's good for me. Just remember, 4 weeks ago you came as close to death as a person can get (that's what childbirth is after all) Take time and enjoy the little one :) You'll know when you're ready for the gym again. For now, just relish the fact that you created a life. Nothing to be ashamed about there :)

I call them the Black Eyed PEE's because of Fergie's bladder issue. She should check her BG.

The cool thing is to know why your body is where it is. And to know that as soon as you are healed you can get right back to it. Plus I have a theory that mom's are supposed to be a little squishy, for hugs and all.

I didn't even bother to re-work my abs in between the two surgeries for that same fear of opening the incision. And yuck! The abs look awful now. I know that it will never quite look the same for me, but still, I want to try to get them back.

You'll get back to where you were, you're stubborn like that ;).

They say after a c-secton the first 6 to 9 months is when you have to work to get back the muscle tone or you won't be able to get it back. My son will be 32 this year so I pretty much think my window of opportunity has past and it is not a pretty sight. But I know you will stick with it Keri you can do it!!!

I've been reading your blog for a while, and I know if there's someone motivated about their health and life with diabetes, it's you. I have no doubt you'll be back in fighting shape before long.

I also referenced Fergie in my exercise post today - that makes two. I expect at least ten more before the next round starts!

If nothing else, there's probably always Cat-Chasing on tap! That's what I use as my main form of exercise these days, as chronicled over at the D Corner Booth today! We do what we can, though.

Flompy! I remember looking at my body after giving birth and likening it to a Dr. Suess character. :)

Happy one month b-day to li'l B!

From one mommy to another, DO remember in a couple months things will definitely get back to normal. I have 11 month old twins who were born by c-section and boy did I freak out when I first took a look in the mirror. But, almost a year later I'm finally fitting into my old jeans again and thinking, "oh ok, that wasn't toooo bad..." Luckily you won't have the loads of saggy skin I've got, hehe. Anyway, nice post and congratulations on your baby!!!!

But think about where you'd be if you hadn't worked out as much as you could beforehand!!! You had a leg up on recovery... If you had weighed 10 more pounds pre b-sparl you'd weight 10 more pound now.

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