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Vlog: Nine Months.

(Okay, eight months, but who's counting?)  A vloggy look at our nine months of pregnancy and the arrival of Ms. BSparl.


OH wow. Tears are streaming (again). Awesome vlog/video. You guys are so blessed!

All I can say is, "Very nice"

Best to you all.


Such a beautiful video.

That was so beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

Thanks for sharing. BSparl couldn't find a better place!

Amazing to see the whole journey in the span of a couple of minutes. Beautiful!

Beautiful! I love the little smile.

Absolutely beautiful Kerri. Congratulations again to you and Chris. What a wonderful family you have. BSparl is so adorable.

Absolutely beautiful Kerri. Congratulations again to you and Chris. What a wonderful family you have. BSparl is so adorable.

Lovely, bright smile. She is just beautiful

So you made me cry again...

Really beautiful.

Beautiful! And the smiling baby picture is just to precious for words.

Ahh! Stop making me cry at work! No really, that's beautiful. Congratulations again to you both (all)!

What a treasure of a little time capsule and I can see you sharing that with her in a few years and perhaps several times over a lifetime.


oh my...i started crying it was beautiful. Again, congratulations! She is absolutely stunning. I especially love the picture of her smiling :)

Beautiful! You and your beautiful family give me hope for my T1 daughter's future! Congrats to you and Chris!


Really beautiful Kerri!

she's so cute too :)

Absolutely adorable - what a beautiful and fortunate child!

This is so beautiful. She is perfect.

She is such a little angel! Beautiful post! Such an inspiration to those of us just beginning this journey (well, beginning to think about it)!

So wonderful!!! I was so afraid when you said you wouldn't be sharing her name with us that it meant you wouldn't be sharing her pictures either. Thank you so much for sharing! It gives me such hope for having a child of my own someday!

I'm completely in tears right now. Absolutely Beautiful!!! Her smile is just stunning :)

Me and my husband are in the Hope stage!

great...now I am crying again and my kids think I'm nuts!!!! She is beautiful and precious and enjoy every moment!!!!


Kerri you did a fantastic job of documenting in a diary form. Thanks for sharing.

This single Vlog will be important for a Type 1 young woman that is comptemplating going through preganancy. All of your documentation is inspiring for a mom to be. Excellent Job.

When are you writing a book? There are a lot more D moms that you can spread the word too.

Geeze, go ahead, toy wth my heart and fill me with emotions. LOL

She is a very lucky little girl and I am very happy for you guys, you guys deserve all the joy you created.

I wish you well


Beautiful video!

Wow!!! Great job!!!

Goosebump city once again!!

so touching! congrats!!!!!!!xoxoxo stacy

oooohhhh! i so loved this kerri. thank you.

Beautiful! Got me tearing up again. The smile picture is priceless. Thanks for sharing your joy!

Some day, when she's old enough to really understand, she is going to cherish that video so much! What a great idea to put it together for her . . . and for you and Chris. (The cats? Well, they probably aren't too impressed with it. LOL)

just beautiful...pass the tissues...I'm a mess lol...she is going to treasure that video when she gets older...wonderful

Did you notice that your plant grew right along with you?

I have tears streaming down my face, that is such a beautiful video you've made. It gives me hope that my husband and I will be able to travel a similar path one day. Here's hoping, and best wishes to you and your family. :D

Sniff. Lovely video, especially that last picture. Thanks Kerri.

Sweet. :) I love her smiley back pic.

Wow, this made me cry...

So nice to know that just because you have diabetes, you can have a beautiful life ahead of you.

Thank you for this.

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