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This Thing Scares Me.

Terrifying Easter plant

My well-meaning father brought me an Easter plant to cheer up my hospital room.  Happy little Easter plant, right? 

It scares the crap out of me.  There's something so eerie and unnerving about this little critter that I turn it to face the wall when I'm ready to go to bed at night.  A few of the floor nurses here agree with me, and they've taken pictures with their cell phones to send to their kids.  

"Call it 'creepy,'" I suggested.

Because it is. 


HA! I have seen these at stores and they remind me of the alice in wonderland flowers that talk and sing and eventually bash their heads together like cymbals (I think this is proof I have watched that cartoon movie 1 too many times)

I may have nightmares tonight. :P
It is very creepy looking.

LOL - yup, those are pretty scary. Like something out of a Steven King book - I can see it coming to life at night. Good thing you have nurses in and out at all hours to protect you. ;) As the granddaughter of florists, I'm sorry to say I remember my grandparents making them every year in their flower shop.

Its cute....and yes, also creepy. Its cute if you don't stare at it for too long. Your dad is so sweet to cheer you up though!

My mom used to have porcelain dolls on the back thing of the toilet, and every time I would get up in the middle of the night they would scare me, so I would put them in the bath tub. CREEPY.

Looks almost like the one my daughter got when she was dx'd 2 years ago just before easter... she thought it was a bit creepy too

It's like something off of Cake Wrecks...but it's a plant decoration. It will haunt your dreams.

Yep, that's creepy, all right.

...I think it's the way the pipe cleaners look less like whiskers and more like a pedophile 'stache. Which is just wrong. Especially for a mom-to-be.

Well, it is pretty creepy. Less creepy, though, than the nearly 6 pounds of candy that my dad sent us (type 2 self, and non-D husband + 2 kids) for Easter this year....

My mom brought me some irritating dancing duck while I was stuck in the hospital in 1998 with pre-eclampsia. The nurses would ask to take it to other patients and other wings. I always asked for them not to bring it back. But it always showed back up. Ah, parents.

Something about the eyes isn't quite right. Turn it against the wall? Heck, I'd take it's eyes off if I were you!

Yeah, that's creepy all right. Maybe you should put a webcam in it and send it home to keep an eye on Siah.

I think it would freak your cats out!

Does your dad read your blog? (before I reply)

Very creepy! I wonder what Siah would do?

Poor little bunny! It's not his fault he's scary!

At least it was a nice little pick me up for you and it's something you can tell your little one about when she gets older.

Oh Yes - you must give it to Siah. I would love to know her reaction to creepy plant man. :) Thinking of you!

Mr.Creepy has me laughing hysterically ...... along with the entertaining candor of your blog. It is so interesting to listen to the patient perspective on all of this. Being a L&D nurse as well as a total type A personality, I often place mental bets on how long it's going to take for a mom on bedrest to 'lose it'!!! Most of them hold old weeks longer than I ever would! Hang in there and don't EVER feel bad about voicing your opinion about yourself AND your diabetes. Nurses and medical staff learn from patients as well as textbooks!
Thanks for making me laugh with your blog humor!

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