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They Are Bad Cats.

All of our baby stuff has been stashed in our bedroom, in the corner, waiting to be assembled in time for BSparl.  And then this hospitalization issue came up, and now Chris is left at home to build the nursery in my absence. He's been putting things together one at a time - the pack and play, the stroller, the bouncy chair, the swing, the changing table - and keeping them all carefully stored in our bedroom, waiting for the baby and I to come home and figure out where all the stuff should go.

"We just need to find a way to keep the cats off this stuff."  I said.

"Absolutely.  I don't want them going anywhere near the baby's bed or anything.  We need to train them to stay away, but for now, I'll just keep everything in the bedroom with the door closed."  He responded.

We shared a mental fistbump over this plan, firm in our resolve to keep those pesky furballs away from our daughter's new toys.   But a mere few hours later, he sent me this photo: 

Prussia nestled happily into the bouncy chair, and Siah napping in the pack and play.

With the caption:  "Unbelievable."  It appears that the baby shower was just a party to provide cat toys. (If I could find the photo of fat cat Abby sleeping in the car seat, I'd post that, too.  In it, she looks like she's ready to go to the Wendy's drive through for tasty chicken nuggets.)

These critters will be learning a hard lesson a week from today.  


My cat's current favorite sleeping spot is a basket for my 5-year-olds baby doll.

With our first one, since we didn't know how the cat would react, we got a pet net for the crib. It attaches to the rails and you zip them in. We just didn't know if the cat would try to jump in when the baby was there, so we used that. Cat didn't so we didn't use it for future babies, but was good for us until we knew.

Our cat was VERY PROTECTIVE of the babies - always was. Would always sit very close to them on the couch, or up on the arm of the couch if they are propped in the corner. Right beside the baby seat if they are in it. That cat thought it was his job to protect the baby when it came home.

this is so stinkin' cute. poor kitties have no idea what's coming!!!

I remember using reynolds tin foil wrap in the crib, because our cat kept jumping in to sleep with Madison. It worked really well. The first time our cat jumped in the noise of the wrap scared him so bad he never tried it again.


I am so, so slowly starting to accumulate baby junk in my house as well. I had a changing pad in my house for less than 3 hours and my cat claimed it! He also stole a stuffed dog off of a bookshelf and relocated it to the living room. I am seriously considering getting "mosquito netting" for above the baby's crib to keep him out of that as well. darn animals!

That is awesome!

I brought my friend's baby over to see what my cats would think.

They were scared of her and wouldn't even get close! I think that they were surprised to find that humans came in that size. :)

That cracks me up!

Go to http://icanhascheezburger.com/ today and check out the picture of the 5 cats sleeping on the couch with the baby.

That is so funny!!

When my step-dad was born, his mom's cat had a litter of kittens that same week (16 kittens). She started putting ALL of her kittens in the crib with the baby version of my step dad. ALL 16 of them!! Every time they would take the kittens out, she would find a way to pile them all back in there.

It must have been very soft.

Maybe you could try squirting them with a spray bottle every time they go near it...Good luck!

I forgot to mention that the story I just told you was told to me by my step-grandma....not sure if her cat really had 16 kittens or not, but that's what she says!!

I think they will be wierded out when BSparl arrives; they have no idea what awaits them!!

This is just about the funniest thing I've seen. Ever. OMG. Wow.

Cats. Way to spice up life.

That is hysterical! We had the same plan for our 4 cats when C was born. We were able to train them to stay out of the crib, but the rest we gave in on. They nap in and on top of the pack n play to this day (almost three years later) and the changing table was one of their favorite spots for a while. I gave as in as long as they were not in the crib, for fear of some kind of retaliation later on. Chances are, they will not want to be lying near the baby anyway, too squirmy and loud for their taste. One of our cats now sleeps with C every night in his regular bed and he waits for her to come every night or makes me call her so she'll come and lay with him. They'll be BSparl's best friends in no time. Hang in there--only a few more days!

OMG. Too funny.
What worked for me was a suggestion I got from a friend. Put tinfoil in all the places you don't want the cat and do it NOW, don't wait for baby to get home. Tell Chris to stock up on the foil and get to crumpling!

Prussia has the money spot! That bouncy chair in the sun looks pretty inviting, even to me.

LOL! Though you have to admit, if you were a cat, you'd be in that bouncy chair too. My cat also thought the first baby was there for her to stand guard over (she even came and got me once when he was crawling upstairs while I was in the bathroom - swear I did NOT know he could move that fast).

:) :) Sooo funny!!!

We have had similar problems over the years. A while back we discovered this product called SSSCat (horrible name) that works great for us.

Basically it is a motion sensor attached to a air spray canister. You put it in an area you want to keep cat-free and when they approach it it sprays air at them and they scoot. Eventually they learn to avoid the area (yes cats can learn) so you don't need to leave it there permanently.

I think it's the sound that actually scares them off. I must admit a guilty pleasure laying a trap for the cats and waiting for them to spring it. For a brief moment they jump out of their usual character of cool masters of the house.

Google SSSCat and you'll find it. I don't work for this company or anything like that - it's just a good product that has worked well for us.

HAHahaHAAHHA Wacky cats!!!

I remember worrying about pets vs. babies when I was pregnant with #1. My second child was about 10 months old when I shot this video:


How the mighty fall. :)

Just remember - cat hair exposure will prevent future allergies.

HAHA! Awesome! Live it up guys!! Cats RULE!

Love It! Brings back a great memory. My favorite baby pic of myself is one where I am about 4 months old in the swing with my gray kitten curled up next to me. That cat was the best ever. She would protect me from my siblings, if she thought they were up to something! My grandmother tried to give me a "birthday spanking," and the cat bit her hard enough to leave a scar. :)

I miss that fur beast! She was diagnosed with diabetes before they really treated it in cats (about a year after I was diagnosed.) My parents made the choice to have her put to sleep because she had kitty DKA. My eight year old response was "what, you're going to put me to sleep next?!" I may have traumatized my poor parents.

How adorable! We had kitties with both of our newborns....and the 8 other foster babies we had....and there was NEVER a problem. Kitties are wonderful...and so are babies. I'm so happy for you! Just give those kitties lotta lovin' when you get home....they missed you!

A lovely way to start the morning with a really good laugh! Thanks Kerri and cats!

Kitties have NO IDEA whats coming. there lives will change foreever very soon.

totoally unrelated I saw something so funny yest in mall. google hurricane simulator. a old guy was going to give me 2 bucks to go in with him.gotta be a easier way to make 2 bucks.

Awwww, the little cuties. Bad cats? Maybe. Normal cats? Heck yes!! It's every cats main job to let us know that anything in the house is really just a toy to entertain them!! ;)

awww. When our first baby came home from the hospital, our older cat wanted nothing to do with her. When our second baby came home the cat wanted even less to do with him. I think the poor cat spent many years hiding. We had no worries. The cats do like baby toys though. :)

someone though gave me a great tip if you can do it - install a cheap wooden screen door in the baby's room door frame. this way the door is 'open' and you can hear the baby, but the cats can't get in.

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