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My Baby Girl.

With a lot of stories, it's best to start at the beginning.  But I'm still recovering from surgery and adjusting to a sleep regimen that … well, doesn't include much sleep.  So I figured I'd start at the end and work my way backwards.  

We've gone from "It's on!" to "She's here!"  

Mommy and baby
My daughter and me.  I've been waiting a long time to write that phrase.

Our little baby BSparl was born, healthy and strong and at 6 lbs 15 oz, on April 15th at 9:09 am.  "She's coming!  She's almost here," the doctors all started speaking in unison, and seconds later, the sound of my baby girl crying pierced the operating room. 

And at that moment, Chris and I became her parents, and our whole world changed with her first breath. 

Baby girl snuggling with her daddy
BSparl and her daddy

We were a family before our baby girl arrived, but now our hearts are swollen with love for this new little creature.  (And she's very tolerant of her goofy parents as we negotiate this incredible learning curve.  She didn't even mind when I couldn't figure out how to snap up her first baby outfit without making it into adorable, yet useless, clothing origami.  Why on Earth are there so many blasted snappy things?)

I'm slowly making my way through emails and cards, but I want you guys to know that Chris and I (and BSparl!) really appreciate all of your emails, cards, gifts, prayers, well-wishes, and support.  Thanks to the wonderful people who offered to guest post, I'll be hosting the words of others on and off for a few more weeks, but I'll be popping in with updates and the full birth story.  There's so much to tell. 

In the meantime, THANK YOU so much for everything.  Our baby is healthy and that is in part to the support I've received from you all  You guys mean a lot to us, as a family, and I can't thank you enough.

She has thoughts.  Many of 'em.  Mostly about poop, I think.
She thinks deep thoughts.  Mostly about poop, I believe, but deep nonetheless.

More later, but for now, much love!



You look fantastic... Your daughter is just perfect. I am glad you posted pics, wasn't sure if you were going to! You give me HOPE.



I see Daddy is sporting the typical hospital beard that I always see on first time dads. Hehe.

Kerri, she is absolutely adorable. I love the smile on your face when you're holding her. So happy for you guys. =)

Congratulations! She looks like a total sweetie.

Kerri, your daughter is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for allowing us to see her. We are all so thrilled for your family!

Ok kerri, she is the most adorable thing I have ever seen, and I am sat here with tears in my eyes wishing I had my own little one! You are a freaking star, and I know that all of your readers are so proud of you. Bsparl is just beautiful, and you and chris must be so, so proud of your little munckin.

most of all thank YOU for keeping us updated on your journey, and thank you for giving me (and US) the opportunity to write for you.

Much love

Sam (TBG) xoxoxox

WOAH SHE'S GORGEOUS! Like, for real, one of the prettiest newborns I have ever seen. You look glowing and I am so, so happy for you! Welcome beautiful little BSparl!

Kerri and Chris, Congratulations!! She's a beautiful baby. Best wishes for your family!

OMG! She is SOOOOO CUUUTTTEEEE!!!! You guys are going to be wonderful parents!

She's a beauty! Congratulations! I hope you're feeling much better now.

OMG GOOD JOB KERRI!!!! She IS the most beautiful baby. That picture of her on Chris's chest reminds me and my husband how there is NOTHING else sweeter! Welcome to motherhood you are going to "ROCK" it.

Kerri, she's gorgeous and you look fantastic! Congratulations to you and Chris and welcome little BSparl. Yet another diabetic mommy succes story! :)

Adorable! Congratulations to you both. And yes, the snappy thingeys are annoying!! Especially when they have soiled a diaper. I got to the point I just snapped one on the bottom because I was changing so many blasted diapers.

Wow, what a cutie! And I can tell already from the photos that she's very advanced; perhaps even gifted!!!

Keri, you look absolutely radiant holding your preciousdaughter! And the photo of Chris and BSparl is too adorable for words!
Thank your for sharing your journey and giving hope to other women with diabetes who hope to be moms one day. Nikki (Shire)

Awww, she's so cute!

Congrats Kerri!! I am so, so happy for you. And she may just be the cutest newborn I've ever seen. Hang in there and update when you can. :-)

Congrats to all. What a cutie!!

Wishing you all, the very best of health and luck...

BSparl is absolutely adorable. I'm so happy for you and the whole family.

What a beautiful little girl! Congratulations to the new family!!!!

I'm an OB nurse, so I see a lot of babies, but, trust me, yours is a beauty! Those eyes! That hair! (Red?) Those lips! Mazel Tov!!!!!!!!

You know that thing they say about every baby being ugly when they're born....they're wrong. She's possibly one of the most beautiful babies I've ever seen.

Adorable! I want one! (oh, wait..)

Congrats!! And good luck with the snaps. ;)


She is beautiful! Just as you and Chris are. Best wishes, I'm sure she is thinking about all this light and smiling faces staring at her....Not Poop!
She is a very lucky little girl to have you for her mommy!

Oh my gosh! She is simply perfect look. Well done!!!

and snaps..yes...snaps.

Congratulations!!! She is so beautiful! You made my day! You look so happy and I'm just thrilled for the Sparling family!!!

She's gorgeous!
You guys are a great family :)

She is beautiful!

Isn't it amazing how all the trials and tribulations of the past month vanish when you look at this magnificent (gorgeous!!) child that you & Chris (and kudos to your amazing medical team too!) have brought into the world...Looking forward to hearing you talk about all your HIGHS that aren't about your glucose meter, but rather about your daughter's daily accomplishments!!! Your story touches us all- especially the moms of daughters with diabetes, so give your mom an extra hug from us too!!!

Oh my God, I can't believe you are holding your doughter! I am so happy she is healthly! This gives me so much hope, that my baby is going to be also healthly.
She is absolutley cute and whooooaaaahhh, look at the hair!
Hugs and kisses from Slovenia

she is absolute perfection. Congratulations and enjoy these wonderous days!

Wow! She is lovely! Enjoy every second! congrats and sleep when you can....!!! Looking forward to your updates!

She is so precious! Congratulations to you both. Wishing you luck during your learning curve. You'll both do great!

She's beautiful. Her name is?????


I know what the B in BSparl stands for - BEAUTIFUL!!!

Congratulations Kerri and Chris! Your daughter is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing some pics. :)

What a cutie!!

Those first two pictures are great, but that last one is off the charts unbelievable!! Best wishes to you, Chris and and the new star of your family BSparl!!

Tears in my eyes, joyful & happy for you!

You look elated and both of you look beautiful. Oh, Chris too, of course! Congratulations.

Beautiful.....God Bless you and your family. How are the grandparents doing?

Just adorable! Well done Mummy and Daddy!

Oh, Kerri, she's breathtaking!!

Oh Kerri, She's just beautiful. I'm so happy for you and your little family and look forward to hearing of all your adventures.
Cyber-hugs to you all!

What a beautiful family! Thank you for sharing these pictures. On behalf of every family with a daughter who has diabetes, thank you. You give me hope that someday she will be a mommy too.

She is BEAUTIFUL! Absolutely precious! I am so happy for you and Chris!Thank you for sharing! :)

What a gorgeous family y'all make. She's beautiful, and I know that you and Chris are wonderful parents.

Two words: "beautiful" and "congratulations!!!"

Oh so cuuuuuute :-) How are the kitties adjusting?!?!

Congrats - remember how I said way back "Your life changes when they hand you your child the first time?

She's a cutie. Take LOTS of pictures, and ENJOY. She'll be grown up before you know it (But she'll ALWAYS be you baby)

What a stunner Kerri :) You did a fabulous job!

Wow, she is a doll! Thanks for sharing the photos and glad to hear you are all well.

She is beautiful! Congrats.

Precious, precious, precious! Thank you for posting! You give me hope that one day I can have my own healthy wee one. So happy for your new, little family. Congratulations!

OMG, she's beautiful. Congrats you guys, I can't begin to express how happy I am for your family (cats included!)

She is beautiful! Congratulations you guys!

Is that her mama's nose I see? :)

Congrats :)

Look at all the hair! She is so beautiful. I am so glad that everyone in your family is happy and healthy!

Mercy, she is just beautiful. Good luck with the baby clothing and other fun stuff - makes you think babies should come with a 100 page user manual!

She's gorgeous!!

She's beautiful...congratulations!!

She's beautiful!!!! Congrats!

Congrats! She is beautiful.

She is an old soul.

To the victor go the spoils. May continued blessings abound.

awesome. Congrats. beautiful. :)

She's so beautiful Kerri, OMG!! Thanks for sharing some pics with us and I was so glad to ear those words "healthy and strong" that I had tears in my eyes!!!
Love your picture with her. You look fantastic and so happy :)
Congratulations to you guys! and THANK YOU for giving me hope.

Thanks for sharing pics with us!!

Congratulations! You have an incredibly beautiful baby girl!

Welcome BSparl! Congratulations Mom and Dad, she's a beautiful little girl!

Wow is all I can say. You have given encouragement to many other PWD's that want to get pregnant and have petite les enfants! If only I was younger, and could do it all over again, but I'll live thru' you and others as you bring little bebes to the world! (((( hugs ))))

\^^/ Fat Cat Anna \^^/

My goodness, Kerri. She is just gorgeous. I'm so happy for you all!

She is perfect Kerri! I am so happy for the three of you. I am speak less but so glad you let us have a gimps of your amazing daughter.

You should be very proud of yourself. I have been reading your story for a long time and I am so happy that I have been able to hear and know about you and your precious daughter. Thank you.

She's beautiful! :)

Congrats & best wishes Kerri, Chris & BSparl :o)

You look so happy holding your little girl. Thank you for sharing your whole pregnancy journy. It continues to make my own journy to motherhood easier. In 10 weeks I'll have to email you a photo of my own little girl.

What an extraordinarily beautiful baby! You have been blessed- as has your little one. Congratulations!

:) Congratulations.

o my gosh...so precious!

What a lucky girl! You deserve every blessed moment - and as much sleep as you can get! riva

Kerri, all your hard work paid off! She is absoultely beautiful, and you did an awesome job in getting her here, thank you so much for sharing your journey with us, she is beautiful! Congrats Kerri and Chris :)

What a journey! And with a perfect ending! Congrats!

Congratulations! She is beautiful!


Look at all that hair she is soo cute you did well and I know you guys will make great parents!

Congratulations to you all. Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous, so alert and sooooo aware and content. Treasure her always as I am sure you both will...Love always Carolyn from Australia - sorry for not being in touch in a very long time - stopped blogging due to illness, but life is starting to get back on track so coming back online again - hope to blog again one day but have to start over as can't gain access to old blog....very weird...

She is gorgeous! Congrats!! I'm so with you on the snaps...seriously a pain!

She is so beautiful. Congrats :)

Congratulations!! I agree with the others that she is the prettiest baby I have ever seen. You must be on cloud 9!

What a gorgeous little girl! Or like we'd say in Spanish: qué cosita más divina!! Congratulations to you and Chris! Thank you for giving hope to those of us with diabetes that would like children, and for letting us live vicariously through your pregnancy with you.

Congratulations! What a beauty of a baby! Thank you for sharing your journey along the way as you have been a great source of inspiration for me! Thanks!

She's GORGEOUS!! Congrats, you guys!

Ohhh... she is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations to you both, and welcome to the world little BSparl!


You look estatic .. I'm sure it may take quite some time to come off of cloud 9 huh?! And she is one cute little munchkin :) Congratulations to you and Chris and I wish you the best of health and happiness always.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! All the hard work paid off! She's adorable and perfect. Take care and enjoy her!

she is lovely well done to both of you

She's beautiful! Congrats! And thanks for sharing your journey with us.

She is absolutely gorgeous (as if you didn't already know that!) Congratulations to you and Chris. She was certainly worth everything you went through...and then some!

Wow-o-wow, she's GORGEOUS! Congratulations to you both, and welcome to the world, BSparl!

BSparl is one of the most beautiful babies I've seen. And you look great, too! Congrats!!! I wish you both good health... and good sleep!

Ah, just what I've been waiting for. :) Congratulations!

Congrats to you and your cutie!

Congratulations, Kerri and Chris!!! She is SO beautiful!!! What wonderful photos. I am so happy for you and your family.

Congratulations Kerri! She is adorable! I think we were all waiting patiently for this post... :)

She is absolutely the most beautiful little nugget I've seen all year.... and there's been a LOT of little nuggets this year!

she's beautiful, good job baking her ;)

She is sooo sooo cuuute!! Congratulations guys! :)

Kerri and Chris, congratulations on your most gorgeous daughter!! Really, she is absolutely beautiful!

Congrats on the beautiful baby!! Only 27 more weeks for me and hopefully I will have the same happy, perfect ending! Your story has been a great inspiration!

Absolutely beautiful! You are blessed.

KERRI CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She is so beautiful and precious :) You are so lucky and my husband and I are SO HAPPY for you!

Kerri, BSparl is lovely, but the pix of you has to be the best NEW MOM picture I think I have ever seen. Much congrats to you, Chris, and the lovely new lil one. May health and happiness bless you all.

Kerri, she is beautiful! Congratulations! :)

She's beautiful! Congratulations!

Congrats Kerri. She's beautiful, which is pretty amazing considering they aren't usually that cute right at the beginning, but you've defied the odds yet again. Best wishes to you and the family.


Congratulations Kerri and Chris!! She's beautiful!!

She friggin' adorable!! Congratulations!

Kerri, she is a doll baby!!Im so glad you all are doing well. We have all been praying.

So precious - beyond words....my heart is full....

Increadable. Nice job! Congrats to both of you, what a journy, and it is far from over.
Way cool. :o)

Iwish you well


YIPPEE!!!!!!!!! She's absolutely stunning :) What a gorgeous family!!!!!!!

She's beautiful! And Kerri, you look great!!

Dear Kerri and Chris, and now little BSparl ~

I thought about you ALL DAY on BSparl's birth day and now, now you let me see how wonderful life can be, will be, and is ~ diabetes or not. Thank you.

Congrats, Kerri. She's beautiful!

Ooohhh, she looks so tiny in your arms in that first picture!! (And you look awesome too, by the way.) I could never get tired of seeing pictures of my new little friend. :D

I am so excited for you, and have been waiting all week for a picture of BSparl to post. :) Your smile says it all. Congratulations, and thank you for sharing this part of your life (affected by diabetes) with us all!!!!!!

Congratulations to both you and Chris. She is beautiful! Thank you so much for sending the pics. It's wonderful to finally see her face. Wow!

Oh my gosh she is too gorgeous for words! You are both so lucky! Congratulations from New Zealand :D All the best, and thank you so much for sharing your journey with us :D

She's so beautiful! Congratulations to both you and Chris! :) Thank you for posting the pictures! :D

I know you don't like repeat comments - must confess I didn't read them all - but I'm sure you don't mind hearing this more than a few times: she's really beautiful! Congratulations!

Congratulations! She is beautiful! All your hard work has paid off.

That's one seriously cute baby! Congrats to you & Chris! I hope you're having the times of your lives! (Three sentences in a row with exclamation points, holy crap!!!)

Just in case you weren't sure from all these comments...SHE IS SOOOOO FRIGGIN' CUTE!!!!! I'm glad you decided to share a few pictures of your precious baby girl. I don't know about all your other readers, but I've given little BSparl a name of my own since you have wisely decided to keep her real name private :) Congrats Mommy!

Congratulations Kerri.
She is beautiful!! You made me remember what it was like that first time. So special.


Bsparl is adoreable! You and Chris did a good job! Congrats.

Be Blessed

Off to a great start. May there be boundless happiness in the lifetime to come.


OMG, she is absolutely beautiful! I just love her little face! She's perfect! Great job and thanks again for making it seem possible!

She is SOOO beautiful, and you look fantastic, as well. So happy for all of you!

This makes me so happy Kerri! She is GORGEOUS and you look AMAZING. :) Much love to all of you!!!!

Kerri, she is adorable! Three of my five girls just looked over my shoulder and in unison said, "Awwwww!"

SOOOO wonderful. I love her lips and her little chin. You must just want to kiss her night and day!!! Congratulations and feel good!!

she's beautiful! you are one lucky girl


She is gorgeous! And you look amazing for such a new mom!

Every time I hold a new born baby I cry - this time I didn't even need to hold her - I cried just looking at her - congratulations!

So beautiful! Congratulations.


She is so beautiful! So happy for you and your husband!Diane

She is so beautiful. She is one lucky girl to have you and chris as parents.

Kerri!!!!! Congratulations to you and Chris. This has been a rock star year for two fantastically wonderful people. Little baby Sparling is clearly in amazing hands.

Congratulations! She's beautiful and you look so happy!

She is beautiful! Congratulations :)

She is so. very. sweet.


Congratulations!!! She's beautiful!!

Oh, BSparl is beautiful and precious. I am so excited. I know you will be a great mommy and Chris will be an awesome daddy. Congratulations to you both.

Hurrah! Hearty congratulations to all three of you!

that there is one cute baby! Congrats!

She is absolutely beautiful! She is by far the prettiest newborn I have ever seen. Congratulations Kerri & Chris!

Goood jooooob!!!! Wow! She is so beautiful!

OMG! She is perfect. Absolutely beautiful. Many blessings and much love (and hopefully some sleep) to you all!

O my goodness!! She is a beauty!!! Congrats to you and Chris!!

I also just wanted to tell you that I read the remark you made on twitter about not releasing a name and I just wanted to tell you I totally understand!! God bless :)

WOWW, Congratulations Kerri , I've been waiting for this post from your side specially with the pretty angel BSparl , she looks amazing , God bless her and congratulations for the new momand new dad ,

Being a mommy absolutely suits you perfectly! You look amazing, dad looks like he is in a blissful state and she is most definitely worth the wait and amazingly beautiful. Thank you again for sharing this journey with us.

Sweet sassy molassey, that is one ridiculously beautiful baby. It's like you asked Central Casting to deliver the perfect baby or something!

All the best to you and Chris and Baby B. And as another commenter said, thank you so much for sharing your journey with us; if my daughter decides she wants to have a baby when she grows up, this shows her that she can.

THANK YOU, guys!! Chris and I just read through these comments and we are grinning ear-to-ear. I'm so glad you have finally "met" Ms. BSparl, and thanks again for all the kind words. :)

congrats on BSparl's arrival. She is gorgeous :)

thanks for giving us (as a diabetes community) the hope that a normal life and a normal pregnancy can happen.

Congrats to all of you!!! BSparl is beautiful, and you look fantastic!!

This is Amy's dad again. My wife and daughter speak often of you to me. You are incredible and your baby is beautiful. I wish you love, joy, health, and endurance. Earle

Squee! What a gorgeous baby. Congratulations, Kerri, Chris, and welcome to BSparl. :)

You and baby look amazing! So happy for you and your new family!

Congratulations Kerri, she is absolutely gorgeous.
sleep is MUCH easier when you co-sleep and breastfeed, keep her close to you, in a sling or a wrap, and she will be a content baby with minimal fussing during the day.
if you havent already heard/read about it, NINO (nine in nine out) and Attatchment Parenting, are awesome. saved my sanity as a parent!

You are both an inspiration for others! Enjoy the new adventure......

Sooo CUTE!

And I'm so happy to hear that you're both well.


oh my gosh!! So cute!!! You both look great, and she was a perfect size. so much hair!! I'm sorry, I'm just so excited for you guys :)

She's beautiful! Congrats and you should be very proud of the hard work! Enjoy. Babies are such amazing little beings.

Need a Thesaurus to not repeat all the "cute", "gorgeous" and "beautiful" comments. She is all of that...and more. :) You are blessed beyond measure. Continued blessings to you and your happy family.

BEAUTIFUL BABY!!! Congrats to you!!

I am soooo happy for you. She's absolutely beautiful.

Do you have a name yet??

Your daughter is just beautiful. Sorry Chris she resmebles Kerri in those photos. I hope you guys get some sleep!!!
Huggs to you guys

Wow, what a gorgeous girl! I hope she does for you what my daughter did for me - sleeps through the night at 9 weeks and doesn't miss a good nights sleep for at least 14 years. My daughter has managed this despite my frequent nocturnal visits to check blood sugar.

Enjoy, little girls are very entertaining for years on end.

All the best,

Hey Kerri, your baby girl is so precious! :) You give me hope that I can have a beautiful baby of my own! Thanks for sharing! God bless your family!

She looks beatiful! Congratulations :)

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