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Almost There.

II AM A BUSY BEE, DAMNIT!'m a tangled web of emotions today.  

I'm nervous about tomorrow.  The surgery itself scares me.  I've never had surgery before, and the last time I was hospitalized was when I was diagnosed with diabetes, so this experience has really broadened my perspective on what some people have to go through with their health conditions.  I'm afraid of the epidural, of the actual incision, and of how the recovery will feel.  Despite other people's experiences and the "quick and easy" adjectives that seem to come up when people talk about c-sections, I'm still unnerved.  But I'm sure you guys figured I'd be tweaking out, because I tweak out about everything.  ;)

I'm a little overwhelmed.  This is only the second time I've ever been in the hospital in my entire life ... the first was 23 years ago when I was diagnosed with diabetes.  So spending almost three weeks here has been physically draining (all muscle definition I once had is now completely gone - I'm like spaghetti girl) and emotionally insane (no sleep at all, too much focus on "what's coming down the pike," and barely any social interaction with anyone other than nurses who want my blood pressure readings).  I'm pretty sure that on Monday, I'll run screaming from this  place. 

I'm homesick.   I haven't slept in my own bed for weeks.  I haven't showered in the comfort of my own bathroom.  I miss the comfy couch, the sunshine coming in through the giant windows, the closet where my shoes are strewn all over the place.  I miss those stupid cats.  And I miss my husband and being alone with him.  Even when he's here at the hospital overnight, we can't be close to one another because when nurses come in the room and we're sitting together, we feel like high school kids who were caught with the door closed after being told "DO NOT shut the door."  I really can't wait to be home.

I'm absolutely shocked at how quickly this has all happened.  I feel like it was literally last month that I was talking about lowering my A1C and thinking about taking the leap of faith to make a baby.  Spain seems like a very long time ago. All those Joslin appointments when I wasn't pregnant, and then the dozens that followed after we found out that we were expecting ... seems like a very long time ago.  But it's almost over - and tomorrow is her birthday.  

I'm thankful, too.  So thankful for all the support and well-wishes from you guys.  The comments, emails, packages that have arrived at the house ... everyone has just been so overwhelmingly supportive and kind.  Chris and I really appreciate all of the love you guys have been sending our way, and we are excited to share our daughter with you all.  Posting here will be light, from me at least, over the next few weeks, but there are some really generous people who have offered to guest post while I'm learning to change diapers, and once I'm recovered a bit from the surgery, I'll post an update and hopefully a picture of the BSparl.  Time online will be very hard to come by in these first few days of parenthood, especially since I'll still be at the hospital for a few more days, but as soon as I can update you all, I will

I'm worried.  What kind of a parent will I be?  I'm completely goofy and ridiculous ... will she think I'm too bizarre to be friends with?  Will she listen when I tell her "no?"  Will she think I'm mean when I let her cry it out?  Will she and I be able to handle breastfeeding?  Will she like me?  Will I have the patience to be a good parent?  How on earth do people do this and seem to be so centered and confident?  

I'm excited, too.  Despite all these fears and worries about the actual surgery and what kind of a parent I will be, I can't wait. I can't wait to finally see her face, and hold her little hands, and give her a big hug.  She's done such a good job in there, and now she joins my husband as the other hero in my life.  

Tomorrow morning will hold one of the most life-changing moments for me, and while my body is literally shaking with anticipation and nerves and excitement, I am so excited to meet my little girl.

Baby, you're almost here!!!  


Congrats, Kerri! I'll be sending you all my happy, healthy birth vibes tomorrow morning.

Hope you and the baby are well and everything goes smoothly and according to plan!

Good Luck! I will be praying for you and BSparl. Enjoy that new little girl. Mel

I am so freaking excited for you kerri. Having followed your journey on here from the day you said you were expecting, even though I only know you through the intermaweb, I am very proud of the way you have dealt with everything. You have given me so much inspiration over the past few months, and I can only hope that when I am expecting I will go through it all as well as you have!

I'll say it again, good luck for tomorrow. We are all looking forward to meeting bsparl.

And not only that, thank you for giving me the opportunity to do a guest post for you.

You are a star, and an inspiration! Keep at it girl :)

LOL @ the "DO NOT SHUT THE DOOR" comment. I would need my cuddle time, too.

"Tomorrow is her birthday." How sweet.

I'm not even that much of a baby person, and you got me welling up over here. I'll be praying for you tomorrow.

Lots of hugs for ALL of you!

You are one of my heros, not for going through this but, for sharing all of it with us, especially us lurkers who you really don't know. I wish you and Chris the best in your upcoming journey. I can't wait to hear about it. The only piece of advice I will offer is to remember that babies cry. Try not to focus on the upcoming details but instead on the upcoming result.

You & Chris are going to be excellent parents. I'm so excited for you. Even though I know I'll miss your online presence in the next several weeks, I know you, Chris, and BSparl will be getting to know each other as a family. I'm sending prayers your way for the big day.

Rest assured, she is going to think you're the smartest, prettiest, kindest, and funniest person in her universe. Happily for all, babies come 'pre-wired' with those wonderful, life changing sentiments. Good luck to you all, but I know you'll come thru with flying colors.
Happy, happy Birthday to baby!

Shocking that your last pre-baby post would make me cry. :)

Nothing left to say except....GOOD LUCK KERRI & CHRIS!! I am certain things will go swimmingly tomorrow as you have an awesome team on your side and a baby girl as anxious to be held by you & her daddy as much as you are to hold her.

I'm looking forward to all the guest posts to come, but will await your return with anticipation & excitement to hear what it's all REALLY like when she's here. Because no one can tell it like it is better than you.

Good luck to the Sparling family...lots of love & prayers your way!

Wow. You are a hero too, Kerri! you have done such hard work. Congratulations! Prayers for you!!! You are going to be great :)

Kerri--Thank you so much for sharing all that you do! Your blog has literally changed people's lives (because of SUM, I went on the CGMS and lowered my H1c by 1 percent) and I am so grateful to have been able to follow your pregnancy. I know you will get through this and I look forward to hearing about caring for your diabetes while taking care of this new little life! Your fans will be thinking about you!


I have been following all your pregnancy posts with interest, and as a fellow pregnant type 1 you have given me much inspiration on my low days when nothing is going right.

I will be thinking of you all tomorrow, such an exciting day for you.


You made my cry...and I'm not a crier!
Those rambling questions continue and evolve with time. My daughter is 10 months old and I ask myself similar questions everyday. I once thought I was a normal person, but I think motherhood makes you crazy-in a good way. I love my baby girl so much, and I know that you will too. Good luck tomorrow. You will be in my thoughts and prayers!

Good luck with everything. I am so happy for you. I have been reading your blog ever since I was diagnosed in September, and it has really kept my spirits up!

I am so excited for you! You'll be in our prayers tomorrow for sure, and we will miss you during your absence! GOOD LUCK AND CONGRATS!!!

Kerri wow. Your little BSparl will be so excited to read these someday and you will be so happy to have a record of all the detailed thoughts and emotions. Tomorrow will be the loveliest day. It is intense magic. Go get 'em!! And thank you for all your sharing and inspiring. Love kelly

Congratulations.. I am praying for you girls (and your husband).. this is going to be the best day of your life and you life will forever be changed.

I went throuh a lot of the same emotions as you when I first had my son. I wondered when the Ashton Kutcher and the "punk'd" crew were going to jump out and take my child away from me and tell me that someone had made a mistake... and I still feel like that sometimes, and my son is almost 2!

I think when you become a mother, there is so much pressure on you to do everything right.. just like your mom and grandmother did... except then you realize that they were once first-time moms too.. they went through the same thing you are going through.
My suggestion is listen to ALL the advice, and take it with a grain of salt. You will know whats best, you will know your daughter better than anyone on this earth. You have already been her mother for 9 months. ;)

Good luck, you ARE a great mom!!

I wish someone had told me what I am about to share with you. That is...just RELAX....from this point forward leave all your diabetes "stuff" to the medical staff. They know what they are doing. From this point forward, you are a mom and should only have to worry about "mommy" things. Do not let the stress of diabetes managment take away even a tiny bit of this wonderful experience. You deserve to live in this moment completely worry free of diabetes. Good Luck tomorrow :)

I miss that sharp feeling of excitement and how life feels. I'm at a point where I know I will not have any more kids. You are ALIVE. Try not to worry and just enjoy it!

I agree with Erin - You ARE a wonderful Mom, and I am so happy for you. Hopefully you can get some rest today. It will all be okay - many prayers being sent up in your name. :)

Dude, I'm so excited for you guys! It is crazy how quickly everything seems to have happened. Right now November seems like an eternity away (says the guy that doesn't have to carry the baby), but I'm sure our little LT will be here before we know it! You're going to do awesome tomorrow and in the days/weeks/months/years ahead. The thoughts and prayers of all 2.5 of the Thompsons are with you guys! :D

Good luck Kerri! You and Chris are going to be amazing parents. Sending good thoughts your way and looking forward to seeing a pic of BSparl soon!

Your experience on SUM has been incredibly inspiring to me. And just like you did so many years ago, I have an endo appt Friday to talk about going on the pump in order to get ready for having a family some day. Thank you for sharing such an honest portrait of what being pregnant with T1 is really like.

Congratulations! I'm so excited and happy for you.

Best of luck to you and BSparl, Kerri. Thinking nothing but the best thoughts for you!

I'm so excited for you and Chris! You are a hero to all of us women with diabetes. You are showing us that with a lot of hard work we to can have a healthy baby. My thoughts and prayers are with you three.

Say "Hi" to BSparl for me k?

Aww Kerri what a great post! You and Chris are such an inspiration to my fiance and I as we try to go down the same path with having a baby that you guys did! Thanks for being so open and honest about your experiences along the way! Cant wait to see pic of the new baby girl!

Kerri - You probably hear this a lot, but yours was the first blog I found after my daughter was dx a little over a year ago. You've given me such inspiration, and taught me that it's ok if I don't know all the answers to my diabetes questions. So I'll tell you the same...it's okay to not know all the answers. All your daughter wants from you is love. And you already give that to her. I wish you all the luck in the world tomorrow and I'll be sending prayers and good wishes your way.

I'm so excited Kerri!

What an incredible Mom you already are. And what a lucky and wonderful little girl you are about to introduce to the world.

I wish you the very best c-section experience with a fast, smooth recovery.

I hope you are home in your own bed with your beautiful baby girl before you know it!

Thank you so much for sharing your journey with all of us!

You say BSparl will join your hubs as a hero.....well in my eyes you are a bit of a hero too. As a female T1 you have helped me come to terms with my fears about conceiving/pregnancy. So I thank you very much for being such a great example :) I can't wait to hear from you when your new name is Mom :)

Tomorrow you are going to feel an intense power of love that you never thought possible... it is even more than you feel right now... and all will be right in your world...

You are going to be an awesome mom... (maybe a little Gilmore Girls-ish) but none-the-less awesome

You will do GREAT - both with tomorrow and with the days ahead! There's no doubt in my mind. BSparl's a lucky little girl to have a mom who loves her so much!

Oh Kerri, your making me cry at my desk. I will be thinking of you tomorrow and for the next few weeks. While your worries are normal I KNOW you will be a great mom! You have the three best traits I think a mom can have 1)Responsibile - look how well you've taken care of yourself and BSparl already 2) goofy - you'll laugh together, I promise 3) a huge capacity for love and acceptance - evident in following your story since June 2009 when my daughter was DX.

You inspire me so much, you'll inspire your daughter too - she just wont tell you until she is a mom herself someday.

Love ya, girl. You're gonna be one kickass mama. I can't wait for pictures and stories!

Listen, I'm a whack job and my kids still love me. Trust me, you are in like flynn...she will LOVE you. :)

I just wanted to pop in and say that you have the prayers of many with you tomorrow morning. Draw on the strength of those who love you. (And man, that is a lot of people!)

I don't think there is a mom in the history of the world that wasn't worried about everything that is on your mind. Heck, even with my fourth birth I was scared to death on my way to the hospital! But we do it! Because we are way stronger than we make ourselves out to be. :) Congratulations Kerri!

It's all so exciting, isn't it? You are about to join the 'club' so 'Welcome!' - it's the ride of a lifetime and you will be just like every other first time parent out there - essentially clueless, totally in love and not even believing that they are letting you actually leave with her cause you haven't the faintest idea what to do. It's fun, it's laugh out loud funny, it's emotional and it's worth every second. Enjoy it and know that every other mother has been where you are now.

Enjoy the day tomorrow. Welcome to the club. Happy Birth-Day to to Sparl and Happy Birthday to your new family Kerri and Chris!

Dear Kerri,

You are so very, very amazing. Thank you so much for including me and the rest of the blogosphere in your journey. I am so excited for you and Chris to become part of a family of three (well, six, if you count those cats). Good luck tomorrow, try to chill today and happy, happy, happy birthday eve to your daughter!!


Good Luck and don't worry, your baby girl will love you, how could she not? I think all first time mom's worry about if the baby will like them or not, it's pretty normal but believe me, once she's out and in your arms everything will just come to you naturally! She'll love you, you'll love her and you'll find your own path in parenthood. Enjoy every minute!

Ahhhh...I'm so excited for you I'm gonna cry!!! :) Just enjoy every stinkin' moment of seeing your little girl for the first time!! And please, please, PLEASE take lots of pictures. :)

I have been reading your posts for a long time now and have never commented until today (except to my daughter, "Lindsay R.") I am so thrilled for your new life adventure…for that is truly what it is – an adventure. EVERYone worries about whether or not they’ll be a good parent (even with subsequent babies!). And it’s already obvious, Kerri, that you are a carrier of the Good Mom Gene.

In the parenting department, I was given one specific piece of advice (and sadly I don’t even recall from whom) that worked really well for me once my baby girls turned into children (which happens before you can blink twice). And that advice is this – “Think before you answer, then say yes as often as you can.” It works for everything from “can I have a cookie” to "can Susie spend the night," to “can I have the car keys.”

You’re in our prayers for a healthy, safe delivery. Enjoy it all – even with all the equipment and paraphernalia, it’s truly magical.

You're *already* a great mom! Look at what you've done and how far you've come. Just keep that attitude in mind and you'll continue to be a great mom! Can't wait to hear about BSparl's arrival! Thinking of you!!

Can't wait for you to be on the other side of this experience!

Omg tear jerker moment!

Seriously Kerri, you will be amazing. You've done everything you've possibly could to make sure Miss BSparl stays healthy and safe, thats a big part of being an amazing parent.

I wouldn't worry. Siah may have to worry once she gets crawling, but I think thats the only "person" that needs to worry :)

Keeping you, Chris, and BSparl in my thoughts at this time.

Kerri -

Best of luck to you, Chris and BSparl tomorrow!

I bet you will be a great mom, and if you struggle with breastfeeding definitely consult a Lactation Consultant ASAP!

I am so happy for you and I will be praying for all of you tomorrow.

-Heather Donnelly

It does seem like just yesterday!

The epidural is not as bad as it sounds. You'll just sit on the edge of the table with your feet hanging over and you'll be calm and still and they'll get it going. Your bottom will start to feel warm and then you'll be numb. You can do it.

Ask for a support belt. I didn't use it with my 1st, but it really helped with my 2nd.

My advice is to take pain meds the first day. You may feel great, but you don't want it hitting hard on the second day.

And when they say you can, start walking. Take that little girl on strolls down the hall and show her the sights.

You are going to do just fine!

And as far as kids listening when you say "no"...please tell me the secret if/when you find it out!

good luck for tomorrow i know you will be a great mommy

So very excited for you. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow. You'll do great!

You will be such a wonderful mom! I stumbled upon your blog about two months ago, and now you are a daily inspiration to me (and bunches of other T1's!). I am so thankful that there is such a great writer out there to put all of the diabetes-esque things I feel on a daily basis into words-- and your blog will be a wonderful resource to look back at when I am ready to have kids one day! Good luck tomorrow, and enjoy holding your daughter!

If you weren't nervous, anxious and scared you wouldn't be morphing into a parent. It's like when we get married. If we didn't go into marriage at least a little blindly, would any of us choose to face the struggles, heartaches, and triumphs in marriage? Hell no!! Most of us have to jump in and face marriage head on and ignore the advice from seasoned parents and married couples. Otherwise we wouldn't be married! (This same theory applies with children). Our thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family. P.S. Don't worry about the diaper changing stuff--the baby will give you A LOT of practice in that department. :) Oooh--and cherish the call button for the next few days after baby is born. Unfortunately the call button and the friendly nurses on the other end don't get to come home with you. :( Would've been nice though!!

You're going to do great! I hope all goes smoothly. Can't wait to hear all about it. It's okay to leave the online world in suspense for a while. Enjoy these early times with BSparl & Chris.

All the best.


I woke up praying for you this morning. God will help you through this! You can do it!

Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. It will be the most special day of your lives. I can hardly wait to hear about Kerri and Chris' Big Bsparl Adventure!

Congratulations - you're on the home stretch! I know you are going to be a great mom - you have worked so hard to make this pregnancy as diabetically perfect as possible and it is so exciting that you are finally going to meet your little girl!

Good luck tomorrow!!! Everything will turn out great....and you ALREADY are a great Mom! I had 2 c-sections with epidural....5 secs. and it's over. You don't feel a thing. I was up walking the next am. You'll do fine! As we say here in Spain for newborns, "que Dios la guarda", may God watch over her. You'll be surprised at how quickly you get the hang of it LOL!
Sending positive thoughts your way from Seville.
Beth Nagle de Szego

So, so, so excited for you!! I will be praying for you tonight and tomorrow. Good luck! :)

Dude, I'm so excited for you guys! It is crazy how quickly everything seems to have happened. Right now November seems like an eternity away (says the guy that doesn't have to carry the baby), but I'm sure our little LT will be here before we know it! You're going to do awesome tomorrow and in the days/weeks/months/years ahead. The thoughts and prayers of all 2.5 of the Thompsons are with you guys! :D

Bet your docs will never have had so many "virtual" people crowding into their delivery room! Your many cyber fans will be waiting to welcome this long-awaited literal bundle of joy!!! Thanks for letting us all share in your "journey" to motherhood!!

Kerri, you're going to do great tomorrow. As much as we'll miss you, don't hurry back! Just enjoy your time with the wee one.

Oh I'm so excited for you adn Chris. You will be great parents because you definately need humor and be a fun person to be one. I can tell from your blog that you are. I will pray for you and your little girl, enjoy her they grow so fast.


First congratulations on your little gift that you'll soon be meeting in person instead of just through your belly:) Thanks again for posting so much info for those of us not quite at your stage yet! It truly has been helpful and encouraging to say the least! Good luck tomorrow and I'll be thinking of you all day! Thanks again!

Best wishes for a healthy baby and a speedy recovery!

Relax and enjoy -- the early days are crazy, but they fly by fast.

Congratulations!!! I wish you the very best for a happy, healthy, and safe delivery!

Best of luck tomorrow. You guys will be wonderful parents!

Good luck to you and BSparl! I'm sure you will be fine soon - both of you! You're in my thoughts and I will keep my fingers crossed.

It's all been said so very well by my fellow SUM readers. But I have to say my two cents all the same. Thank you for allowing us all to tag along on this monumental and very personal journey of yours. You are brave, amazing, strong, kind and loving, and you have a wicked sense of humour--all qualities that will see you through the next 20+ years of motherhood. You are going to be just fine tomorrow. Try to relax as much as possible. I know that's easier said than done, but try. You are on the cusp of a new and incredible era of your life. It's all good. Best to you, Chris and Baby Girl Sparling! xo

Kerri, I have been following your blog for a while now and have found you very inspirational. When I was diagnosed at 23 with T1 I thought i'd never have kids because it was too hard. I had already accepted adoption and my husband is on board as well. Now after reading your posts and actually "seeing" someone go through it we've decided to have our own (at least the first, then adopt the second and possibly third.)You will be an amazing mom! The c-section will go by so fast tomorrow and then you'll have your baby girl to take your mind off of everything else! Can't wait to see her!

Congratulations Kerri! Be brave, you will make an excellent Mum! Thank you so much for sharing your journey with everyone. Best wishes from New Zealand :D

Kerri ... soon "Bsparl" will just be a memory! Unless that's what you're really naming her ;) Along with everyone else, I will be thinking of the Sparling family tomorrow and hope that you have an easy, healthy delivery. Can't wait to hear all about her & hopefully meet her one day soon! {hugs}

I am so happy for you! With all your worries and questions it is obvious that you are going to be the perfect "Mommy"! I'm hoping for a super quick recovery for you and that the three of you get to go home soon!!!

I really can't wait to hear about this precious little person!

Take care!

Best of Luck Kerri! You will come through with flying colors! Can't believe it's almost here ...

Good luck! Will be keeping you in my thoughts. To you and Chris enjoy the new adventure. I'm looking forward to reading the new chapter!

Good luck, Kerri & Chris! Here's hoping that it's a very boring & routine delivery :-).


Best of luck to you! I just had a c-section on April 3 and it was the best day of my life becoming a mom and meeting my little guy! You will be fine. Motherhood is the most amazing thing and I wish you all the best. Enjoy every minute of it. I can't believe Drew is already 11 days old! It goes by fast.


ooh, I thought of one more thing... when I went thru the pre op stuff for my csection... the surgical nurse said to tell them that you want to wait until after the epi to put in the cath...

can't wait to read your first "mom" post... I'll have my kleenex ready


You can do this! I'll be praying for you tomorrow.
So, so excited for you!!!

I finally had my endo's OK today to get pregnant. I'm so excited to start my own family too.

I'll be thinking about you tomorrow.


please pass the tissues.

good luck Kerri! You'll be great!

Reading this has made me so excited! :) I hope everything goes well tomorrow and you'll be holding your baby girl soon. :)

The best of luck to you and Chris. I'm sure you'll both be amazing parents. :)


I am very excited for you and I know you and Chris will make great paents!! Good luck tommorrow and I will be prayibg that all will go well :)

Sending love, support and best wishes to you (and your new family to be) - someone whom I've never met, but has allowed me into her life - strange and wonderful world we live in.

Go, Kerri, go!! WOOHOO!! You will see, I think, that even the sunlight looks different tomorrow. Your whole world will change.

Hey Kerri,
So if you told us about the pregnancy with IT'S ON!!! will the post for BSparl's birth be "SHE'S OUT!!!"

All the best--you are a great Mom already.

OK, so you already have like ten billion comments, but I'll add one more to the general good wishes. The waiting is over, and the real fun part is about to start!

Can't wait to see pictures!

Kerri, Nothing to worry about. She already loves you.


Ditto your sentiments, "I can't wait to finally see her face"

You'll be in my thoughts and prayers-best wishes for the delivery/recovery and enjoy being a mom!


I am excited for you! It seems like yesterday when you told us you were pregnant. Cherish every moment, every laugh, smile, cry and poopie diaper...they grow up fast. I'm so happy for you and Chris.

I am so excited for you! You and Chris have worked so hard to make everything right for BSparl. You should be so proud. It will shock you to fully realize how much you truly love this child. You think you know but just wait. Enjoy her!

Got all of my D friends praying for you and BSparl. You are already a great mom to those crazy cats. You will be a great mom to BSparl. You already are. :)

Kerri, I just wanted to say that I feel you have been an inspiration to me and the entire community through out your pregnancy. Your little girl is so lucky to have you as her mother. BSparl has about a zillion virtual aunts and uncles excitedly waiting to hear that she has arrived safe and sound. Good luck tomorrow!

First my thought will be with you tomorrow! Don't worry you will be fine.

My experience with the epidural... it's a wonderful thing. I remember with my older I was so scared... I was scared of the needles and the pain. Honestly honey it was nothing. The before was worst than the during! The epidural was uncomfortable but it wasn't painful. Afterwords... it was better. You will be fine and baby will be fine! I can't wait to see the first pictures. You and Chris and BabySparl will be just fine! :)

You are sooooooo close now!

Take deep long breaths during the epi insertion...and think of the collective positive thoughts of all of us here, we will all be thinking of you.

In less than 12 hours, you're going to have your BSparl. You'll be a great Mom -- you already are!

Well, let's see if we can break the 100 comments mark eh?
Just like everyone else who reads your blog, I too am wishing you all the best during this stressful time. You are in good hands. You have an amazing medical team. Your baby is in good hands. She has amazing parents. Once you hold her those waves of uncertainly will float away. You can do this Kerri. And you will continue to set an awesome example for all of us out here in cyberspace, and in real life, too. I wish you all the best during this time of adjustment.
I highly recommend Danish Wool nursing pads -- they are THE best thing in the world for nursing moms http://www.danishwool.com/
And Lansinoh ointment. Be generous with it :)
And a good lactation consultant! And of course, a hungry baby :)
PEACE to you and yours, and hugs from a stranger across the country. Kathy in WA

So happy for you and Chris!! :)

Nothing constructive to add so again I will say -


Remember that Disney commercial about the family the night before they go on vacation? "I'M TOO EXCITED TO SLEEP!!!"

Sending all healthy and speedy birth vibes your way, and lots and lots of good wishes.

BSparl is one very lucky lady to have an awesome mother like you!!!

You are already a great mother to that little girl and she will know it once she is on the outside.

Positive thoughts for tomorrow. We all are waiting to hear how it all goes down!

Sending lots of {{{hugs}}} and prayers!

Thinking about you guys tonight. Hoping that things are progressing smoothly and that all goes well in the morning. Can't wait to hear the news! Post pics asap!!

I am a diabetic mom of 3 healthy children who are all grown up. I had 2 by c section and the middle one the old fashioned way... the c sections were the way to go.. trust me on this. The great thing is having a whole team of professionals looking after you and BSparl! Congrats! Also, you will be a great mom. You obviously know how to have fun, and enjoy the best things in life, that makes being a parent so easy. Sincerely,

Oh honey - you and your husband and your sweet, sweet baby will be in my thoughts tomorrow.

You are truly my hero!! I'm a mom of a diebetic young man so I relate to a lot of what you talk about on this blog. I will pray for you, your husband and your beautiful baby girl I am positive that everything will be wonderful!!


That's the three of you now, forever, and always.


Kerri - you'll be a rockin' mom! You're almost there! Good luck tomorrow and enjoy those first moments with your baby girl. It's such an amazing feeling. Welcome to the world of motherhood (and type 1 motherhood!). :-)

You are going to be a great mom!! It is life changing in the most beautiful, wonderful, indescribable way. I am the mom of two young diabetics and I hope and pray they will turn out as wonderful and responsible as you. Best of luck, happy, happy birthday to your new baby girl!

Happy Birthday Baby!! Love and prayers are with you Kerri and Chris and your precious baby girl!!Everything will be ok!!!And you will be a wonderful Mom, your a natural!!

I'm singing that James Brown hit for you..."I'm so excited, I just can't hide it..." Wow, bsparl will be finally be outed in the am - can't wait! Try and get some sleep!

Congratulations - you've made it to the end of the longest 10 months of your life (with an extra-long final 3 weeks)! It's been so wonderful to have you share this journey with all of us in blog-land. Sending you and Chris all the best for a fabulous birthday for BSparl tomorrow! My baby girl turns 13 today - it goes by in a blink, it really does, so cherish every moment. (Geez, I sound like my grandmother - sorry.)

I will be thinking about you all. Thank you for sharing this journey. Thank you for being a Type 1 diabetic who is having a baby and doing what the "normal" people can do with little trouble. Thank you for being the awesome person you are. I am so excited that it can be possible to have a healthy baby with Type 1 diabetes if ever I find the right guy. This entry brings tears of excitement to my eyes for you and your family. Good luck!

You are on my mind. Tomorrow will be fine! My prayers are with you!

I know it is only a few more hours and precious BSparl will be here. I am sending prayers up for you for an easy C-Section with a quick and problem-free recovery. May Chris and you have a wonderful time enjoying your precious little daughter. I just know she will be a precious, and wonderful daughter.

Kerri, you will be an amazing mom. Your daughter will adore you, you will be the center of her universe for a long long time. And it will be wonderful.

Best wishes.


Kerri & Chris - only a few hours to go until you meet your daughter - hoping that everything goes smoothly and that parenthood is everything you hope for and more. Happy Birthday to your daughter - I hope she has a life that is full of love, happiness, joy, peace, abundance, prosperity and all the good things that life can hold. Treasure her, treasure this time, treasure the future...Love always Carolyn ~xxx~

I am thinking of you all day and will be thinking of you in four hours soooo much!!!!!!
Here she coooomeeeeeesssss!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Luck Kerri!!! I have not had much time to comment, but have been following this for the past few weeks and am so excited for you!!! Can't wait to see pics of BSparl!!! Your life is about to change in so many amazing ways...I wish you luck, health, and happiness!

Kerri,thinking of you and the life changing experience you are about to go through. You have given such an honest account of your pregnancy it is inspirational. I hope I get the same experience in a few years. Enjoy those precious moments with your little girl this morning- it's the start of a new life which I think you are so prepared for,so much more than you know. Sending good thoughts all the way from oz (I'm sure you'd like the Dorothy reference).can't wait to see the family shot! xxx

BSpral will be here in no time! All of your hard work is about to pay off! Yay for you and Chris :)

Best of luck, Kerri! She's almost here! You will be a great mom, and she will love you so much, no matter what she says when she's 15. :) You're almost home! Enjoy your new adventure.

I've been in your shoes, puffy as they have been. My son was born a little over 13 years ago under your same conditions. You have every bit of my empathy, and I have been praying for you daily as you walk this road. I have had diabetes since May 5, 1980, at 11-years-old, and I've been on a pump now for almost 9 years. My C-section was due to pre-eclampsia/toxemia also. I was scared, but I was surrounded by people praying me through. On the other side ... far other side, my Greg is now 13 and in honors classes and making me tear my hair out at times. I know what we had to go through to get to this point. I still don't know all the answers of parenthood, but God is good to give wisdom and strength through it all. I'll continue to pray for you and Chris and BSparl :) God bless you.

Just wanted to say I'm thinking about you guys this morning. Can't wait to meet BSparl!

Best Wishes. You will do great! Happy Birthday BSparl :)

I just realized that it's 9:50 a.m., which means you are already a mom! Mazel Tov!!!!!!!

p.s. take the pain meds

Congratulations Kerri, you are going to be great parents. We are so excited for you!!


I have been reading your blog for about two months. Ever since I have been researhing getting pregnant with diabetes. I love your blog. I am same age as you and I became a diabetic at the age of 16. I was told I would not be able to get pregnant but with the help of science looks like my husband and I will be parents in the near future.
I just wanted to say thanks for your blog it is really inspiring. Hope all is well.

I am soooo happy for you! I've followed you through this blog and I cannot tell you how much it helps to have had you share your story. You're such an inspiration! No parent is perfect, but you are going to be pretty darn close, whether you realize it or not. This is one damn lucky kid! Thank you for sharing this experience with everyone and, most importantly, best of luck!!

I know she's coming (or maybe even here) right this minute. I'm sending all my positivity your way.

I have been thinking about you since last night and I am obsessively checking the blog in anticipation of the baby!

Good luck, congratulations and I am sure baby will feel as lucky to have you as you feel to have her!

May I be the first to say Happy Birthday and Congrats!!

I'm assuming by now BSparl is here and I never realized before . . her birthday is on Tax Day! How funny. Best return ever, huh?


Thinking of you and bsparl today! YAY for many joys ahead.

Kerri! I hope everything went well. You are an amazing person and an inspiration to me and many others! Hugs!!

Happy Birth Day!

Hey Kerri,

Just spotted on Twitter that BSparl arrived in your lives today. Congratulations to you and Chris! Welcome to the world BSparl, you little bundle of perfectness. You are so lucky to have Kerri and Chris as parents, and they to have you as their beautiful little daughter.

Congratulations :) I should have a 1 week old today, instead he's already over 2 months - clearly very impatient!
Why not come and join us on babycentre.co.uk? There's a birth club for April 2010, with loads of other ladies all having babies this month.

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