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Across the Universe.

Or at least across the street. 

My window here at the hospital faces a research building across the way.  This building is covered in shiny, reflective glass and looking into the reflection is my only way of telling what the weather is outside, because apparently their building is taller than mine and gets a slice of sunshine there at the top.

I asked one of the nurses if that was another hospital, wondering if there were other patients trapped in there, being all impatient.  

"No, that's a research building.  They're there at all hours of the day and night in their white lab coats," she said.

Sure enough, when I peeked out my window, I could see the research people scurrying around like lab rats (rimshot) and chatting with one another.

So, after careful consideration (and also after covering my fingertips in marker), I made a few signs:

Someone in that building HAS to be as bored as I am.

And stuck them to my window, in hopes that one of the researchers would maybe write back.

Anybody out there??

(And, of course, a makeshift cartoon version of Siah made it onto the sign.  Because I miss that fuzzy little piglet - don't tell her, though, because I don't want her getting all arrogant.)

This cat ends up EVERYWHERE.

So far, no response.  I may need to update the signs later today or tomorrow with a new message - any suggestions?  Because my brain is FRIED OUT at the very thought that, a week from today, I'll be holding my daughter in my arms.

(And, for the record, Across the Universe is a quality song.  No denying it.  The Beatles are on the top of my playlist as I wait for BSparl.)


I've got an idea for a sign..."Let me know when you find a cure! I'm in Room XXX."

You crack me up, Kerri. Too freaking funny.

Oh I can remember doing this in college with the building across the street! Love it!

How about:
Watcha doin'?

Hope they respond. And eeekkk - BSparl is coming in about a week!!!!

This has made me smile :) I hope you get a response! Keep us updated :D


You do stir crazy with the best of 'em.

How about:

Roses Are Red
Violets are Blue
I am Skitzophrenic
And so am I

No responses yet??? Well let's hope that is because they are far too busy finding us a cure to be bored!!!! :)

ohhh CREATIVITY- love it

You could always write, "hey, if you have an lab mice with diabetes cures, could you send one my way?"

but that might take up too many windows.

Love it. Next time:

"Can you read this?"

"What does 2+2 equal?"

"I see you. Do you see me?"

Pulling for you. Check on your tweets/posts daily. Hugs.

LOL - you guys crack me up!! :)

And I wish the place across the way was a diabetes research lab, but it's not. I'm not certain what they're working on over there, but I don't think it's related to diabetes.

What you need is a big roll of butcher paper. That'll get their attention :).

oh kerri! you have a great sense of humor and that will go a long way on the road of parenthood. keep your eyes on the prize! she's coming! check my pics for our two miracles. we call them hard-earned-babies. diabetes makes it so hard. stay the course. and i hope they answer you. i wonder if lab rats can be funny!

Hey - if you've got a comb around - get some tissue paper - and make a kazoo - 10 minutes of entertainment - 200000 more to go until zee bun is out of the oven.
Hmmm, how else to stay sane - oh, oh, oh - make up names for the Lab rats - but don't tell Siah that you are doing this - she may start licking her lips in anticipation of a mousey treat. Hang in there - we're all singing along with you - la, la, la, de, daaaaa!!! Oh and watch Bold and Beautiful - sure enough to pass 1/2 an hour by!!!

A long time ago I used to be a white lab coat wearing researcher. I'll bet you would get a response if you put, "If you can read this, email kerri @ sixuntilme.com!" :)

Kerri, I'm with RickS

Add your twitter address to it and see what you hear back.

You could also do a 'burma shave" type thing - change the message every hour.

LOL! Love it!

Consider that they may have to wait til tomorrow to read it - after they fetch their binoculars in to work from home.

My boyfriend is a researcher in one of those buildings. Chances are, it's not the one facing your window,but I'll have him keep an eye out for your sign and maybe you'll get a creative response soon!

So, I was visiting him last weekend and walked right past Joslin. I sent happy positive thoughts your way. Hope they helped :)

The burn unit at our county hospital has a lot of long-term patients. They put up a sign that said "send pizza" and got lots of pizzas delivered (anonymously, I might add).

Just change the order.

"Are you bored too?" to
"You are too? bored" or
"Are you too? bored" or
"Border, you are too?"

I work in a lab in a different building in Longwood. Post a sign saying "I'll do your minipreps if you write back!" and I bet you'll get a response.

I have a question. Could you give me a glimpse into your daily food consumption? I know hospital food is probably provided, but when you were still at home, what did you eat day to day? I am hoping to try to get pregnant by the end of the year, and what to eat, even now, is such a struggle for me. I want a baby more than anything, but the thought of being pregnant and diabetic could almost scare me out of trying. Thanks! Love the blog!

Hah! That reminds me of when I was in high school, and a club I was in would take long road trips to get to meetings. We'd put our feet in the windows, along with a sign that read "Honk if our feet are sexy." (What can I say? This was before iPhones and DVD players in the car.) Maybe change it to "wave" instead of "honk?" :-)

How about:



How about, "I am Rachel, the escapee from Shutter Island, please save me!

How about, "I am Rachel, the escapee from Shutter Island, please save me!

Do a BSparl countdown!

Baby will be here in (blank) days!

That will get them interested

How about "I'm Pregnant how about you??"
We will keep you in our thoughts. Hang in there after she gets here you won't have time to get bored.

Only one suggestion. Have hubby bring you a whiteboard. Then you can quickly write, doodle and question every day.

I love the signs. I hope they write back.
And I love Siah! I sent you a message on Twitter (or @'ed you...is that correct english??) about Siah. I hope it makes you laugh.

Kerri, I work in that building! It's part of Children's Hospital. When I was in your position last year, I would talk on the phone with my coworkers and we would wave to each other. I will look for your signs tomorrow!

That is freaking awesome Kerri!

Kerri - I found your blog today, and read your other posts at Animas, too. I keep thinking that your diabetes -- and all the constant attention and incredible responsibility that comes with it -- may actually be great preparation for the demands of motherhood. You've managed your diabetes so successfully for all these years, and you'll be just as conscientious with your baby girl, too. Go lady!

One week!!!! Yea!!!!!

The minute you hold BSparl, all these weeks will disappear from your memory!:)

The countdown begins!

Love it all!!!

I second the BSparl countdown!

"Do a BSparl countdown!

Baby will be here in (blank) days!

That will get them interested" (Posted by: Lea)

Kerri, I thought of a sign for you: "I make humans, what's your super power?"

It is almost the weekend, hang in there!

I am sooo not spontaneously creative like that but I love that you are! Good luck getting a response!


There's a spider on your back!
You should research froast!
Tell me a joke!

That way, they HAVE to respond, and hopefully with a sense of humor!

I REALLY hope they respond!! I *totally* would if I saw that across the street!!!

You are too funny. or stir-crazy. or both.

You're a bit older than me, so not sure if you would remember the show or not... maybe from babysitting, but how about something Pinky and the Brain related?

If they still don't respond, you might consider making the letters a little thicker - it looks like it'd be hard to read from afar. If it was near my lab, I'd have totally written back.

Froast ROFL.

that just had me cracking up.

Thanks for making me laugh out loud :)
Loved the little Siah. Just LOVE it all!!!
Hope you get some response!

I've been looking for your signs and I think that you have a view of the building right next to mine. I hope someone there sends you a message.
I can see your building (just not your wing I guess) and every time I glance over I'm thinking about how close you are getting to "B day"!

Maybe have a crossword clue, have them guess letters.

Offer a prize for the first person who responds (people will do anything for a prize)


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