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THIS is what the Internet is all about.

If this has me laughing like a total goofball after five days of captivity, I fear what might be funny by the second week of this bed rest journey:

And mark my words:  When I get home, I'm teaching Siah how to Trololo.


This is truly and by far the finest thing on the internet today. Hope you are hanging in okay, Kerri- we're all rooting for you two!


OMG - Abby does this, but only for Brian. I can't duplicate it!

I'd never seen another cat do it until now!

I laughed until I cried, and I'm not even on bedrest right now. Though I might as well be...early days this week means I'm going to bed by 10:30, which is a rarity for this night owl.

That's awesome!!!

Hope your captivity continues to go smoothly and miss BSparl is having a fine time.

I LOVE IT!!! :) Thanks for sharing a good laugh. Keep up the great gestational work!

LOL - I'm choking on my Crystal Light! : D

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