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Siah Has Opinions.

A guest vlog, by Ms. Siah Sausage, expressing her views on BSparl, sandwiches, and her desire for world domination.


Siah is so cute!!

Those eyes!!!!

Okay, I have to tell you - K.C. was napping sweetly at my side, but the minute I hit play on Siah's vlog she picked up her head and gave me Death-Glare. It was the exact same look as Siah's World Domination Glare. She kept it up the entire time the vlog played, then put her head back down and resumed napping. Either she was greatly displeased with the background music, or she and Siah are plotting something major. I fear it's the latter.

Hee hee, Siah haz a cute :)

In my house the name for that look is "Oh God, it's you..."

Bahahaha! :D

Is it World Domination or just a really good nap she is thinking about? Too Cute!

I'm stocking up on cat nip and tuna now, so when the World Domination begins I'll at least have bargaining tools.

Very cute kitty!

kelly k

The expression on her furry face is priceless.

My cat Roo would kick Siah sausages butt, hes just as fat and plans for world domination also lol....

Awww, Siah. Love her eyes against that grey coat. And the attitude.

Is it weird that I hear Siah's voice as an older English gentleman??? :)

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