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Over the weekend, my family (special thanks to my mom, who worked so hard!!) threw Chris and I a baby shower - a beautiful baby shower.  Our families and friends came together to celebrate this baby-on-the-way, and I don't really have proper words to describe how nice it felt to welcome this baby into our family.

Thankfully, I do have a few pictures.  :)

Me and my college roommates
My college roommates and I (and the BSparl baby bump, front and center.)

Opening gifts
Everything we received was soooo tiny and complete cute overload.  My face basically looked bewildered in every photo during the gift opening.

BSparl is single.
These bibs all had mantras, but this one - "Single" - made me laugh out loud.  It also made me fast-forward mentally to when my little girl might not be single, and then my brain shut off.

Baby shower favors.
Our baby shower favors were these delicious chocolate treats in the shapes of baby bottles and pacifiers.  Fortunately, they are delicious and lovely.  (Unfortunately, we ended up with several favors at our house, and I'm trying like hell to resist eating them.)

And now we have a house full of baby gifts from our very generous friends and family, and hopefully a few more weeks to go before we actually are tucking a baby in at night.  Thanks for all the well wishes, you guys.  It means a lot to us!!


I like those party favors! So cute!! Sounds like you had tons of fun :)


So much fun!!!!

My daughter was a summer baby and I dressed her in those little Carter's rompers almost every day.

That photo brought back memories! Now she's 5, almost 4 feet tall, and weighs 50 pounds. How did that happen?

Looks like you had a wonderful time! Love the "Single" bib!! I'm going to have to find that for my nieces. Congratulations!

The photos say it all - fun! I suggest doing lots of outfit changes in the early days with all that cute stuff because OMG they grow fast.

Sooo cute! Loved that "Single" bib too.

Awww, I love baby showers. Everything is so cute. And speaking of cute, you look adorable!!! :) Glad you had a wonderful shower. (Okay, that's kind of a weird sentence if taken out of context. This is why I don't leave blog comments after 8pm!)

Good friends make a great foundation for BSparl - already accepted into a life with abundant happiness.


Tiny baby shoes! I can't even handle it!!!

For some reason, that bib just makes me want to sing "All the Single Babies!"

Alyssa's comment just made me snarf....coffee up my nose. FUNNY STUFF!

Hi! I just found your blog and feel like it was divine intervention. The other blogs I've found that talk about pregnancy and diabetes are no longer active.

In your story, is my story. I have those same fears you mention sometimes in earlier posts about what one high or low blood sugar could do to affect my baby even though all the healthcare professionals say what matters is a pattern over time. It is amazing to me how strong and honest you have been throughout your blog. It has been really inspiring to find words from a woman who understands what it is to work so hard to navigate this disease (type I) and try to get pregnant, and be pregnant.

I am not pregnant (yet) but am trying to conceive and have had type I for 21 years. I've only been trying to conceive for three months but I have been working on my diabetes control for a year before that and wanting to be a Mom for...ever it seems. I wish you and your husband a healthy delivery and lots of JOY in welcoming your little one! Thanks for sharing your blog!

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