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MORE diabetes SEO terms!If I'm looking for a laugh, I can head over to my Statcounter page and learn just how people are stumbling upon this here diabetes blog.  The top referrers are usually diabetes-related terms, and sometimes something involving my name, but other times - well, it just gets plain goofy. 

Here are some of the latest results from the SEO leaderboard. 

quippy phrase to sell adirondack chair - Honestly, this one is new.  I don't think I've ever even used the word "adirondack" on my blog before.  "Quippy?"  Yessir, I've used that word.  In my opinion, a quippy phrase to sell an adirondack chair would be "Ah, the wrong deck?  Get an adirondack!"  (It's good that I'm not in marketing.)

what is type 1 diabetes? tell me the truth - Okay, my child. Type 1 diabetes is a small, furry bird that lives solely on a diet of Cocoa Puffs and reality television.  It's most often found in temperate climates, and is actually the only mammal that is born knowing how to ride a unicycle. ... Oh, tell you the truth?  Fine.  Type 1 diabetes is a disease that causes the body to no longer produce the hormone, insulin. 

soxuntilme - Sounds like a Dr. Suess spoof.

Diabetes 365 project - YAY!  I love seeing the visibility of the Diabetes 365 project grow and grow. 

diabetes type 1 - when to go back to normal life again? - Define "normal."  Diabetes is a new normal, my lovely search term searchers.  If you've found SUM in hopes of finding "normal," you are out of luck.  But happy?  Score!!

oh no - Oh, YES!

six until me AND bret michaels - Were you looking for this post?  Or, perhaps, this?

Siah and Brett Michaels - boo yeah!!


Wow. What a gem. (The cat, of course...) Humor rules. Thanks for sharing it. As always.

Oh! I think "Diabetes 365 Project" was me!

Okay, that picture of Siah and Rock of Love made me laugh so hard. I loved Bret until all that crap he pulled. Even in his cheesy reality showness I loved him. Then he had to be an idiot. Sigh. But Siah makes it all better. :)

I need to find out how to get those stats. I want to find out if anyone is finding me besides my pathetic self=publicity on FB or if anyone is finding me in a search engine. LOL

I hope Siah scratches that dude.

HAHA! I actually laughed out loud about the type 1 diabetes-tell me the truth. SO FREAKIN' funny. I am so glad that I start my mornings off reading your posts. Awesome.

Im going to load up funny words for your next search-a-palooza and see what obscure things I can get that will bring me to SUM.

at least it wasn't "sexuntilme" :P

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