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Puffy Pregnancy Hands.

I loved Venkmen the best. Nothing says "hot momma" like a pair of puffy pregnancy hands. 

BSparl and I almost at the 32 week mark, and I'm rocking what I've heard is a very common, but very uncomfortable symptom of pregnancy - swelling.  Water retention.  Puffiness.  Or, as I call it when I'm frustrated but more like Pepe Le Pew-frustrated when he can't get his mitts on that black cat: "Le Puff."  

The first half of my pregnancy was very comfortable.  No morning sickness and no real discomfort, just the growing potbelly and lots of blood sugar lows.  Second trimester was good enough (just got bigger and bigger) but now, deep into the third trimester, I'm starting to really feel the burn.  This puffy hands thing isn't just a mild complaint.  "Le Puff" is serious stuff! 

It's a combination of puffiness and pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel syndrome, with my hands aching and often seized with that 'pins and needles' feeling.  Wearing a wrist brace while I work helps a little, but not enough, and I find myself taking more and more long breaks to ease the pain in my hands from typing.  I wear the brace to bed, too, in efforts to keep my hands in a "neutral position" throughout the night. (Neutral, instead of like flipping Chris off at 2 am?  Would that be an "offensive position?")  And today, I'm off to get a second brace for my left hand, which will make me officially robotic while I sleep, with the two braces, the pump, the Dexcom, and this massive belly.

Like I said ... total hot momma.  :p

So one of the treatments for this miserable symptom - oddly enough, is more water.  It seems counter-intuitive to down a bottle of water when I'm feeling at the peak of Le Puff, but staying hydrated is the best way for me to keep the puff at bay.  And I'm also being monitored closely for pre-eclampsia, seeing as how I have a few of those risk factors in play (first pregnancy, diabetes, pre-existing hypertension ... good times again!). My blood pressure, and the other signs of pre-eclampsia, are being closely watched for, so hopefully no worries.

My next round of doctor appointments (and the beginning of the bi-weekly visit routine) is late next week, so I'm doing what I can to stay off my feet these days and prop them up while working.  Exercise is a little bit of a trouble spot, too, because shoving Le Puff feet into non-Le Puff sneakers is proving tricky on some days, but I've been trying to supplement with in-house yoga and stretching exercises (while barefoot).  And I'm resting a lot, which makes me feel like a lazy bum, but people keep telling me to get these naps in BEFORE the little biscuit arrives, so I'm taking their advice.

In the meantime, I'll Stay Puft.


Wow, your post took me to a flashback. Almost 30 years ago with my one and only. I remember my hands, feet and of all places my nose. My nose broaden from top to bottom. When I see pictures of myself, I can only laugh....thanks for the flashback.


Hang in there. You are doing great and all of us that have had children before can empathize with what you are going through. And so sorry for freaking you out on the driving/school thing yesterday! Have a great weekend.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to get Chris to massage your feet! I did have the swelling (bad) and had my dear husband giving me foot massages every evening to help bring down the swelling (it really does work - do one foot, then compare it to the other - it looks funny). And yes, put your feet UP whenever you can, it helps too :D You're doing everything right and yes, these last few weeks are when the discomfort really begins. Hang in there and soon enough it'll all be over with (and it's truly all worth it in the end!). :D

Move over, Puff Daddy - here come Puff Mommy!! (Would that shorten to P. Mimmy??) But seriously, lazy bum? I think not! You are growing a whole new life in there, so naps are more than earned!!! Sending along plenty of deflating thoughts!! :D

Ahhh, memories! For me it was feet, not hands though. My OB recommended that I sleep on my left side as much as possible, something about how fluids move through the body. Can't hurt, right?

Hang in there, you're almost there!

Hey Kerri - All the women here on these comments are sympathizing with you - we have all been the PuffyWoman at one time or another during the pregnancy. My hubby had to tie my shoes the last 3 weeks of each pregnancy, I felt like a child.

Drink LOTS of water. It really does help. Also, believe it or not, a grand foot massage will release some of the water retention too and feel oh-so-good. Treat yourself to one.

Hang in there - little BSparl is coming. Oh and yes, take the naps now, cause it's your only chance.

PMimmy & BSparl! Together you could fight crime! :) I love it!

Sorry for the uncomfortable stuff going on...hang in there! You're in the home stretch and are doing GREAT!

Lovely Momma,
I was there too, bedrest with twins. I found that was helpful was a basket. I put things in the basket that I needed with me and carried it around with me. Instead going to retrieve different things from all over the house. Water, TV remote, knitting or book, snacks, even had wipes to clean my hands.. Good luck, can't wait to see little girl!!! Be well..

I feel your pain! I had the same carpel tunnel puffy syndrome during all four of my pregnancies. Now, 6 years after my last child I have carpel tunnel from typing. I wear 2 hand braces at night...which leads me to understand OH SO WELL the hot momma sarcasm. My husband calls them my prosthetics...he isn't a fan of them. But a momma's gotta do what she gotta do to get through the day!

Wow does your post bring back memories. My 1st pregnancy I had the swelling in my legs. The Endo team guessed at about 3lbs in each one. I had tree stumps and no ankles. Being that I barely reach 5 feet I was great at waddling. My second pregnancy brought on the hand and feet swelling, along with the carpal tunnel. I understand that pins and needles sensation. But once you are holding your precious BSparl it will only be a distant memory.

PS. My feet grew a half a size with each pregnancy!! I was once a 6.5 now I am a 7.5!! Weird.

Hang in there kiddo. Good things are a comin!!!

Your doing great!! Thanks for posting everything about your pregnancy, now I kind of have an idea of what to expect in the future when we decide to have kids, and all this info is really really helpful!!

I want you to know I just read the entire Wikipedia entry on the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man, and then followed the link from "Gozar" to the entry on Mesopotamian gods...thank you for the excellent distraction from work Kerri...hang in there with all the gear, part of being a hot momma is taking good care of your health, no matter how much stuff you have to wear to bed!

I have no kids as of yet but your post of dealing with the ups and downs of pregnancy really keep me upbeat of one day having a lil one even with the diabetes!! I keep my A1C really good so for the future hubby and I can go that route. you inspire me!!

Wow, that stinks for you but hang in there. Being pregnant is not fashionable in any way. A friend of mine had the pg. induced hand problems she had wax treatments on her hands and arms and she said they work great!

Is it feasible for you to get into a swimming pool? I found it to be a great reliever of Le Puff. The water pressure around your body, and the relative coolness really seemed to do the trick. Best suggestion I ever got from my OB!
I know- like you really want to rock a bathing suit right now, but hey- it's so worth it. Plus, it relieves the pull of gravity on the baby belly (at least for a little while :)
Best wishes, hot mamma!

Ah yes... I can relate. Not only did I have puffy pins and needles hands (the braces hardly worked for me) I also rocked Shrek feet. It was INSANE! Overnight, my shoes stopped fitting. Luckily it was summer so I wore Crocs for the duration of the 3rd tri.

On the plus side, the pins and needles and pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel went away for me almost immediately... the Shrek feet on the other hand stuck around for a couple weeks.
Totally worth it. My daughter is AWESOME!

we called them, "sausage fingers" when i was pregnant :)

speaking of puffy...

I was just diagnosed with Blepharitis today (ridiculously swollen eye, I have pics on my FB page if you wanna see, but they're icky)

I am seeing a bit of an anecdotal link between what I thought this afternoon was spelled "blufferitis" and D. If you get a chance, can you give a question shout to your readers and ask if anyone has had this, and if it went away? I'm seeing yes and no in my googling and I must force myself to stop, but I trust the D community most for info.

If you can, thanks!

Ugh, the puffy feet - I spent the last trimester (on my feet teaching 1st/2nd grade kiddos) wearing Birkenstocks because they were the only things I could get on...seriously Fred Flintstone-looking. By that point, fashion was the least of my concerns, though! :)

Ooo, the carpals stinks! Mine always gets got worse while I'm was pregnant! I had it before, though mildly. :P

Hot momma, shmot mommma... you're having a baby!!!

Squeezing a bit of fresh lemon into your water really helps with the le puff as well, not sure how that affects your carb counts though, does fresh lemon juice have tons of carbs? I remember in last trimester with number 2 I was super puffy and had to go out and buy a pair of extra big flip flops to wear the last month, didn't want to spend a ton of money on new shoes for only a month of wear so I did the flip flop thing. Good luck!

Ahhhh the memories. I swear I was big enough for a small family to move into me when I delivered my first. The only think that kept me feeling great was the chiropractor. I highly recommend it.

Kerri -- you're going great! Be thankful you're still at home!!! At 31 weeks, the doc put me in the hospital for the duration of my pregnancy. Not on bedrest.. but just so they could keep an eye on me. Watch the pressure, swelling, sugars... I made it to 36 weeks (but JUST made it!)

As for the carpel tunnel.... don't lose those braces... It's been almost a year for me...and my hands/wrists have never been more achy. I'm thinking a shot of cortisone might help right about now. ...and I'm not a complainer!

oh...and put your running shoes on FIRST thing in the morning. It helped me with the puffy feet!

You are doing great and all of us that have had children before can empathise with what you are going through.I know during pregnancy periods,problem of puffiness occurs.I agree with all above useful comments.

Eeek - that all sounds miserable! I guess at least it's an excuse to stay off your feet? Hang in there - we're all so excited for the little puft's arrival!!

When I was pregnant, the nurses at my OB's office told me that I was "fluffy" not "puffy". My feet and hands swelled up really bad towards the end of my pregnancy as well- to the point that I could no longer wear my wedding rings and would get nasty stares from old ladies at the grocery store.

I won't lie, it took a couple weeks after delivery to the point that I could wear them again, but it does go away.

A trick that helped me is that before I went to bed at night, I'd lay on my bed with my head towards the foot of the bed and kick my legs up in the air, resting them on the headboard. I'd stay like that for a few minutes and it seemed to alleviate some of the swelling. Water helps, too.

The puffiness was one of the least appealing parts of pregnancy, but it's a sign that you're nearing the finish line which is so exciting!

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