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Myabetic: Personalizing Diabetes Management.

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes just before I started second grade, back in 1986.  I played with Barbie dolls, colored countless coloring books with my box of Crayola 96 (sharpener in the back), and sported a messy ponytail as often as my mom would allow.  

But my life also included dozens of plastic bags filled with orange-capped syringes.  And black meter cases that zipped up the side and held my glucose meter.  And small vials of bandaid-scented insulin.  My childhood was colorful and fun and just like every other kids', but there were some dreary bits of diabetes management as a running thread.

I wish there had been things like this to hold my meter in when I was growing up with type 1 - because these meter cases are awesome:

I love this case.

This meter case was created by Kyrra Richards, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2007.  I think it is GORGEOUS.  After her diagnosis, Kyrra created Myabetic - a specialty store stocked with playful and cool glucose meter cases.  She sent me a few of her meter cases to review here on SUM, and she also offered to share a little bit of her story.  

*   *   *

Kerri:  Hey Kyrra!  What’s your diabetes story?

Kyrra from Myabetic:  I grew up as a dancer and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes after returning home from a dance tour in Afghanistan.  I had been performing for the troops at military bases and realized that I was out-eating soldiers in the dining facilities.  After guzzling down 24 water bottles in a day and a half, I finally went to the doctor and received my diagnosis just before my 25th birthday.  I began the endless cycle of doctor appointments, lab tests, educator meetings, and waiting rooms.  The physical changes were frustrating, but the emotional obstacles proved to be even more challenging.  I created Myabetic as a way to cope constructively with my diabetes.

Kerri:  How do you think that Myabetic can help make a difference for people with diabetes?  What gap are you guys filling?

Kyrra from Myabetic:  Myabetic was founded because I felt a need to personalize health management.  Although diabetes is a constant struggle, we have the opportunity to take control of our treatment.  Upon my diagnosis, I lacked the motivation and self-worth to properly care for my condition.  Using the standard-issue nylon case only made me feel more ‘sick.’  I personalize so much of my life – my cell phone, computer, license plate – why not do it with healthcare?  We are all strong, unique individuals, and I wanted our daily testing accessories to reflect our personalities.

Kerri:  What made you want to become more involved in the diabetes community?

Kyrra from Myabetic:  The most rewarding aspect of Myabetic has been the opporKyrra Richards, Founder of Myabetictunity to contribute to our supportive, accepting community.  People with diabetes are passionate and strong!  It’s time that our accessories and equipment make us feel the same way.  I love carrying around our cases and am excited to share our products with everyone.  I know they can make a difference and bring smiles to healthy faces.  (Especially since I jumped for joy when my diabetes educator gave me a bunch of purple lancets – it’s the little things…)

Kerri:  If people want to find out more about your products, or want to order a meter case for themselves, how can they get in touch with you?

Kyrra from Myabetic:  We currently have cases for men, women, and children available on our website, Myabetic.  We would love to have everyone become a fan of Myabetic on Facebook and/or follow us on Twitter.  Check out the Community section of our website to find the links.  Also, if anyone would like to contact me directly, my email address is krichards (at) myabetic.com.

*   *   *

Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us, Kyrra!  And in the interests of full disclosure (also known as TMI), I'm sending the free samples I've received from Kyrra onward to some very kind readers who have reached out over the years.  One good turn, right?

(I'm off to Joslin for the day - have a great weekend!!)


I so wish they had cool & cute looking supplies like that when I was little too! Kyrra is doing a great job with these products .. love them :)

These are AWESOME - thanks so much for sharing! I only recently started following sixuntilme, and I am just LOVING your blog! You've already introduced me to several things (I would have never found before) that help me "get along" better with my diabetes. Thanks so much!

Those are awesome!! My daughter will flip out over those .... :D

Oh how awesome these cases are! I am gonna look into them for my G, who loves sparkles and color and girly things. Thanks for the interview Kerri!

Thank you SO MUCH for posting this Kerri! I'm always looking for ways to help my 6 year old daughter's diabetes a little less dreary! If I can help do that by getting her a colorful meter and pump, cute new little pump pouch, or now an adorable meter case than I am all for it! I love having our D-community (wish we didn't need it, but we do)....it's great having such support and awesome people to help make dealing with this a little more manageable and less dreary!

That pump case is crazy wonderful! Love it!

Thanks for posting--you prompted me to finally get around to ordering the Mystique, which I saw a few months ago. Chalk up a sale for SUM!

I'm loving the Momento design. Hmm, my birthday is coming up (the big 4-0). Maybe I should show my hubby this site. LOL

Hi Kerri, I figured I would finally delurk myself after you took the time to come and say Hi over on my blog. I've been following you since my 4 year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 back in December. You were recommended to me by a friend over on Twitter and I've been following ever since. On a related note, I LOVE this case and already sent a link to my wife to talk about buying this for our daughter. Awesome! Thank you!

Thanks for sharing. My little one is 3 and was diagnosed last summer. She will LOVE these cases.

It took 20 years to find a case I love! I just bought 1 for myself and 1 for my pharmacist's little girl! Thanks for showing us these products!

I went on and bought the Sierra AND the Mystique! I am always looking for ways to carry everything that I need for a short shopping trip or out to dinner in one (SMALL) bag! NOTHING is small and cute and holds everything. I am so excited about these bags! Thanks so much for sharing!!!!!

We have a fabulous frog case (courtesy of our diabetic clinic)which my son takes to school. So much more cheery than the black standard issue and it holds loads of 'stuff' too!!

I'd already found the site from another site. I'm totally saving up for one of the cases. I think they are some of the nicest ones I've seen. :)

Finally one fashionable case! I like it!

Just received my Sierra AND the Mystique bags. Both are beautiful but the mystique bag is just a little too small for me to carry my essentials in...the Sierra bag is beautiful and the perfect size!!!!! I love it!!!!!

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