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Looking Back: Chuck Norris ... and Diabetes?

This is an old graphic from a wicked old post (2007?  Whoa, the internet has had a hold on me for quite some time now.), but it still makes me laugh.  

My favorite is the second to last one.

That's it.  And now I have the giggles.


I have LOVED this graphic and the line about Splenda! Thanks for a great laugh this morning!

He he he! Top stuff - I love the Chuck Norris meme, especially when applied to the pancreatically-challenged hoards!

Pretty corney......but funny. I laughed out loud.

Mike will get SUCH a kick out of this! Thanks for sharing!

Weird - we were just talking about Chuck Norris at work yesterday.

For more fun Chuck Norris facts (non-D-related) check out:

Haha, I love it!


SO Funny!!

Great post! Just the laugh I needed. =)

You should have posted this yesterday for his birthday. LOL Funny!

I love this post - I've blogged about this one before too, its funny every time.

OMG.... Between bacon, cats, and Chuck Norris - my endless laughing is cued the curiousity and concern of my boss. She wonders if my chronic laughing is, indeed, my affliction rather than diabetes. Wow. This is AWEsome!

I loved this!!!!! Made me smile and LOL, literally.

Hahaha! Oh gosh, I started laughing before reading it because I remembered how much I liked it the first time around. My husband thinks I've cracked this time! :) Thanks!

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