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Home Stretch: Diabetes, Pre-Eclampsia, and a Cute, Round Head.

The loooong home stretch.Part One:

The people at Joslin are eventually going to lock the doors when they see me coming.  Because last Friday, at my latest round of BSparl appointments, I burst into tears a few dozen times. 

I am not a crier.  I'm very emotional, but can usually keep my emotions well-contained until I'm back in the safety of my friends or family, and then I let loose.  But with just over six weeks until the baby arrives, I'm the definition of a basketcase.

Arriving at Joslin, I was on time.  For once.  And sporting hands clad in wrist braces and ankles sheathed in compression stockings.  Again, hot momma.  ;)  This puffiness was my top concern that I wanted to talk with my obstetrician about, so it was good that I was at least exhibiting the signs, so she could see Le Puff first hand.

During the first appointment, Dr. T lubed up my belly and we took a peek at Ms. BSparl.  

"Wow, she's got a good head on her!"  

"Yeah, the Morrone kids, all of 'em, were born with these tremendously round, sunshine heads.  We're like little moons orbiting around.  My niece and nephew were absolutely adorable, and they had the same beautiful, round heads."

"Well your daughter appears to have that head.  She's perfectly round!"  Dr. T took some measurements and determined that BSparl was about 4 lbs, 11 oz at this stage.  "She's on track to be about 8 lbs, 5 oz, it seems.  She's in the 58th percentile, and I'm very happy with that."

"Is she a little bigger because of my diabetes?"  (This question prompted the first set of tears - damn, I'm an emotional mess these days.)

"No.  If that was the case, her abdomen would be out of proportion, and her body is in perfect proportion.  She's just a little tiny bit bigger than average, but her size is not diabetes-related.  Your blood sugar control has been great.  How big was your husband when he was born?"

"He was 8 lbs, 8 oz.  And I was 7 lbs, 8 oz, I think."

"Right.  So your daughter is on track to land between the two of you.  It's completely normal."

And finally, finally, I saw my daughter's face on the ultrasound machine.  In previous checkups, BSparl had been spine up, face in, so her face was obscured by the placenta and I never had a good look at her.  A few other times, she had her hands up in front of her face, only letting us see a little bit of her.  But this time, she was pretty visible, and I could see her chubby cheeks, her button nose, and her father's lips. 

She has a face I can't wait to smooch.

After the ultrasound, Dr. T and I talked about her main concern:  my weight gain.  In the last month, I've put on 10 lbs, without reason.  My pants and shirts still fit the same, I haven't been eating more or less, and my numbers have been creepily stable, but the scale tipped out at 10 lbs heavier this visit.

"What the HELL is that about?"  I asked, ashamed that up until the beginning of March, I'd only gained 27 lbs with this pregnancy, but now I was already pushing the 35 lb mark ... with six weeks to go.

"Your feet.  Your legs.  And your hands.  I'm very concerned about this weight jump, not because of the weight itself, but because it's obviously water weight.  And I don't want any issues with pre-eclampsia cropping up."

(Enter the second set of tears from me.)   "I've been checking my blood pressure at home, and haven't seen any spikes.  But I'm puffy as all get out, and it's very, very uncomfortable.  No headaches, no trouble urinating, but puffy?  Yeah."

"I think we should run some blood work today to see if you have the blood indicators of pre-eclampsia.  It's not just the blood pressure and the headaches that are indicative of this issue.  By running the blood panel, we can see if your body is already gearing up to develop this problem, and we'll be prepared either way."

"Okay."  Blotting tears.  Such a mess.  "So we'll do that and an A1C and go from there?"

"That's the plan."

After a few other appointments, I headed home and focused on the weekend.  Dr. T called me on the ride home and said that my blood work came back perfectly, without a single blood panel indicator of pre-eclampsia and my urine also didn't show any protein spilling.  I felt reasonably at ease and comfortable with the fact that Le Puff was simply due to Le Pregnancy, and nothing more.

But there were some aggravating moments at Joslin, which deserve a whole separate post.  And the weekend?  Had plans on tap other than "relaxing." All is well, but it was a long and tangled experience.  More on that tomorrow.


Don't mean to scare you, but I doubled my 30lb weight gain the last 8 weeks I was pg. It was all water, and no other sign's of Pre-E. Although I did have bp issues for a few days after she was born.

And I was 55lbs lighter by the time I left the hospital (5 days).

I hope you're doing well, Kerri.

And hey, maybe shedding tears is just natures way of trying to rid yourself of some of that water, so cry...cry...and cry some more! :)

Sending you lots of good wishes for the home stretch!

Kerri, you will be fine. Did you ever see that skinny Kelly Ripa when she was pregnant? By Memorial Day this will all be the past and you'll be enjoying the cute summer outfits on baby girl.

Sending you hugs and good thoughts. Hang in there for the next few weeks and get those lips ready for some smooching of that BSparl!

At least you can blame the crying on the hormones!! I cry at my doctor's appts too, but I don't have a good excuse.

My mom didn't have diabetes or gestational diabetes, and I still ended up being 8 lbs. 8 oz. so size is not always diabetes-related as your doctor said. She sounds perfect to me!

Glad all the bloodwork looked good. How exciting to get a good view inside at BSparl!

Hang in there, Kerri, you're "this" close.

Just the fact that you are AWARE that pre eclampsia could be an issue is a wonderful thing. You'll catch it early and they'll have you take the proper measures to make sure you and the baby are safe! I had it with both my kids. Not a fun thing, but so much easier to carry to term when you catch it early on.! You're doing such a great job!!!! :) Almost there!

I remember that third trimester pool of emotional goo all too well. At this point during my first pregnancy I was having regular evening teary sessions on my sofa (it was a beastly hot summer and no air conditioning!) And I gained a lot of weight with both my pregnancies and developed a deep loathing for that damned scale.

You're so close. I'm in awe of your strength and determination. You've done incredibly well! Not long now, Kerri. xo

I'm SO glad to hear the appointments went well - despite the crying. It's okay, I'm sure they are so used to seeing Soon-To-Be-Mommys cry, I bet the barely even noticed.

Hang in there Kerri, you're doing great. BSparl is so lucky. I hope to follow in your baby footsteps sometime in the next year and really appreciate hearing about your experiences. So be proud of yourself...and hey, if you need to cry, let it flow girl!

She sounds just perfect Kerri! And all of that water weight will disappear soon after her arrival...I'm sure everything is just fine. You've done such a great job of taking care of yourself and BSparl! I was so emotional at the end of all of my pregnancies....it didn't take much to set me off! Praying time passes quickly for you!

When BSparl gets old enough to understand, she will marvel at the attention, determination, and love you put into making her! Hang in there, we are all counting down the days with you.

It's amazing how alike things are going for us both, including a baby girl who likes to hide in our placentas and their Daddy's lips ;) And yep, signs of pre-e... I talked my way out of partial bedrest today, mainly because if I am home I will NOT be inactive, but at work, yep, nothing more than sitting at a desk. I'm thinking about you and know that we will make it through this crazy journey, complete with amazing baby girls in our arms in the end!! You ARE doing great, little Momma!

Kerri, good thing your doctors are keeping an eye on it, but don't worry about it so much. I had the puffiness with my first pregnancy, but not pre-eclampsia. It was uncomfortable, but fine. It went away immediately after my son was born...I mean immediately. The nurse said "Watch your feet" after I had him, and they were almost normal size by the time I left the labor room. Never had the puffiness again with any of my other pregnancies.

I had pre eclampsia (actually HELLP syndrome) with my first son. He was born at 30 weeks a whopping 3 lbs 9 oz. He will be 21 the end of this month and is as perfect as can be. I had 2 more sons after him, and no sign of pre eclampsia. I can't wait to hear you've smooched that little face : )

I've cried many times just reading these as we try to think about our future family options! Cannot thank you enough for sharing. Good thoughts for healthy baby and healthy Kerri!

Met a 75 year old diabetic while checking our blood sugars in the bathroom at the movie theatre. She's been type 1 for 63 years, has two sons, and a granddaughter, looked like she was 65!! She was explaining the days of boiling needles while she gave herself a shot and I pulled out my pump and hit a few buttons. She was healthy and happy. I cried in the snack line I was so happy to have met someone who was living a long, healthy, normal life, and had two sons and even with no fancy technology! Thought about your blogs and thought everything will be just fine! Healthy worry is a good parenting trait! Almost there!

Great news, I can hardly wait :)

You are doing a great job and I am so glad to hear all your numbers are normal.

Hang in there and before you know it, there's going to be a little face to smooch whenever you want.
Glad to hear that the tests went well and your doing okay, This is what should be on Reality TV...
Someday you'll look back on all the pictures and laugh with BSparl.
By the way, you'll need to post a picture of you smooching that little face!

Hi there, I just came across your blog. I wanted to say that you've done a great job :) Our daughter was born at 34 weeks and although it was a bit scary on the day, she is absolutely perfect. 34's a great number - and the fact that you're testing negative for PE is a blessing. All the very best!!!

Almost there Kerri! Not long now until you get that amazing first glimpse for real - and I can guarantee you will shed a few tears then too!

I remember with both of my pregnancies gaining so much water weight. With my first pregnancy I was in the waiting room sitting by little miss perfect pregnant girl...skinny legs,arms, hands and feet...I would look at her and then look at myself and think "What is wrong with me!!" When I saw the doctor, I broke down and started crying. He said every person and every pregnancy is different and I was doing just fine. My doctor monitored me very close and luckily I didn't have any problems due to the swelling. You will do just fine! P.S. The swelling may hang around for a few weeks after pregnany but before long you will be back to yourself!! Once you see your precious baby girl you will forget all about it.

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