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Emergency Room Visits.

On Saturday night, I was stuck.  Completely stuck at 260 mg/dl and not budging, despite stacking boluses and not even thinking about carbs.  (Because if I even thought about carbs, my blood sugar would magically rise.  It's an unproven fact.)  And I was very, very frustrated. From about 9 pm - 1 am, I battled with boluses, wondering why they weren't working.  Like a moron (Morrone?), I didn't just pull out the infusion set, but instead tried every other trick in the book.

Until I realized it just wasn't working.

So I pulled the set at about 2 in the morning, restarted a new site, and tried to get some sleep.  But by this time, a roaring headache had set in.  I'm not sure if it was caused by the high, the frustration, or dumb luck, but my dome was throbbing all night long.

I woke up with the headache. I don't get headaches often at all, so having one was a big deal.  And "headache" was one of the main symptoms my doctors at Joslin told me to keep an eye out for, as far as signs of preeclampsia go.  Fantastic. 

So, being the genius that I am, I decided to sleep in on Sunday, stay very hydrated, and then go to a hockey game in Providence with my sister-in-law and her husband STEVE.  (Hocky game when trying to ward off a headache?  WTF was I thinking?)  The game was great, I had a chance to hang out with my always-entertaining and adorable niece M, but being surrounded by a bunch of happy, screaming kids and adults cheering on the P-Bruins made for an epic crescendo of said headache.

Chris and I ducked out a little bit early, and on the way back to our place, I called the doctor on-call at Joslin to give them the run-down.

"I have had this headache for about 12 hours.  But it came on after a bad night with a stubborn high blood sugar, so it's hard for me to say what's caused what."

The medical team recommended that I go home, take my blood pressure, drink water, take Tylenol, and have a cup of coffee to help make a dent in this headache.  They said they would call me back in an hour and a half to check on my progress.

ER bracelet, in fashionable blue.

"Seriously, I'm not concerned.  Dude, go to the movies with your friends.  I'll call you if, for some reason, they decide they want me to go to the emergency room or something.  But I seriously doubt they'll want me to," I said to Chris.  He took some convincing, but I felt okay - just a headache.  I had the very same discussion with NBF over the phone as I waited for Joslin to call back.  "No, they are just going to tell me to go to bed or something.  No worries, my friend."

Ha, ha.  And ha.  Joslin called back, I confirmed that the headache wasn't gone yet, and the doctor recommended that I head to the emergency room so that the baby could be monitored and I could have labwork run.  "Preeclampsia can come on quickly, and we aren't taking any chances," they said.

"Chris - just kidding.  Joslin wants me to to go to the ER."  I texted him.

"I'm leaving right now."  He responded.

So we spent four hours in the emergency room on Sunday night, checking on our little biscuit of a BSparl.  They drew labwork on me to screen for preeclampsia (no indicators, thankfully), checked my urine (no protein, - also a good sign), monitored my blood pressure (which was fine), and hooked my abdomen up to a few sensors to keep track of baby girl. 

"Every time she moves, press this button so we can track how active she is in there.  When you press the button, a green line will show up on the graph up there, see?"  The nurse pointed at the computer screen, where the baby's heartbeat was being graphed.

"No problem."  (BSparl must have loved all the attention, and maybe she liked listening to the episode of House that was on in the hospital room, because she filled that graph with green lines for 45 minutes as a result of her dancing.  Busy little baby bee.)

After a few hours, the ER doctors talked with my team at Joslin and everyone determined that I was okay to go home.  The baby wasn't at risk, I seemed to be okay, and the only issue was this lingering, nagging headache.  They prescribed extra strength Tylenol (bye bye, Dexcom for a few days) and this other medication that is intended to treat nausea in pregnancy but has been used to manage headaches, as well.  Hydration, sleep, relaxing, and medication were my recommended course of treatment.

What's the point of this post?  I have no idea.  I'm just rambling these days.  :)  It seems like everything is a pushed panic button when it comes to high-risk pregnancies (any pregnancy, I'd guess, but I only know my own so intimately), but I do have a kick-ass team when it comes to managing potential emergencies on a Sunday evening.  The headache still hangs on, but the medication is making it manageable, and I'm hoping it's totally gone by the time I head to Rhode Island for my baby shower on Sunday.

Counting down the weeks until BSparl arrives and makes her little mark in this world.  She comes with a how-to manual, right?  ... Where's that headache medication ... ?


Thank God you and the baby are ok. I spent many visits with our OB nurses doing those non-stress tests. I would poke at the baby if she was too sleepy and not moving. The nurses would have fun hitting the sensor with their keys if she thought it was naptime. LOL Glad you called your medical team. Better safe than sorry!

Hi Kerri: I have been following your blog since my 3 year old daughter Samantha was diagnosed last September. And I have been thinking of you as you go through your pregnancy...and when I read this post that you were at the P Bruins game Sunday I was so excited because we were there too!! I would have loved to bump into you and have my daughter meet you and show off her snazzy pod :) Best of luck with everything and know that your blog helps many people dealing with diabetes and offers hope to the parents of T1 kids as well. Thank you.

So glad it wasn't anything more serious. We want BSpral here safe and healthy with you safe and healthy too!

Yes, high risk pregnancies definitely come with a pushed panic button... or maybe that is just our wonderful team of docs taking wonderful care of us. Considering I am now doing the HELLP Panel and 24 hours every. single. week. along with my weekly u/s, every ounce of caution is being used. While it's a pain, it is also so calming to know that I am being so closely monitored and I often consider it a luxury ;) that I only have to endure for 2 more weeks! EEK!

I am so happy to hear that all turned out well for you. Good for you for calling the doc just to be on the safe side... see, you're a great Momma, even without the how-to manual!

Ooo... sounds familiar. I had the same sort of random headache come on at about 30 weeks (I think? It's been 5+ years now...). My blood sugar was fine, blood pressure was fine (then)... I went to Northwestern (Chicago)'s version of pregnant ER - Labor & Delivery - where I ended up with a CT scan, lumbar puncture, all sorts of fun stuff. Only thing that would make the headache better was some kind of nice narcotic they could only give me there, then they sent me home the next morning and it went away by itself. My OB just sort of shrugged at that point and said, "pregnancy can be weird."

Soon she'll be here and all the pregnant crazies will start to fade from memory. :)

That's funny that you had your high-blood sugar, site-change, trouble-shooting nonsense into the wee hours of the morning Saturday night 'cuz . . . me too!

Hence the post: http://laynenp.blogspot.com/2010/03/foiled-again.html

We must have been channeling each other from, oh, about 1200 miles apart. Sorry you had to go through that. It royally sucks and makes you (me?) want to bang your head against a wall. I'm glad BSparl is ok. Hopefully your noggin will feel better soon.


Glad you're both ok.

When I had pregnancy induced hypertension I had some of those protein-detecting strips at home, and I peed on one once or twice a day to keep on top of the preeclampsia thing.

Seems to me that you could save yourself 4 hours and lots of worry if you asked for a box to keep at home.

Of course, my pregnancy was otherwise uncomplicated (that time) so this may be a HORRIBLE idea, but it couldn't hurt to ask.

Looking forward to the safe arrival of your little one... it won't be long now!

Ugh, I had a similar pre-e scare when I was pregnant. I didn't have to go to the ER, but I had a tear-filled visit when my OB said my baby was actually measuring too SMALL during one visit. She ordered blood tests to test for early-onset pre-e, and thankfully, they came back negative; I never had pre-e... my bp and urine was always fine, and I've had T1 for 25 years now. We just figured that my DD just hadn't hit a growth spurt yet. She was born at 6 lbs 12 oz and was perfectly healthy. So who knows! She was also rambunctious during the NSTs... all my NSTs were 40 min+ long because she wouldn't settle down to give the nurses a good "baseline"! LOL!
The previous poster is sooo right about these events just fading into memories. Now that's all they are, and I'm busy chasing around at 15-month-old! ;)
I'm praying for you and that sweet little one.

Scary! So glad everything is alright. Headaches suck.

Glad all is well. Take care of yourself. You are almost there!

I'm glad you're ok - but seriously - a manual? I've got two girls, 17 years and 2 years, and I still haven't gotten the manual yet.

I'm so glad not only that you and Bsparl are okay but that you have such a proactive medical team looking after you. It sucks that you spent time in the ER but best that they checked you out good. I hope the next few weeks are calm ones spent only where you want to be :)

I sat white knuckeld through this one and am so glad you and your girl are OK. I'm itching to knit her something, but will wait until she pops out, especially as I wanted to do a hat and having read about the round head might need to modify the pattern!
It really isn't long now and it is normal to be ill at ease at this point even without the added complicaitons of the Big D.
I had twitchy legs every night and spent a lot of time watching late night TV or reading. Gets you in the habit of the broken sleep to come. It's a hell of a ride this preggers lark.
Hugs from England. xxx

Hi Kerri, I'm glad the baby is ok but sorry you are still having a headache. They really suck, especially pregnant. I've been getting one every Monday from exhaustion (Harry's late night screaming and falling out of bed must not be helping). I hope you are feeling better soon.

Forget the manual, you'll be soon be wishing for volume control! >

Phew! :)A headache's one thing, PE's another. Not that many weeks to go... it'd be nice, I'm sure, if it could be excitement free!

PS: Why oh why do pumpers always think about the infusion set having a problem last? I'm just as guilty.

Ok, so I am so glad everything is good and the baby is doing great too. Now, do I need to break out my mother voice and remind you "two unexplained highs in a row and you inject your correction w/ a syringe and change the site??"......I know, you've heard it but since my daughter is 10 and I am constantly reminding her about D I thought I would throw one to you too.
Love, love, love your blog!

I'm glad that you're both ok. In case you get that manual, can you sent me a copy please, I'm gonna need it too :)

I think there is a great reason you posted this: so that all the rest of us T1s out there know that we too can do this pregnancy thing, even though we're not Superwoman. You do your best (which is d--- good), and you show us that we too can do it--even if we're scared of highs that won't go away, or pre-ecclampsia or what have you. And I hear you about the site change, it's always the *last* thing I think of! (You would think I would have learned by now.) Thank you for so honestly sharing your pregnancy journey with us, and I hope you are feeling better.

Any chance your headache was sinus or allergy related?

heh - pregnancy is the only times i don't get headaches.
and that manual - HA! my 6yo spent 45 minutes today before school changing her clothes because her pants/underwear didn't feel right. i have no clue what to do with that, other than threaten to throw her on the bus in whatever she's wearing (or not) at the time.

There must have been something in the air on Sunday night because I couldn't come down from my 354 at all. I bolused and bolused and nothing happened... Might as well have unplugged my pump and thrown it out the window... I too ended up in the ER, but I'm not pregnant, just after bolusing 35 units I figured it was time to get some help!

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