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Diabetes and Pregnancy: The Bed Rest Chronicles.

Hanging here for a few weeks.All day Wednesday, I had the pleasure of collecting my urine in a "hat" for 24 hours and then sending it off to my doctors for protein analysis.  Since I was ordered to remain on modified bed rest until further notice, Chris ran the collection up to the hospital for analysis at noon.

Where they lost it.  Twice.  And the test wasn't actually performed on the sample until almost 10 pm that night.  

Which lead to the mad scramble on Friday morning after my OB called, saying that the protein content of my 24 collection was too high for comfort, and they wanted to admit me to the hospital until the baby was born.

I'm not the most calm, relaxed person.  (WHAT DO YOU MEAN, YOU PICKED UP ON THAT?)  I get nervous about things, I have a hard time adjusting to change, and I have a lot of trouble letting people make the full decisions regarding my health care.  So being told I needed to pack a bag for a time frame ranging from 1 - 3 weeks, and that upon my return home, I'd have my daughter with me ON THE OUTSIDE, I melted down just a little, teeny bit.

But it's not about me, or what I need.  This is about my kiddo, and keeping her safe and sound.  So the bags were packed (where I put in jeans and "real shirts" but then realized I'll be on bed rest, so replaced those items quickly with sweatpants, sports bras, and t-shirts) and Chris and I headed off to the hospital.

"See you in a little bit, Siah.  But when I come home, you won't be the queen bee anymore.  Ms. BSparl will outrank you by an awful lot."

Siah looked at me, slightly crossed-eyed, and then ran off to chase a speck of dust that scampered by.

When we arrived, the doctors checked my blood pressure (was a little elevated - 140/84, but no one was freaking out) and labs were drawn to assess the levels of creatinine in my blood.  The medical team checked on BSparl, too, with a full ultrasound and non-stress test to assess if and how the pre-eclampsia was affecting her.  Thankfully, she's having her own personal dance party in there and seems to be just fine, despite all of my symptoms.

So we're in for the long haul now, which just got a bit shorter.  I'm currently 34 weeks, 4 days along in this pregnancy, and the hospital goal is to make it to the 36 week mark.  If anything becomes unstable between now and then, BSparl will arrive on an earlier flight.  :)  But I'm being watched carefully, and so is she, so nothing will be sneaking up on us while we're under the careful eye of the team here. 

My blood pressure is being checked every few hours, my liquid intake/urine output is being tracked to keep tabs on my kidney function, and we have ultrasounds and blood work scheduled every two days.  I'm on heparin shots three times a day, thanks to this bed rest/Factor V heterozygous combination (more on that later).  And the nurses are keeping my blood sugar logbooks for me, which means this is the most thorough logbooking I've ever done in my entire life.  (Also, my numbers haven't been over 120 mg/dl in three days, which means I've scared my diabetes into complete compliance.  Testing every hour probably helps a bit, too.  Panicking slightly doesn't appear to hurt, either.)

I'll be a little scarce at times online, thanks to the swelling in my hands that keeps me from being able to work comfortably, and due to the barrage of docs and nurses that are checking in throughout the day and night.  (I have upwards of 10 doctor or nurse visits throughout the course of the day - makes for a very BSparl-focused 24 hours.) 

Chris and I are so thankful for the support and well wishes we've received from you guys - it makes a world of difference, and I know BSparl is benefiting from these good vibes.  (And I am too - thank you!!)


Well wishes from the both of us seasoned parents! Hang in there, and hope that things continue to go well. Sounds like you've got a great team looking after you. You have a great attitude. We will continue to send our thoughts and prayers your family's way.

Thinking of you and Christ, Kerri. This is no fun...but definitely worth it!

Good luck! You are in the home stretch now. You will be in our thoughts and prayers.

Hang in there Kerri and baby! You will be fine. You are in the best place, let them take care of you and try to relax!

The rest of the Lewis' family(jeff,brendon,jessica and jacob)) by the rest, I know you and shannon "chat" regularly)wish you and Chris all the best as you wait for the little one to arrive. Try to rest as much as you can....you will need it!!!

I'm sending good vibes in your direction!

I know this isn't how you pictured the end of your pregnancy, and I'm sorry you're in the hospital. The hospital sucks and no one wants to be there.

But you are doing everything right for your baby. You're already such a great mom.

It will go fast. Rest as much as you can. My second child was born (induced due to complications) at exactly 36 weeks gestation, and she didn't spend one solitary minute in the NICU. 36 weeks is a good goal.

Thinking of you all!


I am glad you posted today! I was getting worried!

I'm glad to hear that despite some pre-eclampsia concerns that you and BSparl are doing well and that you are in good spirits!

Not that I am wishing premature delivery on BSparl, but my second child was born at 32 wks. 3 days (not pre-eclampsia - she had a condition called SVT) and though her first few weeks were rough, she has done really well and is just like any other healthy 2 1/2 year old now!

Best of luck! You, Chris and BSparl are in my prayers!

-Heather Donnelly

the end is in sight! you can do this! can't wait to hear of BSparl's safe and healthy arrival.

sending hugs and prayers - things will be fine.

Good luck Kerri! I'm glad BSparl is doing well despite everything going on around her. You will do great!!

Like I said before, good thing you are stubborn so I know you can do this!!!

I have some good jokes for you to tell the doctors and nurses to pass the time.

If you get a really awkward or quiet doc, try "How much does a polar bear weigh?"... "Enough to break the ice!"

Or if you get a really nerdy one, try "What did zero say to eight?"... "Hey, nice belt!"

I've got more where those came from if you need them! :)

Hi Kerri,
Thanks for posting. I was thinking of you all weekend, starting to worry. Not glad that you are in the hospital, but glad that so far so good.
My first, was 10 1/2 weeks early and just celebrated her 12th birthday!! No complications from being early!! Baring other complications, being early at this stage is not too much of a worry. Sounds like you are in excellent hands.
Hang in there, my thoughts and prayers are with you all.

We're thinking of the three of you, cheering on an April arrival. (Diamonds ARE a girl's best friend.)

Okay, so maybe the cats are thinking of the felines at home, who are probably running wild w/o much human contact.

My thoughts and prayers are with you, Kerri! Soon this will all be a distant memory and you'll have your beautiful baby girl in your arms!

My thoughts and prayers are with you Kerri! Congratulations in advance. :)

Take care of yourself Kerri! I hope you don't go too stir-crazy with the bed rest. I hope you brought a couple good trashy books to read. :)

Wishing you and yours well.

Okay, little cutie. It seems like it's time to put your feet up, and relax as much as having hourly nurse and doctor visits 24/7 will allow.

Is there anything I can get you that would be highly amusing? Do you have funny things on your iPod? I love Radio Lab. Do you like trashy magazines? Have you watched everything on Hulu?

It seems like you, BSparl, and Chris are under the best of care, and now you just need to figure out how to keep amused for the time you're there. Could Chris put a web cam on Siah's head?

I'm so glad to hear from you. I kept checking all weekend & was getting worried. I'll be praying that the Pre-E won't get worse & that Bsparl can stay in there a little longer.

Thinking of you all! Hang in there!

Kerri, thinking about you guys and sending lots of good vibes.
Hoping that BSparl takes her time and that you two can find a way to stay entertained - are there some interesting items around for her to launch off your belly?
Take care and keep us updated, as much as the swollen digits will allow!

You're nearly there. Take care of yourself and my thoughts are with all three of you.

Thanks for posting the update, I was wondering how you were doing!! I hope you aren't getting too bored in that hospital :) Good luck, Kerri!

Your story so far sounds almost exactly like mine with my daughter. Bed rest at hospital when I was almost 35 weeks (blood pressure was high and protein in my urine), trying to make it to 36 weeks, but she ended up coming at 35 weeks and 3 days because my platelets (sp?) got too low. I'd ask your docs if they are planning on giving you magnesium after she's born. They gave it to me for 24 hours after my daughter was born, and it did a number on me. (Just made me super sleepy and dazed and just kinda out of it.) I wish someone had helped me start pumping so that it didn't end up taking so long for my milk to come in.

Anyway, my daughter was fine after a short stay in the NICU to stabilize her blood sugars (but her lungs and everything else was fine).

Wishing you, Chris, and BSparl all the best.

The paragraph about not being the calmest, most relaxed person rang true like a bell in my ear. Um, I was freaking out for you when I read everything. As if it were me heading to the hospital...wondering what was left to be done at home to prepare, how much time you had to pack, etc., etc. Yeah, it's not even ME! :)

My crazy, high-strung self wishes you all the best for the coming days/weeks and for everything to go well for when she decides to get the dance party started in the delivery room!!

Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed that all goes well!!! We're all rooting for you and Bsparl to get out of the hospital as soon as you're able, happy & healthy all around!

Kerri, your posts remind me so much of my T1 pregnancy. I HATED having to pee in the "hat". They did it with me even though I had no protein showing up.
I had and have minor problems with my eyes since the pregnancy.
My now 3 year old daughter came 3 weeks early and spent 2 weeks in the hospital :-(.
But it's worth it. When she is here she will make your heart sing and your life like nothing you've ever known before.
You're in my thoughts and prayers.

LOVE that YOU scared your diabetes into being good. :) hahaha! Praying for a healthy delivery of your baby girl!

Sending positive thoughts your way!! Can't wait to read the post where BSparl arrives, safe and sound.

You can do it! Stay relaxed, healthy and calm, now! We just want you two safe and sound- so it doesn't matter if you don't post! You can do it! The end is in sight!

You can do it! Stay relaxed, healthy and calm, now! We just want you two safe and sound- so it doesn't matter if you don't post! You can do it! The end is in sight!

thanks for keeping us up to date i too was starting to worry

Stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago, and have been reading ever since.

Bless your heart! Take it easy in the hospital. Sure hope things go well for you.

Glad to see I wasn't your only cyber "mom" worrying about your lack of posts- you have LOTS of loyal fans cheering & wishing the best for you, Chris and Bsparl....and if Bsparl does make an earlier appearence, I too have a preeemie tale to share: my oldest (non-D) daughther was 6 wks early, 29 yrs ago, & in 6 more wks she'll be a bride...so THERE'S a future image for you & Chris to hold on to-!!!

Keep your eye on the prize!
You and Bsparl are in my prayers.

Thinking happy thoughts for you both!!!

No wonder you're freaking out! I'm a bit freaked myself and we've never even met. But, you're dedicated and you love BSparl so much that I know everything will turn out well. Good luck and congratulations!

Well, okay, not so much fun being stuck on bedrest and feeling like you're under a microscope. But it looks like both BSparl and Diabetes like it! Hang in there a little bit longer.

PS: When I read your sentence about not being the most calm person in the world, I had a immediate flash to the D-Dinner when you YELLED at the waitress "can I have some coffee . . . coffee, Coffee . . . COFFEE PLEASE!!!)

I can only imagine how scary this all must be-you are doing great, and you and Chris will get through this with the best gift for making it to the finish line!
I wish you and your growing family the very best :)

Take care Kerri!
And I can't wait to read these sentences: "Today, on ...of April ....was born healthly and happy....

Good luck Sparl family!! I'm sure everything will go great. Sounds like you have a great team of folks taking care of you. After a well-controlled t1 pregnancy, my daughter was born at 34 weeks due to preeclampsia and she is a happy, healthy 3 year old (as of yesterday in fact). I'm 26 weeks pregnant now with daughter #2 and am hoping to make it further along this time, but we shall see what's in store for us! We're thinking of you guys. :)

Oh my goodness! Hang in there. I am so excited for you and Chris and am really looking forward to your one-handed blogs as you hold B-Sparl with the other hand.
We follow your blog over here in England and send lots of good wishes for a safe and joyful time. She's on her way!!

Delurking to say that I'll be thinking of you all and cheering you on, having been in a similar situation myself with my firstborn: gestational diabetes in my case, high blood pressure, hospitalization, etc. at 36 weeks...no in-hospital Internet access or social media to speak of, though! I'm glad they're taking good care of you and BSparl. Be sure to keep your tailbone cushioned, mine got a bit sore after only 4 days of bed rest.

You are very much in my thoughts right now, Kerri! It sounds like you're in good hands at the hospital, and I will keep my fingers crossed that BSparl will stay inside for a while longer. Thinking many, many good thoughts for the Sparling family.

*lots of good vibes*

See if they'll let Chris bring you food. When a good friend was on hospitalized bed rest, homemade food was one of the few things that made it ever so slightly more bearable.

Good luck Kerri!! Sending lots and lots of good vibes your way! This is really crazy, I'm so excited about BSparl's arrival, like if it was someone of my own family, and I'm on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean... How crazy is that :) I can't wait to read (in a few weeks of course!) that BSparl is finally here, healthy an safe. I really wish the very best for the three of you.

Dear Kerri,
I know that all will be well! You're doing the right thing, although it's annoying, but you and your baby (BSparl) will come through this OK...I asked my psychic ..(LOL) Keep up the positive thoughts, as you are doing.... Believe me, visualization (ie. healthy delivery etc. really helps,,, I delivered with only 35K platelets)....Sending you alot of positive thoughts. Be strong, and enjoy your rest....once she's here...you will get very little rest LOL! Wishing you well....(way to go, girl!!)
Beth in Sevilla

Just wanted to send over my good vibes in to the pile you have here! You and your family are in my thoughts. I can't wait to see what creative posts come out of bed-rest boredom, and to hear about what a beautiful baby comes home with you at the end of this long journey.

Hi Kerri, that is a weird feeling isn't it? When you leave home for the last time with baby inside knowing that next time you see home you'll have a little person strapped in the car for the ride? Weird but amazing and fantastic.

You are at a great gestation now. She may see NICU for a few days, but heck, you're both going to do great.

Congratulations - you're almost at the finish line :)

Good thoughts coming your way! I'm so glad they're taking such good care of you and your baby.


*hugs* I don't know what I'd do if I had to sit in a bed for weeks on end! I hope you like soap operas! ;-) And cards...

Take care of yourself.

I'm sending you good vibes and thoughts your way Kerri & Chris! I hope everything settles down a bit before your little girl decides it's time to come in to the world :)
Best of luck!

I was worried when you hadn't posted. Glad you are safe and sound in the hospital and that Baby is doing well. Lots of thoughts and prayers being sent your way! xoxoxo

Thinking good thoughts for you and your darlings.

Thinking of you,hubby and baby!

Been keeping an eye on SUM ..starting to worry, so very relieved you posted. Best wishes, good thoughts and many prayers being send your way for a uneventful delivery. Will be watching for the good news of BSparl's arrival!!

Am thinking of you. I was put on bed rest twice so I understand. On the flip side I watched current events and shows on TV that I never would have found the time for! Hang in there. And rest:)

We're all thinking of you guys! Here's hoping to healthy mommy and healthy baby. :)

Praying for you!

Good luck, being stuck in hospital sucks, but you will get a darling little reward out of it! She's lucky to have you both for parents, and thanks for posting: like others, I was getting quite worried! I'll be praying for you.

More good vibes winging your way from us here in Finland! Almost there!

Wow! You are ending this pregnancy in style at the "Hospital Hilton" Tell them I said, they are to treat BSparl and you like royalty. I am definitely keeping you in my thoughts and prayers as Chris and you await the arrival of your precious bundle of a little baby girl. I know she will be both a delight and joy to you.

Sending good thoughts your way...

Hang in there Kerri! Keeping you, and Chris and BSparl in my thoughts - she'll be here before we know it!

She's almost here! Thinking good thoughts for you again. Hang in there and congrats in advance!

Hang in there Kerri. Your family is in our prayers.

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