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We Can Work It Out.

The Dexcom seems fit enough.  I need to get my yellow legs in gear.(Great song.)

Now that we're back from our trip, it's time to reintroduce myself to the "swing of things."  While we were away, Chris and I were up late, eating fancy food at fancy restaurants (including desserts and carb-fantastic sweet potato french fries and gelato ... things we wouldn't normally eat but we devoured in spades - and in our mouths - all week long during the festival holy run on sentence), going to bed at 3:30 in the morning, battling the frigging hills, and waking up the next day only to do it again.  For nine days running.

It was exhausting. 

But now we are home.  And in the comfort of my own schedule, I can wake up early, eat a breakfast that doesn't include sausage (not the cat), get enough sleep at night, put my feet up as necessary, and get some exercise in.

Oh, the exercise part.  How you plague me.

I used to be awesome at getting to the gym.  Not to toot my own horn - more to toot Chris's, actually - but his dedication to the gym helped me keep my proverbial (and literal) butt in gear.  It was just part of our routine, and it was easy.  And the benefits were tremendous:  good health, pants that fit, and that feeling of "ooh, I'm sort of strongish."

But now?  As the baby belly grows and my sense of balance leaves the building for the next 75 days?  Exercise is hard.  Wicked hard.

Since we've been home, I've been back at the gym with Chris, only the workouts I'm doing now feel completely lazy-ass, compared to the ones I was doing before.  No weights (thank you, retinopathy), no jumping rope (thank you, bouncy belly), and no increased heart rate over 130.  

So I walk.  For like 40 minutes on the treadmill, without an incline and at a speed of only 3.0 miles per hour.  On paper (screen?) that looks wussy, but in reality, it's kicking my behind.  I'm not sure if it's the weight I've put on in the front or the fact that my lungs are squished in there, or maybe just because my whole body is completely different now than it was seven months ago, but just walking on the treadmill is a challenge these days.

I'm going to see how long I can keep exercising.  I've heard that many pregnant women make it to the day before they give birth, and I've also heard that the more active I can remain, the better my recovery will be after having the little baby.  Activity helps keep BSparl healthier, too, which is even more incentive to keep plodding.

Weird thing is, my blood sugars don't drop during exercise anymore.  In fact, they seem to go up a little bit.  Before becoming pregnant, I would disconnect my pump and exercise without insulin, but now I need to leave it attached.  And I sometimes need to bolus during the workout, depending on how the Dexcom is trending.  It's very odd, what my hormones are doing to my blood sugars these days.  I also had to increase part of my wee hours of the morning basal today, after two mornings in a row of waking up at 150 mg/dl.

"Kerri, you're rambling.  You realize that, right?  You're just rambling on about exercise and blood sugars and do you actually have a point with this post?"

Why thank you, Internal Motivational Speaker.  I appreciate you bothering me.  Yes, I'm rambling, but I'm just trying to get all these thoughts out before I lose them.  Which seems to be the case lately.

"Why don't you just tell them that the real reason you're fixated on exercise this week is because when you came home from Sundance, each cat had gained 5 pounds?  Now you have a trio of porkchops racing around the apartment?  Why don't you admit that Siah can't even fit under the couch anymore because she's too darn fat?"

Sigh.  I need to get back into the exercise groove. 

And apparently so do my cats.


Well, I know this will be tough, but I think it might be important to stop comparing your workouts now to what they were pre-BSparl. Your body has changed drastically, so a slow walk on the treadmill is now equal to the tough workouts you used to do. Just keep up those walks and applaud yourself for doing them!!

As for those cats - WOW. Did they learn how to get to the grocery store and buy cat food all on their own while you were gone? I think they are sneaking extra meals while you aren't looking!!

My cats each weigh about 14 lbs. Does that make you feel better?

And I could LIVE on sweet potato fries. Well... no I couldn't, but I wish I could!!!

Karen - You are right, but it's a hard adjustment. I'm all "What do you mean, I can't walk faster without feeling like I'm going to tip over?" :)

Sara - Abby is about 17 pounds, and doesn't appear to have gotten bigger, but Siah, OMG. She's a freaking walrus now. We came home and saw her and both of us said, "Holy fatty!!"

The cats were watched by my father in law, and he came by every two days. But the food bowls were FULL all the time, so the cats just ate and ate and ate. They all look knocked up now.

Thanks for another great post that made me smile. Always love reading your posts. Actually, it is one of the first things I do when I wake and am drinking my morning coffee!
Question- is weight training bad for retinopathy? Do tell.

Lindsay - The weight training was fine before BSparl, because even though I had mild retinopathy then, it wasn't something that was affected by the weights. Now, though, with the baby, all the extra blood in my body (I've heard that there's 30% more blood in my body now, pregnant, than before. Holy strain on my vessels!), and the unfortunate reality that pregnancy puts a strain on normal eyes, nevermind the ones affected by diabetes, that's why I'm off the weight training until the baby is born. That's also why I may be having a c-section instead of a vaginal birth, because the pushing could do a number on my compromised eyeballs.

Whew - long winded answer, sorry! And now I need coffee. :D

Kerri, I don't mind your ramblings. Since I'm always rambling, I actually enjoy reading someone else's ramblings now and then! :)

I also found that walking was difficult while pregnant. Just you wait until BSparl drops down into your pelvis. That makes just getting around difficult! I highly recommend finding a great prenatal yoga class if you can. It helped me feel great while I was pregnant and I felt like I was getting a bit of a workout.

Ramble away my friend. It is all good.

My sister started mall walking near the end with her second and she swears that was why her labor was shortened and recovery was quick.

Cat ramblings make my day. Each and Every time.

They also make me think more about my cat, and how I must find more to blog about relating to her.


Kerri - I'm about 2 weeks ahead of you in my first pregnancy, so I completely understand! I feel like I'm not doing anything by walking on my treadmill for 30 minutes at a time, but I sure do huff and puff to get through it! I know it's good for the baby though, so I keep doing it. Sad thing is, my treadmill is in the basement. Climbing those stairs after 30 minute of walking is enough to make me want to just spend the day in the basement, no matter how cold it is down there...

It is possible that the cats are chanelling the preggers vibe that you are sporting!
Any exercise is good for you but you really can't compare now to seven months ago. I am quite tall (5'10") and thought I'd feel fine right up to the end of my pregnancy but towards eight months I I really syruggled to breathe when I walked. Maybe swimming or cycling would be good as they would give you variety. I found cycling great but it was early summer and not winter.
Also resting is great! Your body is exercising internally.
Also it's normal to feel grumpy. All the bloody advertising has women leaping about and pregnant with big freaky smiles on their faces. These women are probably skinny models with pillows up their jumpers!
Sending all good vibes from England to you and your little girl.

I wasn't able to actually exercise in the real sense of the word after I hit 7.5 months pregnant. I had high amniotic fluid and was just too huge to be able to do much before my back was *killing* me. I did work at my (pretty physical job) up until 2 weeks before my daughter was born (2 weeks early, on her own). I still was "active" and did some serious nesting but I dropped all exercise right around where you are.

I think the exercise did help in my recovery time. That and I was up-and-attem as soon as I was out of the hospital. Sledding and snowboarding 4 days after. ...maybe not the wisest decision. But I definitely commend you on your vigil! :)

Keep the rambling posts coming ... I love them!

Hi! Good luck with the training - I attempted during my pregnancy, but only managed to go a few times. And now I am regretting it... But, I have good intentions of starting a routine again soon! Oh, btw. I have started to blog (again) and have linked to you.

Have you looked into walking laps in the pool at your gym? The water will take the weight/pressure/lack of balance off of you and the water provides great resistance and support so you can walk around without feeling like you will tip forward.

Walking laps in the pool helped me when I had a knee injury (psh, stay off my knee? whatever) and the pressure was relieved off of my knee and I was able to heal faster :)

You rock! Your body/BSparl will tell you what you can and can't do. I was working out consistently when I was preggo with Johnny - then all of sudden (seriously 2 days after working out) I couldn't do my normal routine. Things began to be way uncomfortable and I was like 'ooohkayy we can take it slower'. So I did. Good luck with the workouts - do what you can, your body will tell you. :o)

Your Fellow-D,


Hi Kerri, I've been a Type 1 for 20 years and am at 36 weeks pregnant this week. I have done pilates, yoga, hiking, backpacking, and swimming throughout the pregnancy, and it is really what has saved my sanity throughout the pregnancy. My insulin needs have about tripled now in the third trimester, and that has been very frustrating, but overall things have been great. I've also found acupuncture to be extremely helpful for maintaining energy levels and keeping blood pressures perfect, too. I did an 8 mile hike at 32 weeks, which was a good challenge for me. Now that the baby has turned head down and dropped, my hikes are definitely shorter, but it's amazing how much better exercise can make you feel during this time. Good luck with your pregnancy!

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