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Sundance: The Festival Itself.

(I've bombarded you guys with info on Buried and kept a running update on Facebook and Twitter, so I promise this will be the last post about Sundance. I'll go back to diabetes crap in a few minutes.  Or at least I'll blend them.)

We're back from Park City, and the whole Sundance experience was completely and utterly surreal.  I won't go on about the reviews that have come out about the film (i.e. New York Times, LA Times, Variety, Moveline, Slashfilm, Film School Rejects), and I have no plans to talk extensively about the Lionsgate purchase (holy crap).  But we were at the premiere of Buried at the Library Theater on Saturday, January 24th, and it was incredible.

After a private pre-screening dinner (where there was a special "Buried" menu on tap - very cool), we headed off to the theater for the actual screening.  The film premiered at midnight, and it was something else.  Chris's (in my humble, wife-ish opinion) fantastic script was brought to life by Rodrigo's immense directorial talent, and Ryan's performance was emotional and real.  I don't want to ruin the story for anyone who is planning to see the movie (you are ALL planning to see the movie, right?), so suffice to say that the film was incredible.  I applauded wildly, and BSparl did the same from underneath my belly button.  (She's a big fan of her daddy's movie.  Man, that is bizarre to write.  Two and a half more months!  /diatribe)

So many friends and family members came out for the festival (including the majority of Chris's extended family and also my father), so the house was packed.  Chris, director Rodrigo Cortes, and star of the film, Ryan Reynolds were all in attendance, adding some extra excitement to the room.  This was the first time that anyone outside of the production team was seeing the film, so the air was electric.  And since this was our first look at the finished film, we could hardly sit still.  I found myself particularly fidgety during certain moments of the movie - you'll know when you see it.

Chris Sparling, Rodrigo Cortes, Ryan Reynolds
Writer Chris Sparling, director Rodrigo Cortes, and actor Ryan Reynolds

And it was over.  Ninety four breathless minutes later.  The audience sat back from the edges of their seats - literally - and then there was a Q&A with Ryan, Rodrigo, and Chris, where the audience peppered the trio with questions about the film. (Some video coming soon, once we figure out which suitcase the Flip ended up in.)

Buried screened a total of five times at the festival, and the responses from viewers has been overwhelmingly positive.  I mean, these three guys pulled it off.  A movie, taking place entirely in a coffin with one actor, was interesting.  For over an hour and a half.  That's pretty damn impressive.  ... but I'm not doing a movie review here.  Obviously my bias is impossible to contain. ("Most impressive script EVER!"  "Cutest writer of all TIME!!"  "Framing the movie poster and debating putting it in the baby's NURSERY!") 

I am so proud, as his wife, to have been there to support Chris as he made this huge career leap forward.  But I was proud before, when there wasn't a Sundance movie to talk about or a movie premiere to attend.  He's my best friend, and I'm so, so happy for him.

Now I need to upload a pile of photos and make sense of the suitcases that still need unpacking.  And find out why Siah is curled up around the toaster, purring maniacally.


How exciting Kerri :) I'm so very happy for Chris and you (and BSparl!). I am hoping to see the movie as soon as I can - it sounds incredible!

Glad you had fun there and Chris' movie was so well received! Congrats on a successful week!

Congratulations Kerri and Chris. This must be so exciting for you and your family.

I am so proud of him too. Give him a "thumbs up" and "Palin wink" from me. I am kidding about the wink of course. ;)


Oh congratulations Chris and Kerri! I have been waiting for a post! :) I'm glad that everything went well. I can't wait to see the movie! :)

Glad it went well. Congratulations to you and your family. Sorry we never got to meet up. Next time for sure!

Wow! Congratulations Chris!

Kerri, about the movie poster in the baby's room... save it for the time out corner ; )

Congratulations to both of you. That is so exciting! I've been checking out the reviews and they're all glowing. And don't worry, I plan to catch it in the theater!

Read the articles and can't wait to see it. When can we expect a release?
Wow! Congrats to the Sparling familiy on such rave reviews.

So pleased it went well - looking forward to seeing it, when it eventually hits Finland!

I'm so glad you guys had a good time and that the movie was received so well. :)
As for my contribution, I plan on buying a ticket. But I'm totally not going to see it. I heard something about a snake. And that, I cannot handle. :P

You have much to be proud of, as does he!
Congrats to you both!
I'm looking forward to seeing it- but I'm super nervous and scared!
Kelly K

So very exciting....I must admit I googled Sundance reviews a couple of times and everything I saw about Buried was impressive. Great job Chris. Can't wait to see the movie!

Congratulations!!! I'm very excited for you and Chris! Can't wait to see "Buried".

Congratulations on Chris's success!


you go on and gush all you want!! I for one, enjoy when nice things happen to nice people. So just keep on gushing and I'll keep on enjoying.

it makes me happy when other people are happy.

How exciting! The movie sounds great. Congratulations!

So, so, so awesome! I love the movie poster idea for the nursery. It could start a whole new wave for nursery fashion. Maybe MTV can do a "BabyCribs" series, and that will take the place of the Scarface poster.

Ha. Cribs. Like what a baby sleeps in! I honestly didn't even think of that.

welcome back! It's so exciting, and I am waiting impatiently for it to hit my theater here! Thanks for including us in this awesome trip.

Congrats on the screening, Kerri & Chris!!
I can't wait for it to premiere here, I will for sure go to see it!

SO many congrats! we love having watched from afar from Spain to here! HURRAH Chris and Kerri and BSparl! xox

This is what happens what I am away from the blogging world for a bit!?! You come to Utah and I didn't even know it! I would have totally stalked you down!LOL! I am so happy to hear about your hubby! That is impressive!

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