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Someone Else's Childhood.

This post was originally featured on the ACT1 Diabetes support group site, and since I'm spending the day at the doctor's today, I thought it would be a good time to do a little cross-posting.  :)

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Oh holy awesomeness.For Valentine’s Day, Chris and I went to a French restaurant to celebrate our marriage and our growing family. (And for those of you who are familiar with my husband’s new-found Francophile tendencies, you’ll realize that he is the one who chose this restaurant. The guy is addicted to crème brulee.)

Since I’m seven months pregnant, we didn’t crack open any bottles of wine during this dinner, but instead decided to indulge on a delicious fruit plate with chocolate fondue, with white chocolate and hazelnut dipping sauces on the side.

“What is this stuff?” I asked, easing my strawberry into the small dish of hazelnut spread.

“It’s Nutella, baby. You’ve never had that before?”

“No. It tastes like hazelnuts and sort of like chocolate. But it’s not chocolate. And it’s seriously awesome. What’s it called again?” I couldn’t stop rambling – this stuff was totally hitting the spot, appeasing my craving for something sweet and decadent.

“Nutella. You’re being serious? You’ve never had this before?”

“Dude, why would my mother ever introduce me to this sort of thing? I’d have stolen jars of it from the store and eaten them in one gulp, had I known.” I smiled ruefully, thinking of the E.L. Fudge cookie binges I went on as a kid, rearranging the remaining cookies in the sleeve to hide the holes where the missing cookies had once been.

“Good point.” He handed me another strawberry. “Bolus away, love.”

I forget how many of those “treats” I haven’t missed during the last twenty-three years. I hadn’t ever stuck a spoon into a jar of Fluff and gobbled up a few bites, and I hadn’t ever had juice “for fun.” (Always “for lows.”) It was strange to picture a childhood where Ring Dings weren’t eaten in secret, or where rice cakes weren’t used as hopeful barter in third grade for a Snicker’s bar in the cafeteria. (For the record, no one ever wanted my rice cakes. They usually ended up shoved back into my book bag and eaten on the bus by this weird kid who also ate mud pies – literally.)

Food is such a tricky, tricky thing for me, and enjoying a sweet treat in public isn’t ever easy. I usually swallow a little bit of guilt with each bite of sweet, but I know that carrying the guilt isn’t fair. So long as I’m respecting my diabetes control when I indulge, there’s no harm in finding out just how delicious Nutella can be.

But when the check arrived, and with it, a wand of freshly spun, light pink cotton candy, I exclaimed excitedly, “Oooh! Cotton candy! I’ve only had that once before!”

Chris’s face broke into a wide smile as I twirled off a small section of the spun sugar and tasted someone else’s childhood.


Germans eat Nutella for breakfast. on bread. sometimes with peanut butter. sometimes the bread is toasted. sometimes the bread is first BUTTERED.

My Type 1.5 didn't kick in till I was 45 so I had a chance to experience all these wonderful, sweet things as a kid. Knowing what they are like sometimes makes it harder to avoid now. Good luck at the doctor's today. My son was born today, 29 years ago, 4:19am. I'll never forget the moment.

This post made me a little sad... but I'm glad that your pump is allowing you the freedom to enjoy these treats now! Can't wait to hear more about how you feel about the OneTouch Ping... I am thinking of upgrading myself (I have Animas 1250).

Nutella is delicious! I have a jar of it in my kitchen cabinet at all times...it is bolus-worthy.
Thank goodness the dietary restrictions aren't as bad as they were 20 years ago!

I agree on the juice. I never drink it except for lows, unless it is fresch squeezed orange juice which I drink about once every two years.

Oh I also keep Nutella in my kitchen at all times and eat it by the spoonful!

After reading your post I'll have to try it on some fruit. Sounds delicious!

I also never drink juice, I'd rather, since I have to take insulin for the carbs, eat an actual piece of fruit. You get more for less that way :)

My son is crazy about nutella, so I made him a Nutella fondue last year for his graduation. It was delicious, and somehow didn't seem so sinful when I dipped fruit into it:)

When your little girl is born..and grows up a little, you can share in HER childhood. Childhood things tastes so much sweeter when you watch your child experiencing them too. So that cotton candy or that snickers bar or that ring ding...when she says "mommy, I share with you!" you will enjoy every last bite...a million times over.

Ohhhhhh! I haven't had a snickers bar since I was diagnosed. As a kid I was a bit of a snickeraholic. So now I just leave them alone. SSSSSSooooo Aloneeeeeee....

Kerri, what a beautiful, lyrical use of words: "tasted someone else's childhood". Gave me goosebumps. Thanks.

You should try Nutella as an ice cream topping! YUM!!!

E.L. Fudge cookies and rice cakes? Did we live the same childhood? Weird.

Nutella ROCKS! Love it.
Glad you now know of it's awesomeness. :-)

I have a jar in my kitchen right now. I'm usually happy to bolus a few extra units to overload my breakfast toast, but i just found out that i'm pregnant and i think it might be too dangerous to open the jar. I wonder if i can keep it closed for 8 more months??

We lived in Germany for a few years and that is when I was introduced to it and it is GREAT!! I almost find it harder to avoid foods when you grew up eating them. Being a diagnosed type 1 at 21 years of age I got to eat up all those bad foods and it makes it harder now to NOT want them!

I spent all my childhood summers in France, so we always had Nutella in our kitchen. And, like the Germans, I eated it on bread, or baguette (like the French call it). It was soooo goood!!

I don't eat Nutella since I was diagnosed (17 ears ago). But I'm going to start (next week) with the Paradigm Veo Pump (I'm on insulin shots) so I hope I can achieve the freedom to enjoy a delicious fondue with Nutella :)

That post today really sent me to my childwood summers in France. Thanks Kerry!

Best snack ever:

Slice up an apple. Microwave a couple of scoops of peanut butter for like 20 seconds (to make it pourable/liquidish) and then put a scoop of nutella in the middle (you are technically not supposed to heat Nutella but everyone does). Dip apples and enjoy!

Oh I love your line of 'tasted someone else's childhood' - those words ring so true.

We were on the Boardwalk this year and I had to tell Gracie that we couldn't indulge in her favorite treat there - cotton candy. It was our first year with Type 1 and I had no idea how to bolus for it. It made me sad and angry. Damn cotton candy. It was the one thing that she loved all summer, and she would make it last a week. One simple cone of cotton candy.

I'm going to figure out a way to get the dosing right this year on the Boards, cause we are buying her a cone!

Thanks for the reminder Kerri.

I must say this is why I love the pump. Now my dd does not have to feel the way you did/do about sweet treats in childhood. She can have them (in moderation) and with a good bolus before. Sigh, diabetes is tough but technology has made it so much easier!

i mix a spoonful of nutella in my steel-cut oatmeal. i figure the healthy oatmeal outweighs the nutella, and it doesn't take much to improve the flavor :)

Hi Kerri, great blog! I found your site from a link at the Vancouver Sun.

this is so weird...my middle son JUST introduced this wonderful oddity to our home last week!! i had never heard of it before. he had it at a friend's house w/apple slices. who knew?

"tasted someone else's childhood" How that hits home for me. As a little girl born with a non-functioning thyroid gland and now as a type 2 diabetic, things like cotton candy and Snickers bars were never around. I used to be upset about that - but now I just see how much my parents were caring for me and wanting the best for me - just like your mom.

Oh yeah, there was still some snitching cookies and rearranging the evidence too! :)

My husband is from Europe and Nutella is a staple in our house! My 2 year old daughter has T1, and sometimes for her dessert, I'll cut up some banana and strawberries, and put a little dollop of Nutella on her plate to dip them in. By far one of her favourite things!

I love Nutella. I really do.

But the first ingredient in Nutella is sugar (yes, I fooled myself for a while that it might be hazelnuts). So I'm surprised to see that so many of us splurge with Nutella. I eat it with a spoon. Literally. I "zero" my food scale with a teaspoon on it. Scoop out the Nutella. Weigh it and multiply by 0.56. Bolus, wait, then lick it like an ice cream cone.

I found a recipe for Nutella and given that it doesn't involve baking, I think I could make my own low carb Nutella with Splenda instead of powdered sugar:

Kerri - this is a fabulous post. Food is so damn complicated for us that it can't be about the food. There's always a bunch of baggage that comes with it. I hate that.

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