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Orange You Glad?

That old knock-knock joke about the oranges and bananas?  My brother and sister and I would bust that one out at one another all the time:

"Knock, knock!"
"Who's there?"
"Banana who?"
"Knock, knock!"
"Who's there?"
"Banana who?"
"Knock, knock!"

(This is where you either ended up with the giggles or started to get annoyed.)

"Who's there?"
"Orange who?"
"Orange you glad I didn't say banana?"

Of course you're glad I didn't say "banana."  Because that joke sucks a little bit.

This is all a big build up for a photo I had taken of my new favorite food:  oranges.  Odd thing is, I usually don't like oranges - something about the smell of the rind and the sticky hands and the fact that there is no really clean way to eat one of these pesky things - ugh.  Was never my snack of choice.  Reminded me of soccer game halftimes, when I'd have to shovel in a few slices of these, or wouldn't be able to have any, depending on my blood sugar at the time. 

Of course, thanks to the magic of pregnancy (which has also given me a taste for seafood and taken away my preference for winter mint gum), oranges are what I'm craving most this week.  Back in the beginning of my pregnancy, I was jonesing for citrus all the time, drinking pulpy orange juice right from the carton.   Second trimester gave me a break from this indulgence, but it's back in full force.  (Sidenote:  And shoving the rind down the garbage disposal and churning it up in there actually makes the disposal smell good, which I thought was an impossible feat.  Double-win for citrus!)

Tomorrow I have a few doctor's appointments at Joslin, including a follow-up eye dilation.  I'm hoping that my eyes are clean this round, because I do not want diabetes issues dictating the arrival method of the baby.  But I'm definitely on board with just "getting her here safely."  Whatever it takes!

(And if you can serve up a goofier knock-knock joke than the old school oranges and bananas one, I'm all ears!)


It's interesting that your eye test will dictate delivery method? Why is that?

Scott - If I have a bleed near my macula (where they saw one in December), that's too close to my vision center for my medical team's comfort. They won't want me to "push," knowing that could cause more of a bleed. Preserving vision AND the safety of the baby, all at once! :)

It's interesting that your eye test will dictate delivery method? Why is that?

I am stuck on jury duty today so I hope people add some good jokes in the comments. All I've got is:

What did the ocean say to the sand? Nothing. It just waved. :)

ah, that makes sense! Good luck at the doc's today!

What timing! My daughter Lia told two just last night:

Knock Knock
Who's There?
Haywood. Hugh. Harry.
Haywood, Hugh, Harry, who?
Hay, wood hugh harry and open the door, it's cold out here.

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Dwayne who?
Dwayne the bathtub, I'm dwowning.
(this one is famous in our house for making our then-5 yr old son wet his pants. Still good for a laugh!)

I hope the eye test goes well for you - after surviving 36 years of T1 and a stressful pregnancy - (well worth all the pain!) I still have no signs of retinopathy. In fact, when I was pregnant -- there were all kinds of discussions about how pregnancy (not delivery) might further complicate my health and my sight. It didn't.
I would be curious to know what your doctors think are the greatest LONGTERM risks associated with pregnancy and a T1 mother's health. I wonder if the concerns have changed.

Best Knock-knock joke I've heard in a while...
"Knock knock!"

"Who's there?"

"Impatient cow."

"Impatient c-"


Ok... not a knock-knock joke, but still quite entertaining when coming from little kids.

My little cousin Grant, when he was like 4, was obsessed with telling this joke all the time, especially to my Grandpa.

Grant, "Grandpa, is your refrigerator running?"
Grandpa, "Yes, Grant it is, why?"
Grant, "Better go catch it!"

And then Grant would proceed to be laughing to the point of doubling over or falling on the floor.

I had cravings for oranges at the beginning of my prenancy. And hard salami. : )

Not a knock knock joke, but still one of my favorites:

What did the zero say to the eight?
Hey, nice belt!

What do you call a vegetarian with the diarhhea?

Salad shooter!

Heh,heh -- 7th grade humor.

I cannot believe I'm about to do this, but here goes...

Two muffins were sitting in an oven, and the first looks over to the second, and say, "man it's really hot in here". The second looks over at the first with a surprised look, and answers, "WHOA, a talking muffin!"

Orange juice - that should make your baby kick! That is what I used to drink whenever I wanted to make sure everything in there was OK.... Works like a charm!

Hope the doc visit went well.

Here's one my kids like:
"Why was 6 afraid of 7... because... 7 8 9!!

At Scout camp we had a song, "Stay on the Sunny Side of Life", which was a sung chorus interrupted by knock-knock jokes. Banana/orange was the last in the series. It started:

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Etha who?
The Etha Bunny!


Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Anna who?
Annathe Etha Bunny.

followed by

Stella -- Stellanothuh Etha Bunny


Yetta -- Yettanothuh Etha Bunny.

That was followed by Dwayne: "Dwayne came and washed ALLLL the Etha Bunnies away!" (*sob*)

And then finally, Banana/Orange.

Knock knock,
Who's there?
Tissue Who?
Tiss - you, I hardly know you!

Wow, what a day for me to be away from the internet! I don't have any knock knock jokes in mind, but I did a really good (bad) joke the other day:

How do you make Lady Gaga angry?

Poke her face.

All the best for your eye dilation today!

damn you Lou and Wendy! You took my jokes! :P

the only other ones I know are not repeatable in public.

Here is a delicious recipe for your citrus craving courtesy of Mark Bittman: http://video.nytimes.com/video/2010/01/15/dining/1247466570965/winter-citrus-salad.html

Recipe can be found here: http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=9D00EED91F3FF933A15752C0A9669D8B63

For a mess free way to eat oranges, slice them like he does in the video and put them into reusable plastic containers and stash them in the fridge until you're ready to eat them. Then you can just eat them with a fork... no mess!





Boo who?

Well you don't have to cry about it!

Have you tried blood oranges? They're my new favorite orange.

i totally identified with your post - i'm currently 11.5 wks pregnant, and i can't get enough orange juice! i never drink orange juice, don't even like oranges really (except for blood oranges) but i am having these constant cravings for oj...i buy the trop50 so the carb load isn't quite as crazy...oh and i just read today's post - LOVE nutella! i always knew what it was but never tried it, thinking i wouldn't like it because i don't like hazelnuts...i was wrong!

Alright, I'm a bit late to the party but here's my goofy joke contribution. No knock knock jokes but I think these bad boys still worthy of a chuckle:

What do ghouls where when it's raining? GHOULOSHES!

Why did the bicycle fall over? Because it was TWO TIRED!

Silly. Silly. Silly. Have a great day!

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