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Free Shower.

I love "free shower" - which, if you're diabetic and using an insulin pump or a CGM, you know that means "the shower when you're changing sites and you don't have any hubs connected to you."

It's nice to lather up and not worry about catching on an infusion set or a sensor edge.  Thing is, this is what's waiting for me when I'm done getting all cleaned up:

Oh I love me some free shower.
The potlock o' diabetes crap

Yesterday was "free shower" day for me, which is a rarity now that I'm wearing two devices.  The chances of an insulin pump change synching up with a Dexcom sensor change are pretty low, so when I'm swapping both, it's particularly nice.  And this scene on the bathroom counter is what needs to be reapplied after the fact.

That's the potluck of diabetes devices:  the Dexcom sensor, transmitter, and receiver, and then the insulin pump, infusion set, cartridge, and little bits associated with pump site changes (like that all-important insulin).   If you look fast, you can almost fool yourself into thinking it's a photo of make-up stuff, like any lady would have on her bathroom counter.  But the Sparlings don't have a "powder room," - we have a "site change room." 

I'm adjusting, though.  Don't we all?  Back when I first started pumping, I was freaked out about the whole "external symptom" because I'd existed 17 years without one.  Popping in those first infusion sets and clipping on the pump was a very surreal experience, and one that it took me some time to get used to.  ("Do I look like a robot?  Not really, but sort of.  Am I okay with looking a little like a robot?  Do I get special powers?  No?  That's only super heroes?  Okay, well what do robots get?  They're maids on the Jetsons?  WTF?"  The internal monologue was constant back in those days.)  Adding in the Dexcom sensor and receiver sent me back into that "Wait a minute ... I'm now like a SuperRobot!" mode. 

But now, it's been six years with a pump.  And almost two and a half years with the Dexcom.  So while free showers are nice and I like that feeling of not having anything attached, once I put on the new sensor and the fresh infusion set, I still felt fine.  The sites don't look so scary anymore. 

They look ... almost right.

(Note:  But it may be the ever-growing belly that's making things look more proportionate lately.  Ask me in eight weeks. :) )


I had a "free" shower this morning. :) It's nice. But I felt better after I was "re-attached". I feel more in control that way. :)

My wife asks me if I have rejoined the collective, or hooked back up to the Borg after I've had my pump off.

I loooove "free shower" day! But if I'm free too long, I start to panic. :)

My husband calls me his fembot because of everything I have attached to me! It makes me smile :)

I'm enjoying my last four free showers in a row! I'm going to start pumping next tuesday with CGM (also 17 years whith insulin shots). So today, when I took my shower I was thinking exactly about that, how "free showers" are going to be a rarity in my life from now on.

You really, really read my mind, it's scary sometimes :)

My 8 yo daughter loves her "free baths" it's easier to swish around in the bubbles when there isn't a site or a sensor on her bum.

My wife calls me the "bionic man." Only another diabetic can truely appreciate free shower day. I also add my Medic Alert necklace to the pile of pancreatic substitute paraphernalia. Thanks for sharing. I've not had one (free, not shower) in awhile.

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I have heard (read?) you mention free shower days before, and I wondered what that was. Now I know!! Its crazy how much junk we pile up with pump supplies!

I never knew what you meant by free showers. Well, I knew what you meant, but had no experience of why it might be so special. Now, free shower feels awesome! Small comforts, but makes you appreciate the little things again.

Yup, today was free shower day for me. I never quite enjoy them as much as I should, I guess. Because I know as soon as Free Shower is over, it's time for Double Insertion - the new pump site and the new CGM sensor. Ouch!!

I don't mind showers with my pod. I've never thought of a "free shower"....maybe next time I'm in the shower with out a pod I'll think of it.

(Note, this typed by Nikki, Connar's mom....Connar is 10 and has had Diabetes since she was 20 months old and been pumping for 3 years).

I had the opposite of free shower this morning...I guess you'd call it tethered shower? That is when I wake up high and don't have time to do a correction bolus before I shower, so I bolus, clip the pump to the shower curtain, and stay attached. It's really quite restrictive.

I'm referred to as the Bionic Woman at my house, because I am always hooked up to technology!

Harry, if you're reading this, try doing a super bolus (giving yourself the next hours basal at once, in a bolus, then suspending your basal for the next hour) before your shower when you are high, that way you don't have to wear your pump in the shower.

Today was our preliminary day learning about the Omnipod. I went with my daughter who's 20 month old son (dx 9-17-09) will join this pump world on Monday. Who knew that there was a term called Free Shower . . .we all have so much to learn and enjoy learning some of it from Kerri! Thanks for another smile!

Hey-O! I had a free shower this morning. I especially love free love with the hubby. :)

My son is on a pump and I've never thought about "free showers." I read this post yesterday, then he came home from soccer and needed a site change. He jumped in the shower while I got his "stuff" ready. He's 15, I'm not sure if he appreciated the "free shower", but I did. Thanks for the post.

Oh my! I totally love free shower days! I usually shower in the morning but if my pump is empty in the evening I jump on the chance of freedom, even if it's for a few minutes!!

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