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Disclosure: I've Got One.

Disclosure is the responsibility of the blogger, and we’re under more scrutiny these days than ever before.   But I’ve never had an issue with transparency here – actually, I think I tell you guys way more than you probably want to know.  You knew when I started and stopped working for dLife, you know what publications I’m contributing to regularly, and you know about my relationship with Dexcom.  This blog is about my life with diabetes, and even though I know this is my life that I’ve decided to share, it’s important to me that people know my professional relationships with diabetes companies.  I’d want to know that information if I were reading this blog, too.

So (long winded intro to this post, eh?), I wanted to continue to keep you guys in the loop.  I’ve decided to sign a sponsorship agreement with the Animas Corporation. This whole thing started a few months ago, when I was exploring the idea of a new insulin pump and was excited about the Animas/Dexcom integration (no, I don’t have a CLUE when that’s happening, but I’m mighty hopeful it does go through in 2010).  But I’m still under my current pump warranty, so my hands were tied.  Reps from Animas reached out, one thing lead to another, and now I’m working with Animas, not as an employee, but as part of their outreach program that includes country singer George Canyon, LPGA Golfers Kelli Kuehne and Michelle McGann, and former Miss America Nicole Johnson (to name a few).  The program tries to spread the Animas name by working with people who have diabetes who are doing cool things (pregnancy is cool, right?), can inspire others to consider pump therapy, and want to talk honestly about how diabetes impacts their lives.  Bless their hearts for daring to partner with a – gasp! - blogger.  As part of this program, I’ve switched insulin pumps from my Minimed 722 to an Animas OneTouch Ping and am receiving my pump and pump supplies from the company gratis.  (Don’t worry, my doctor is in the loop and my supplies and pump are still a prescribed item.  This agreement doesn’t replace my medical team – just my method of insulin delivery.)

My new insuiln pump.  With my new, mega-basal rates.  Holy pregnancy!
My new insulin pump, showcasing my new mega-basal rates.  :)

This agreement is similar to the Dexcom one from last year (which is still in effect), in that I’m still going to be business as usual here on SUM.  Like with Dexcom, during the course of drafting this agreement, I spoke at length with many of the folks at Animas and they're well aware that everything I write about won't always be favorable (nothing is perfect, and we’re still talking about needles and diseases here), but what I say about their product will always be honest.  That means that when the pump is behaving itself and working smoothly, I'll say that.  And when I’m frustrated by pump fashion challenges and tangled infusion sets, I’ll say that, too.  This agreement isn’t a filter, but I think it’s important that you, as readers who trust me to be straightforward and honest at all times, know what kind of lens my perspective is seen through.  Just like with anything else.  Like when I tell you that Buried is the greatest film EVER.  (It is.)  Or that my baby is the cutest fetus EVER.  (She does make me smile.)  Or that my cats are the most annoying animals ever.  (I can't stand that gray one.) 

Every blogger is biased, but not every blogger discloses their biases.  I’m trying to do right by you guys, as best I can.

So that’s the latest.  As always, if you have concerns about this, please let me know.  I’m happy to answer any questions (but, just like before, my answer might be “Honestly, I have no idea.”).  And, just like before, if Nikon calls, I’m answering without hesitation. 


Congrats! I think this is awesome!!!

and yes, Pregnancy is pretty darn cool.

as a fellow pregnant pwd (10+ wks. now) who is also on the ping (mine is pink!) and using dexcom - sporadically, my last sensor gave me problems and i've been lazy about reinserting...i can't wait to hear what you think about the animas vs. minimed - my only real issue with animas is the speed of the boluses - insulin is delivered way too fast and since i use a lot of insulin, i need to do all my boluses as combo boluses in order to not blow out my sites. i do love the remote aspect though, so much easier to not have to take the pump out from where it's hiding in order to bolus!

Congrats! I can't wait to hear how the change goes! I am on a Minimed pump now but have been thinking of switching to the animas or omnipod this summer when my warranty is up. I keep hoping that Minimed will come out with something like the Ping to send my bolus from my meter.

Good for you Kerri! I really appreciate your honesty! I always value what you have to say about different product. I'm actually glad that it's you.... I don't think that you can be bought! :)

Welcome! I've been happy using Animas (not gratis, but very happy with product and service).

@missfrizzy: in Setup/Advanced/screen 2, you can set Bolus delivery to "SLOW," instead of "NRML". If you haven't already, try that for slowing your boluses.

This is the first time commenting, but I've enjoyed your site for awhile. You really motivated me to blog. Anyway, your timing couldn't have been better! Just spent the last couple of hours researching both Minimed and Animas as I will have to pick a new pump soon. Had the Cozmo before.

Now I'll have a true comparison from my most respected diabetic blogger. Thanks for working with my schedule!

Awesome! I want a ping so bad! I've got the 2020 and the warranty just expired a couple months ago, so I'm on the battle with the good ol insurance company to get a new one in the works. I hope it goes well for you!! I always appreciate your honesty about everything. ;)

yey! I LOVE my ping! and for your fashion challenges, stick it in your bra! not kidding, I bra shop based on if my pump can fit in there too! and as a fellow preggo diabetic (24 weeks and counting!!) congrats and enjoy the pretty shiny new pump! ohh and you can even match your infusion set to your outfit!

Congrats, that's really exciting! I like the screen of your new pump...very cool looking. Is this the pump that comes with a remote? That would've been SO helpful last night as I was scouting around up under my dress at Valentine's Day dinner. :)

Congrats, Kerri! That is AWEsome, and hope it works out well for you. You know, I couldn't be more impressed with your honesty and ethics as regularly displayed here on SUM. You are an example for us all in the D-O-C, and in these days of questionable motives in every aspect of life, it's good to see someone disclosing before it's questioned or raises an issue (not that this ever would as it relates to your situation, mind you.) Thanks for continuing the trust-worthiness and credibility.

Thank you for sharing. I have very little knowledge with pumps. My daughter likes the pens. But I like to be kept in the loop.
Pregnancy, very, very cool.

Congrats!! That's very cool.

I'm on the Ping myself, how do you like it? Any pump-switch woes you've encountered? Will look forward to hearing more!

congrats kerri, this is awesome news. I love the Animas pumps, I think I'll end up going with them when I finally get my sticky little paws on a pump!!!!

I'd love to hear a comparison of the infusion sets. I stuck with Medtronic because I needed the larger reservoir for my pregnancy. But I have to admit I had my eye on the Ping, especially for the remote capabilities.

Don't hold your hopes out for Nikon. They did call on me. I got to use a fantastic camera for several months. And then they wanted the damn thing back. I was offered it at "editorial pricing" which was not much better than I could get it online. I cry all the time about taking that camera back to the post office. (And they did not pay return shipping!)

I think it's great that you are partnering with them. (I'm always looking for ways to support my site as well.)

And I think you are very clear about your relationship and disclose adequately.

And I love that you are upfront with companies that everything you say may not be sunshine and rose.

Thanks for the transparency Kerri. You're the best.

I'd jump at getting my son an Animas if it held 300 units. I think it should be an option. When people take higher doses (especially growing teens), changing the cartridge that much more frequently IMHO is an annoyance that is not necessary. Your thoughts?

Thanks for your honestly Kerri, much appreciated.
Dare I say that Gracie actually uttered the word 'pump' a month ago? Fingers are crossed, we are talking with her endo in March about it. She dearly wants the OmniPod. I'll let you know how it all goes down... :0)

Can I be honest and say I'm hella jealous that you are getting your pump and supplies for free??? :-)

I paid $1200 to start and $120 every 3-4 months for just pump supplies (not including insulin and strips). WITH insurance!! So that is a sweet deal girly!

Anyway, I just started the Ping last month and as far as pumps go, I love it. I'm actually posting my review soon. Can't wait to hear your review and see what you think!!

@Auntly H - i switched the delivery to SLOW probably the day i started on the pump - it's still waaaay faster than either minimed or cozmo delivers their boluses, maybe not a big deal for most but since i take large boluses it's too much for my sites to handle. thanks for suggesting it though!

What great news!! Congratulations on a terrific opportunity. And any work that gets you pump supplies is a diabetic's BFF. :)

Congrats! You'll love the Ping, I love mine!

Layne- One more thing you can try to slow the rate down a bit is to program it as a combo bolus and set the duration at .1 to .5 of an hour (depends on the amount of fat in the meal) and program your normal to extended to 0:100% and it will slow the rate that the bolus is given down a lot. Hope this helps!


WTG Kerri!

I'm on my 2nd Animas pump and it's time for pump shopping again. I adore Animas. They are an exceptional company in many ways.

However, I've had my eye on the Medtronic Guardian since we don't have dexcom here in Canada (unless I really am wrong about that info) and Animas has yet to offer such a device yet.

I would love to hear your insights on your experience with Animas and any other diabetic devices. Keep-up the great work.

Can't wait to hear what you have to say. I find your post are very honest and non biased (except for Chris and BSparl, of course!) which is one of the reasons that I read your blog daily. I'm thinking of looking at pumps this year and it's between Animas and OmniPod so I'll be reading your posts with great interest!! Thanks for doing what you do!!

Congrats, Kerri! If Nikon calls (wink) you an Ashton must do a commercial together:)

Congrats, we are in the process of trying to deciede which pump to get our 5 year old, our insurance covers animas onetouch ping and medtronic minimed paradigm.....I'll be looking forward to your thoughts on the animas.

I have to say, that if Animas really wants to get the word out about their pumps, perhaps they should have tried a trade-in program like MiniMed did after Deltec stopped making pumps. That's how I made my decision. My Deltec was still under warranty, and MiniMed helped me switch to them (along with the CGM).

Also, I feel like we already make so much plastic waste with our supplies, that the fact I couldn't get a 300 unit reservoir at Animas made me reluctant to get one. But I'm excited to see what you think of it, as MiniMed certainly isn't perfect.

What I *really* want to see is an iPump from Apple!! Can you imagine how awesome that would be?!?

Yes you are cool. Congrats you go girl. I trust you with no problem!

Animas was my first pump almost 2 years ago and I still love it. There are things I would change, and I tell them. I'm just waiting for the marraige with Dexcom. That will be so awesome.
You still have your D-40 don't you? It's the best Nikon ever made for us "point and shoot" folks.

Congratulations! I'm crossing my fingers for that integrated system. Good luck on your new journey with Animas.

Welcome to the Animas world!! Madilyn has been pumping with Animas since she was 2 (she just turned 5) I love the company so much I talked my clinical manager into letting me work for them as a patient educator, I love it!! I stay home with Madi and the twins and work a few days a month , its the best of both worlds!

Please let missfrizzly, who posted a comment above, that you can slow down the delivery of the bolus, refer to your manual or just call the 877 number on the back of your pump, there are REAL people there 24/7 who know how to help you ( a lot of them are actual pumpers!)

Kerri...we are also waiting anxiously for the Animas/Dexcom integration to happen!!!! Between the two kids, we have used Minimed and Cosmo, and are now have both kids on the Animas Ping. While we do like it, we wish that the patent aspect of this stuff wasn't so stringent as it seems that there are specific aspects to all three, that if integrated into one, would create the best pump out there....so there are pros and cons, but ultimately I think you will find life with a Ping compares favorably....good luck!!

Chrissy: Minimed does have something like the Ping. Actually, it had this before the Ping came out. They have a partnership with OneTouch on the UltraLink. They also had a partnership with BD before they stopped making the meter. Now they are with Lifescan's UltraLink.

Join the club...I have been on the ping since October 2009 and just got on the dex in January. So far they are both going very well!

LOVE Addy's Ping ... we were Cozmo pumpers and I was CERTAIN that I could never love another pump.

I was wrong :)


Daaaang, I was trying to switch from the OmniPod to the Ping because of these crazy pod errors I've been having. Sadly, I have to wait until early 2012, but I'm looking forward to your thoughts!

Okay - I was wondering why you were mentioning about the Animas Ping having a 185 unit cartridge (really - it's smaller then my Animas 2020 that hold 200 units?). I've been trying for a few years to "work" for Animas here in Quebec. Alas, my french sucks, but if I lived elsewhere they said I'd be hired on the spot with my length of diabetes and knowledge. So, at D conventions, when I see Animas, I like to cuddle up with them and ask again - want to hire me -wink, wink. Doesn't work, thing as a 50 year old - I've lost my charm over the years - but I'll still keep doing it from time to time. What's the harm ... me .. grey haired - 80 - purple pumper - pole dancing Queen - mentor to all D's world wide - yeah - sweet.

Thanks for all your posts! I loved my pregnancies. Best time of my life. So exciting and can't wait to meet the Little Miss Sparling! My 13 yr old daughter is on the Animas Ping. She likes it for the most part. We can't wait for the Animas/Dexcom one to come out. Just a note: We just received a recall on the software Cd for the Ping that indicates that the wrong I/C ratios are off when being printed out. This can cause problems as you know when adjusting insulin. We love our Animas Reps and the service from the company is outstanding, day or night! Thanks for all your posts! Hugs to you!

Hi Kerri,

I am a long-time Type 1 diabetic (nearly 40 years). I was diagnosed when I was 14, so I went through much of my childhood as a normal kid eating normal stuff without worry. I recently went on the pump (Animas One Touch Ping) and my overall blood glucose control has improved markedly from when I took 5-6 shots per day. Please stress that it is important for all Type 1 diabetics to try and maintain their blood glucose levels as best they can. After all these years, I have diabetic retinopathy (ameliorated by laser surgery) and, more importantly, liver damage due to a fatty liver (which is more prevalent in diabetics).

By the way, congratulations on your pregnancy, and best wishes for a trouble-free delivery!

Congrats! I have a Ping and I love it, I hope you have a great experience too.

Dear Kerri,

Thanks for the disclosure about the relationships about DexCom and Animas. Although I doubt it will change what you say or write, it's good that you took the time to explain that. I also read about your recent hassle with the insurance company billing, I hope that gets resolved quickly.

I’m writing to ask your assistance (or perhaps the assistance of the others who read your blog). I hope you (or others) share their experience and knowledge or point me in the right direction.

I’m a Type-1 currently considering switching to a Continuous Glucose Monitor. I was diagnosed about 10 years ago when I was 30 years old and immediately went on multi-shot regime of Lantus and Novolog. I currently live in the Philippines (I’m from the US but have been living in Manila for the past 6 years on a work assignment). I’ve been pretty content with my injections and not considering switching to a pump. Vials of Lantus are available here and I have friends or family handcarry my Novolog cartridges a couple times a year from the US for my NovoPen Junior (which allows me ½ unit doses). It’s low tech but is dependable – especially when supplies for a pump would be nearly impossible to attain out here. Moreover, there are very very few people using pumps here (my Endocrynologist in Manila says he knows only 1 person who has a pump!).

That said, I’m really interested to upgrade to a Continuous Glucose Monitor. Apologies to your D-40 camera, but I feel like it would be like switching from still photography to live action film. Despite testing 6 – 10 times a day, I’m really tired of not being able accurately spot trends and it’s tough (as you know) to exercise when you have to load up on carbs and then guess whether the mid-workout readings are heading up or down.

I’ll be visiting the US in April for a conference and I plan an appointment with my Endocrinologist in the DC area as well as a Diabetes Nurse Educator whom I haven’t seen since I left the US years ago. But if you think dealing with insurance companies and hospital schedulers is difficult, try doing it in the middle of the night from 10,000 miles away. So I’m trying to find out the steps and process to obtain a CGM well in advance of my trip. I’ve looked at the Diabetes Forecast Consumer Guide and looked at the specs of three monitors (Guardian Real-Time, Freestyle Navigator, and Seven Plus DexCom). On paper, I like the DexCom because it claims to warm up quickly, has 1 yr transmitter batter, and longish sensor duration. Plus I don’t use a pump so lack of integration is not a problem for me.

Can you help me understand the process – do I try and decide on a model first then work with the med-reps to navigate the insurance process? Do I start with my US-based Nurse Educator or Endo first and then hope the insurance company will cover? Do I start with the insurance company and see if/what they cover then proceed from there? Like I said it’s hard to figure this out at a distance as I don’t know anybody else in Manila with a CGM and there are very few Type 1s around.

Thanks in advance for any info, advice, links, or suggestions. Apologies for the long post.


That's actually really rad of Animas. I couldn't think of a cooler person to sport their pump for promotional/educational purposes.

But your HUGE basal rate? About half of what I take. And I'm not even preggers. I'm thinking when I ever do get pregnant, I'm going to be single-handedly running the insulin business. :P

Congrats. I have been thinking about a change for a while, but have not followed through with it because I am still under the warranty clause as well. Hope everything goes well with the new pump.

I knew for sure.....it would be pink....you know, for bsparl. Oh well! Silver works just as well! You will love it and I'm just starting to wonder what you could possibly write that wouldn't be positive...about this thing we love called the PING! Well, I have a notion, but I'll let you figure it out for yourself. Congrats! Looking forward to hearing all about it.

Kerri! This is FABULOUS news! You will be such a great resource for even MORE people (if that is even possible). :-)

Obviously you now get free product which is obviously a plus, any regrets though since Medtronic launched the Revel and it doesn't appear the Animas/Dex integration is happening this year?

I know this is an old post, but I am not sure the best way to share this. Some of the commenters above mentioned hesitation because of the small resevoir. DH was having to change his every 36 hours, so we went through the process to switch him from U-100 to U-500. 5 times as concentrated, so all of his doses were reduced by 80%, and he only has to change resevoirs as often as he changes his site (about every 4-5 days). Much more amendable to having a life. Good luck!

HA!!! you mentioned Country music singer, George Canyon. I LOVE his music... and I'm not even a Country music lover! Anyway, he grew up about an hour away from me. (Nova Scotia) After a few years of loving his music, I learned he was diabetic, and his stage name, I think I may have gone to summer camp with him!! ..lol

Hi Kerri,

I have been an Animas pumper since 2006. I will soon be pumping with the Ping and will soon be sporting a Dexcom 7 Plus. My 2020 just died one month out of warranty. Animas tech support has been superb as have been their reps and trainers. Love them. My wife, Ingjerd and sons Erik and Bjorn are also Animas pumpers.

hi there! i was just wondering,is the animas-one touch insulin pump "cartridges"(?)also available here in the Philippines?a diabetic relative of mine is planning to go to the US for insulin pump.he just want to know if ever he goes back here in the Philippines, are there cartridges for insulin pump available in the drug stores here in our country?..thanks a lot. More power and God bless=).

Excellent and good for you! Perhaps we can make some ties - I run the Diabetes Canada group on FB.

Sent me a note.

R :)

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