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What's Sexier Than Compression Stockings?

Thanks to the happy combination of Factor V Leiden and being pregnant, I'm rocking a higher chance than average for a blood clot while traveling.  Back in October, when I was just a few months along, a lot of my travel was on the Acela, cruising back and forth between Boston and Philly, in addition to some flights.  So I needed to take these clotting risks into account.

"You're telling me I should pick up some compression stockings, then?"  I asked my obstetrician, after we had discussed my upcoming travel plans.

Compression stockings are cool ... right?  :p

"Yes ma'am.  And wear them.  Not just for traveling, but as often as you can."

"Will do.  So I'll be potbellied and wearing compression stockings.  Hot!"

My feeble attempts at joking aside, these stockings are important.  Even though I'm working hard to get to the gym several times a week, I'm more definitively working hard on making money, so there's a bit too much time spent at the computer these days.  Heeding the advice of my doctors, I'm careful to keep my legs elevated as much as possible, and I'm sure to pop up and walk around every hour or so, in addition to staying hydrated.  (Note:  Staying hydrated makes getting up every hour easier, especially when BSparl is gnawing on my bladder.)  

And I'm also sporting these socks, purchased for $4.99 at my local CVS.  (Another note:  CVS takes too much of my money on a regular basis, from their clever selection of lip glosses - love me some Bonnie Bell - to their strategic arrangement of Hallmark greeting cards to their convenient pharmacy that's open 24 hours.  I have an intense love/hate relationship with CVS, as evidenced by their constant contact with my debit card.)  The socks aren't uncomfortable, they appear to be working well (no varicose veins yet), and they are black, so thankfully they go with my go-to flats of choice these days.  I'm safe, BSparl is safe, and CVS is safe because they will continue to get my money.

So what's sexier than compression stockings?


Because without these blasted old lady leg warmers, I'd be risking a blood clot and varicose veins, thank you very much.


You should try the tights! You'll need about an hour to get them on. I wore compression stockings when pregnant and still do now when flying - they get a definite thumbs up from me!

Safe is Sexy no doubt! Which is sweet because Safety Orange is totally my color.


Thanks for being such a D-inspiration (dinspiration?). Only you could make compression stockings the height of fine fashion.


I was put in compression stockings as well. As lovely as they are, I've continued wearing them on plane flights to keep my feet from swelling.

Congrats on Buried getting picked up by Lionsgate!

You are in good company! These type of socks, albeit pricier than the CVS variety, are all the rage in triathlon.

See here for example: http://www.trainingbible.com/joesblog/2007/10/can-your-socks-make-you-faster.html

You only have to wear calf high? Just wait until your doctor suggested the thigh high ones that I had to wear. Now that has sexy and "can't feel my legs" written all over it.

YAY SOCKS! I have the same problem with CVS. I go in for one little thing like gum or my meds and I come out with half the store.

Firstly, I love your style and tone in your posts. You are very engaging and whenever one of your posts comes up in my reader, I prioritize it to see how BSparl is doing! I don't know a lot about diabetes but its interesting to learn and I love hearing about other people's efforts at being healthy and managing their bodies well in general.

This post was great too and I just wanted to let you know! I hope Sundance was wonderful!

Forget compression stockings ... just saw the news about Lionsgate on EW.com. Congrats to TeamSparl!

Rock the compression stockings/socks girl!
And re: CVS- I completely understand the love/hate relationship - I'm a total sucker for CVS Bucks!

I have worn compression stockings before and they did help with swelling and uncomfy feeties. Go for it girl. bsparl thanks you for it!!!

Sexy is a sexy does! Girl, you better work those stalkings! *singing Ru Pauls song*

I just got a PR pitch at my review blog The Full Mommy for compression socks. Totally laughed out loud and thought of you!

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