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SEO Bloggy Bits.

More SEO for bloggy bits.I love, love, love the search terms that bring people to my blog. As I've mentioned before, most of the terms are related to diabetes, but there are some real ringers that come through ... and those are the ones I want to share today. 

first man to describe type one diabetes - I thought, at first, that this said "first man to walk on the moon with diabetes."  It doesn't actually say that.  It doesn't say anything close to that.  The end.

sexy infusion set placement - What's sexier than an insulin pump infusion set?  Not much, actually.  No matter where you stick it, it's proof that you're aiming for good control.  Rawr.

is martini good for diabetics - Yes.  So is proper verb/noun agreement.  Next question?

baked and fried diabetes brains - I can't even respond to this. 

nothing says lovin' like a bun in the oven - And nothin' says lovin' like leavin' off the apostrophe.  '

no one understands how much I love Yanni - I do, dear friend.  Testing 1 ... 2 ... Yanni?

should I marry a man with type 1 diabetes - Yes.  It would be sweet.  (PUNS!  Love them.)

up to my ears in cats - Don't I know it, sister.

... I'm sorry.  I can't get past the baked and fried diabetes brains ones.  I'm going to have to talk to Google and find out what the hell sent that search term here. In the meantime, what's the weirdest search term to lead to your blog?


Sounds like you've got some zombies with a serious kink on your hands. Watch your back! And always carry a cricket bat with you... ya know, just in case.

Ok, so "up to my ears in cats" made me giggle, so I tried it. I googled tHAT PHRASE to see how it would link to SUM. And I got THIS, instead: http://isitnormal.com/story/feeding-cat-ear-wax-98/

Two of the oddest searches leading to my blog:

"narcotic refill policy emergency mayo"

"neuropathy gazelle exercises"

I think the most unusual search terms bringing people to my site are either "cannibalism definition of the state of Georgia" or "9 e-mail addresses of heavy truck drivers in India."

Hey Kerri,
How do you go about finding this information? I mean, how do you know what people have Googled and how they get to your blog?
Sorry if I should know this... :0)

Baked & fried diabetes brains, eh? Isn't that, like, a delicacy in some parts of the world?? :)

I love to read these!

Cheap wine and cigarettes for diabetics... Huh??

"creature icon"

I get it, sort of, the post it would lead to and all.

I mean, to create the post, I searched the same term.
Hmmm. Not so funny.

How about: "is hola suppose to be capitalized in a sentence" and "when to capitalize maternal grandmother"?

No? Still not funny?

That's ok. That's why we have you for the good laughs. :-)

I need to figure out how to find that! too funny!

"pink flode musice" for my weird search term..."baked and fried diabetes brains" beats it by miles. Too funny.

My favorite search term to my blog is probably "i got my eye poked out." Which I suppose makes a little sense. I took talk about poking. And eyes. Although I think the scariest one was "I'm no longer diabetic." Not sure why someone searching that would read my blog.

My all time favorite SEO that led someone to my blog was "football helmet vs. explosion." Really? I don't even know what to say...

I don't have a blog but the one about the fried brains and diabetes made me LOL!!!

Hi. I am totally new to all of this, being newly diagnosed with Type 1. My doctor recommended this site. Trying to learn alot overnight. I love to cook and am looking for recipes. Do you have anything you would suggest? Also, I am booked to go on a cruise with my family in 2 weeks. Do you have any suggestions? What if I wanted to splurge on the cruise, do I just give myself more insulin? Thank you and I am glad I found this site.


I've had multiple search hits for the exact url to my blog. Is it easier to type it in to a Google search instead of the address bar?

My diabetes brain is fried and baked right about now, and it's not even Friday!

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